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General. Basics


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Where to start

Press 'To battle' in the upper-right corner:

Pressing 'Cancel' in the upper-right corner will take you back to the Hangar screen.

Player matchmaking typically takes less than a minute, upon which you are taken to one of the maps. You are be able to choose your robot and take a brief glance at the map before combat starts; a 15 second countdown timer in the middle of the screen is there to notify you. Map name and victory conditions can be seen in a tab in the upper-left corner.

Pressing a Menu button in the upper-right corner presents you with the following options:
— Change current robot;
— Leave combat. Applicable combat rewards will be issued after match ends

Both leaving combat and changing your robot will destroy the one currently in use.

Combat begins

Robot durability can be seen in the upper-left corner. Move using the virtual joystick on the left.

Rotate the cockpit and direct your fire by swiping laterally:

Locking and engaging targets

Use the weapon controls in the lower-right corner to fire your weapons:

Each segment of the circular panel corresponds to a particular piece of equipment currently installed on your robot, denoted by a specific pictogram. If you have more slots with equipment, you will see more segments there. Pressing the red button in the center will fire all available weapons simultaneously.

The crosshair segment situated directly below the red button toggles target lock. This option is disabled by default; you need to check the 'Lock on target' box in game menu in order to enable it. Pressing this button once will make your robot lock-on to the current target, pressing it repeatedly will switch the lock between nearby players. Manual targeting while locked-on will remove the current lock.

Special abilities

Some robots are able to Jump; this ability is unique to Cossack, Rogatka, and Griffin.

The 'Jump' button is located above the weapon controls on the right. Jumps have a cooldown that may last from 5 to 25 seconds depending on the robot.

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