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by War Robots - 1.11.2017

Some robots have special abilities which can provide you with a significant advantage during the battle


This ability allows the robot to jump and reduce distance to the target, dodge enemy fire and take higher sniping posts to deal fire from above.

  • Robots capable of Jump: Cossack, Rogatka, Griffin.


Stealth ability allows the robot to disappear from enemy radars making it almost invincible for a short amount of time.

  • Robots capable of Stealth: Stalker.


Temporarily increases robot moving speed allowing it to reach a position rapidly, break enemy lines or leave the firing area.

  • Robots capable of Rush: Carnage, Lancelot.

Assault Mode

Assault Mode is a unique special ability of Rhino. While in assault mode, Rhino gains protection from built-in shields and loses ability to turn and fire medium weapons. In exchange, his movespeed is increased by half allowing it to break through enemy lines and force enemies into close combat.

Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode is a unique special ability of Fujin. Upon activating the Sentry ability, Fujin elevates his tower, gaining strategic advantage as well as protection from his built-in energy shield. While in this mode, Fujin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire.

Bastion Mode

Bastion Mode is a unique special ability of Raijin. Upon activating the Bastion ability, Raijin elevates his tower, gaining strategic advantage as well as protection from his built-in shields. While in this mode, Raijin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire.

Phalanx Mode

When using Phalanx Mode ability, robot moves the shield from the side to the front (or vice versa, depending on its initial position). While robot is shielded from frontal attacks, its movement speed is lowered (-20%).

  • Robots capable of Phalanx Mode: Gareth, Galahad.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw ability, holstering robot's current active weapons and drawing the holstered ones in their stead, just like the gunslingers of old. Quick Draw can be used to effectively combine 4 identical weapons into a deadly burst or to switch burst weapons for sustained fire weapons after unloading them onto the enemy.

  • Robots capable of Quick Draw: Jesse, Doc, Butch.


Make a quick leap in a chosen direction consuming one ability charge.

  • Robots capable of Dash: Kumiho, Haechi, Bulgasari.


Inquisitor activates stealth, preventing enemies from being able to lock on him and launches himself into the air. Stealth remains activated for 5 more seconds after the landing. Cooldown: 20 sec.

  • Robots capable of Descend: Inquisitor.


The robot launches into the air and hovers for a time. To use this ability, hold the ability key down for as long as you wish to fly. Glide uses fuel, which recharges over time. You can make the robot jump when on the ground, but while in the air, you can only control its flight. The robot's unique design allows you to control it during freefall.

  • Robots capable of Descend: Hover.


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Herb7 months ago

Goldeye167, I think a robot that has the ability to switch all it's weapon from one side to the other would be great for a silver ability. A robot designed for shooting from behind cover.

Lian Wiant8 months ago

they missed falcons ability

Blah blah 11 months ago

Can someone answer me (only if they are sure) that if Gareth or Galahad loses its shield in Phalanx mode ,do they automatically regain the 20% speed or do we have to manually turn off the Phalanx mode to regain the speed...??
(Note : even after shield gets destroyed the ability icon doesn’t change)

Red Skarmylast year

1000 components away from hover... so excited. I played with it at my friends house and it is so good because when a noob has like 5000 health left you can jump over his cover and blast him into next year with your tarans.

Pilot FM9CUYlast year

Areostar, Well, the new robot Falcon in Test Server has jump and not two, but three heavy slots. Does that count?

Thank you for pointing that out! Will fix it asap!

Areostarlast year

I would like there to be a robot with just a jump ability (not descend) and at least two heavy weapon slots. Oh... and I found a mistake hover does not have the descend ability

camander teku 2last year

RVMHAM, well use the glide ability to get on a building first then you can walk off the buildings and it will activate glide ability
(make sure no snipers first) ps watch manning play the hover he's awesome at flying the can teach u some tips.

Andro ManYtlast year

This page with commentry :)

Goldeye1672 years ago

I love this game, but can u make some robots that have special abilities... Or rather better then jump, silver?

RVMHAM2 years ago

When will hover be modified she jumps too high leaving her completely vunerable to enemy attack. Please change that so you can control the height and if possible the direction.. while in the air you can barely control which way you are going...

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