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General. Basics

1 January

[5.5] Black Market: details and drop rates

Using Keys, you can open three types of chests: Bronze, Silver and Gold. There’s also Super Chest that you get for free after opening a certain amount of regular ones.

Robot Guides

29 May

The philosophy of Best Energy Builds

If Plato was alive today he would be a big fan of energy weapons — he did name one of his dialogues “Ion,” after all

Robot Guides

22 May

[3.8] Sir Shocks-A-Lot: Lancelot Revival

War Robots University introduces and recommends: “Sir Shocks-A-Lot!”

Map Strategy

20 April

[3.8] Agents of Shield: getting Defensive on the Battlefield

The key to victory often starts with a great defense. There are several older bots with built-in defensive capabilities that allow pilots to become powerful Agents of Shield.

Robot Guides

23 March

[3.6] The Return of the Raijin: Dragoon guide

The Raijin might finally have found the weapon it needed to make it a viable fighter

Robot Guides

23 March

[3.7] Gotta Go Fast: Strider & Plasma

Strider is unparalleled at grabbing beacons from far reaches of the map and being where it needs to be in an astoundingly low amount of time

Robot Guides

23 March

[3.7] Enter The Dragoon: Carnage Dragoon Guide

We don’t have regiments charging on horseback but we do have Shocktrain Bulgasaris and Orkan Spectres. Who do you call to deliver you from this evil? Call the cavalry, of course

General. Intermediate

22 March

[3.7] King of the Hill Tactical Guide

At War Robots University, we have tested the new mode and are prepared to offer the following recommendations for a successful play in King of the Hill...

Robot Guides

21 March

[3.6] Hunter In The Skies: Aphex Hover guide

You might think the Aphid-Vortex is a very fun setup to run. You’d be right!

Advanced Tactics

21 March

[3.7] Death From Above: from Cossack to Mercury

The ability to take to the air, to seek and hold the high ground, and to survey the battlefield and assess the enemy’s weaknesses have always given high-flying pilots the upper hand.

Robot Guides

25 February

[3.6] Spectre vs Strider: What to choose?

Robot Guides

22 February

[3.6] Ghostbusting: Slaying Spectres

The best builds and strategies to overcome unseen

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