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27 April

Drones rework

Drones will become unique units with specialized roles and predefined characteristics.


7 April

War Robots Youtube Creator Program 2.0: Introduction

If you are running a YouTube channel with War Robots videos, you have come to the right address.

Patch Notes

30 March

War Robots 6.9 update notes

The event will start soon after update 6.9 lands on your platform.


2 March

Welcome to Team B: A War Robots Story!

Follow the story of Linda, Arnav, Ash, Louis and APPM-3TR in this 6 episode mini-series. New episodes coming weekly.

Patch Notes

5 February


Lunar New Year in War Robots will start soon after the update 6.8 lands on your platform.


8 December

Halloween mystery: all tasks explained


4 December

War Robots 6.7 update notes

Christmas in War Robots will start soon after the update 6.7 lands on your platform

Patch Notes

23 October

War Robots 6.6 update notes

Halloween event, drone improvements and buffs to speed bonuses – in update 6.6!

Patch Notes

13 October

Balance Update Notes: October 2020

Tweaks to Ao Ming, Cuirassier, Gendarme, Clive Vicious, Kyle Rogers and flamethrowers.

Patch Notes

5 October

War Robots 6.4 Remastered: Open Beta Notes

Remastered test details

Patch Notes

24 September

War Robots Remastered Update Notes

What to expect from Remastered Open Beta?


21 September

Drones Q&A

You experiment and discover wild builds that we couldn't even think of. At the same time, many of you have burning questions. We've selected the most popular ones to answer.

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