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by War Robots - 1.11.2017

Beacon Rush

  • Teams spawn as usual at the start of the battle. However when a robot is destroyed or replaced you can respawn at a different location
  • In "Beacon Rush" you can respawn at home base or at any beacon captured by your team
  • As long as the beacon is blue (captured) you can spawn on it (even while it's being liberated by another team)
  • Change your spawn point to any available beacon before selecting the robot and continue the battle from chosen position
  • Winning conditions remain the same: capture and hold majority of beacons or destroy all enemy robots.


Team Deathmatch

  • Victory conditions are very simple: destroy all enemy robots
  • As battle begins both teams spawn at their home bases. When a robot is destroyed or replaced, spawn a new robot on any of the available spawn locations
  • Change your spawn point and land on the battlefield section where you are needed the most
  • Each destroyed robot adds one point to your team
  • If you change a robot, enemy team receives a point
  • If the battle timer is up team with more points wins


Custom Game

Custom Games are available to all players of level 10 and above.

  • You decide when and who you battle with and against.
  • Select any mode or map, invite any number of players: 6 vs 6, 1 vs 5 or 1 vs 1.
  • Or get on the battlefield all by yourself and examine the best paths and positions with no distractions.
  • Team up with your friends or clanmates and polish the tactics. Then invite some opponents and try your strategy in action.
  • Those into tournament organization - it’s your time to shine! Getting everyone on board for a match is now a piece of cake!
  • Custom battles do not affect rating or provide rewards. Your robots will not require any repairs either.


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