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Squad battle

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  • In order to receive invitation for a squad battle you need to enable game notifications in your device’s settings!
  • Team fight is available for players above level 10.
  • It's currently not possible to play with or against players using a different mobile platform.

Follow these steps to play a game together with your friends

  • Launch the game and pick ‘Squad battle’;

  • You can invite your clan members, friends or other Pilots met during 3 most recent battles.

  • Pick the ones you want to play with and invite them to your team by pressing ‘+’;

  • Invited players will receive an invitation. When they accept it their status will change to ‘Ready’:

  • The battle starts when the Team Leader presses ‘To Battle’.


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Ironworker(395)2 months ago

Isnt sending invites to me for squad battles,have notifications turned on but still not sending it. Tells me im being invited in clan setting but not givng me option to eccept.

Exellerationlast year

Free2Play (_Y_), It’s better than if it was the other way around. If you had one person in silver and 5 in diamond, that would kind of be a big problem. So it’s better the way it is now.

Rpm17last year


Free2Play (_Y_)last year

Unless your squad is all in the same league, don't do it! It takes the highest league member and treats you all as if you are from that league. So, you're in Gold, your friend is in Expert, you'll get seriously outmatched as you'll be matched against Experts.

Squading is not recommended

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