Abyss - War Robots




A powerful mining complex located over a gaping volcanic pipe. It belonged to the Defense and Security Conglomerate for decades, supplying natural diamonds to its Martian colonies. Now, other factions see an opportunity to send in mercenary squads and take over. With an artificially caused volcano eruption looming over the battlefield, Commanders are in for a fiery battle.

[NEW MAP] Making of ABYSS 🕳 | War Robots DevTales #1

  1. Teleports will instantly relocate you to another part of the map, allowing for aggressive beacon recapture and unexpected flanking maneuvers.
  2. Beware of lava flows! They are very dangerous. If you are piloting a flying or jumping robot however, this is your chance to get the advantage over your walking opponents.
  3. Snipers will usually take hold of the higher grounds near the deployment areas of both teams, while brawlers will clash near the central building.
Use two fingers to move the map

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