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30 November

WR Friday: Modules Are Back

Since we announced Modules the first time back in April, we remade them almost entirely

Patch Notes

26 November

War Robots 4.5 Update Notes. Meet the Pantheon

New robots, components conversion, economy tweaks and more


23 November

Update 4.5 Economy Preview: new pilot's journey

Update 4.5 will revamp the economy for a smoother new player experience

Patch Notes

22 October

War Robots 4.4 Update Notes. This Corrosion

Corrosion weapons, new map, various bug fixes and...what was that sound?


28 September

Message from WR Team: Workshop Changes

During the last couple of months, we were changing War Robots based on your feedback. Unfortunately, not all went smoothly

Patch Notes

26 September

War Robots 4.3 Balance Update Notes

Improvements to heavy robots, tweaks to Spectre, Haechi — and more.

New in WR

21 September

Update Preview: 4.3 Balance Changes

Buffs to Bulwark, Falcon, Lancelot, heavy weapons, Shocktrain and Spectre tweaks — and more

New in WR

14 September

Let's talk Skirmishes (+ contest!)

We know you have millions of Skirmish ideas. Time to make them a reality!

New in WR

7 September

This week on test server. Damage resistances

This Sunday on the test server every robot will become resistant to certain types of damage. Come over and try it for yourself!

New in WR

31 August

Robots Reveal: Blitz, Rayker, Invader

Tireless mercenaries stealing powers from those who are too strong

Patch Notes

28 August

War Robots 4.2 Update Notes: Workshop Rebuilt

Workshop 2.0, new powerful guns for catching opponents off-guard and new clan ranking system


14 August

Best Lock-Down builds

Ice Ice Baby: Best builds to put the freeze on your enemies. By Ol’ Pappy

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