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Low priority queue

Low priority queue is a separate matchmaking pool for those players who leave or remain idle during many battles and hence leave their teammates shorthanded.

To discourage behaviour like idling through battles and abandoning teammates players are placed into a low priority queue and:

  • do not receive any Au or Keys for battles;
  • do not receive or lose any rating points;
  • receive significantly less silver;
  • experience worse matchmaking conditions than players in the regular queue.

Why player may be placed in a low priority queue:

  • player is deliberately leaving many matches whether before the start or in the middle of the battle;
  • player stays idle during the match and doesn’t contribute to team’s victory;
  • player experiences connection problems or crashes way too often – sad but true. War Robots team is constantly working on improving game stability and performance and is willing to eliminate as many technical difficulties as possible. We appreciate any info you can provide about the issue you experience, so please contact our support team here.

You will not be placed in a low priority matchmaking queue:

  • if all your robots are destroyed during the active battle and there’s nothing left to do;
  • if you receive a phone call or life happens and you have to close the game.
Note: regular game mode doesn’t imply skipping maps. War Robots is a competitive game and it’s best played when you are able to squeeze the most out of all battlegrounds where you might be deployed.

Currently there’s no in-game indication of whether a player is in a low priority queue or not. This and features like warnings that you might be soon transferred to a low priority queue are under development.

The one and only requirement to return to a regular matchmaking queue is to play fairly and along with your team.

We hope we have informed you sufficiently.

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