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11 March

War Robots 4.8 Update Notes

With lots of work happening behind the scenes, we are making preparations for the first big update of the year.


26 February

Mercenary Training Camp. Year 2132

"We got the beacon. Where next Rogers?"


20 February

Dear Jane

New in WR

31 January

4.7 Livestream Recap

What we have discussed on the latest livestream — in short.

Patch Notes

29 January

War Robots 4.7 Update Notes. Dragons & Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year, Dragons, numerous balance changes and (oh!) upgrade timers reduction for most items.

New in WR

20 December

Modules in 4.6: a deeper look

Everything from the latest DevStream (and more!) in one place.

Patch Notes

17 December

War Robots 4.6 Update Notes. Modules

Final update of the year! New perks and abilities for existing robots, bug fixes and more

New in WR

30 November

WR Friday: Modules Are Back

Since we announced Modules the first time back in April, we remade them almost entirely

Patch Notes

26 November

War Robots 4.5 Update Notes. Meet the Pantheon

New robots, components conversion, economy tweaks and more


23 November

Update 4.5 Economy Preview: new pilot's journey

Update 4.5 will revamp the economy for a smoother new player experience

Patch Notes

22 October

War Robots 4.4 Update Notes. This Corrosion

Corrosion weapons, new map, various bug fixes and...what was that sound?


28 September

Message from WR Team: Workshop Changes

During the last couple of months, we were changing War Robots based on your feedback. Unfortunately, not all went smoothly

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