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[9.6] Black Market: details and drop rates

by War Robots - 27.12.2021

How it works

You get Keys by playing battles and then use them to open three types of chests: Bronze (10 keys), Silver (100 keys) and Gold (1000 keys).

Each time you open a chest, you get a random prize based on that chest's drop rates. You can check the prize pool for every chest by tapping the "i" icon next to it. Generally, the Gold chest will contain the best prizes, the Silver chest will have both fine and generic contents and the Bronze chest will be there for you just in case you want to spend your freshly won Keys right away. There's also a SUPERCHEST that you get for free after opening a certain amount of regular ones. The progress bar in the upper part of Black Market window shows how close you are to opening a SUPERCHEST. The bigger the chest, the more progress it adds to the bar.

Note that several times a day you can open the Bronze chest for free after watching an ad video. Opening Bronze chests for free adds progress towards a SUPERCHEST just as well as opening them with Keys.

If you're short on Keys, you can always purchase more by tapping the green "+" icon in the upper left corner of Black Market window.

Reset period

Black Market resets at 00:00 (UTC) on the first day of each month. The timer under the SUPERCHEST progress bar shows exactly how much time is left until the reset.

When the timer expires, the SUPERCHEST progress you've accumulated so far will disappear and all your spare Keys will be automatically converted into loot. The game will spend the Keys for you prioritizing most valuable chests. If you have fewer than 10 Keys at that moment, they will turn into 1 Bronze chest.

For example you have 1823 keys left. When Black Market resets, these keys will bring you items from:

  • 1 Gold chest (1000 keys)
  • 8 Silver chests (8 x 100 keys)
  • 3 Bronze chests (2 x 10 + 3 keys on top)

Special prize

The Silver and the Gold chests have a special prize progress bar attached to them. When the bar fills, the next chest of that type will contain a better prize. It means that more valuable items will have higher drop rates in that chest.

Drop rates

On the Black Market, generic prizes have higher drop rates than the really good ones. You will probably pick up a lot of robots and weapons that you will only use in lower leagues before winning the powerful bot that you look for.

To clarify the chances a bit further, we've compiled the drop rate tables for all 3 types of Black Market chests. Note that the chest contents are different for new players (lvl. 5-26) and advanced players (lvl.27-30). Players under lvl. 27 win items mostly suitable for lower leagues. Those items are easy to use. They help you learn the ropes and find your preferred playstyle. Advanced players have a more diverse prize pool, as they have unlocked more items and features for their hangars.

New players (lvl. 5-23)

Au 16.77%
Ag 48.87%
Power cells 2.58%
Keys 20.35%
Pt 2.23%
Ship components 9.20%


Robots 27.57%
Equipment 59.37%
Au 10.6%
Ag 2.28%
Keys 0.14%


Au 2.55%
Power Cells 1.75%
Keys 0.12%
Ag 2.73%
Equipment 73.74%
Robots 19.10%


Robots 100.00%


Advanced players (lvl. 23-30)

Au 16.77%
Ag 34.47%
Power cells 2.58%
Keys 20.35%
Pt 2.23%
Ship components 9.20%


Au 15.40%
Ag 19.47%
Power Cells 3.40%
Memorium 0.32%
Keys 0.01%
Pilots 55.79%
Ships 5.61%


Au 1.88%
Ag 1.22%
Pt 0.25%
Keys 0.01%
Equipment 80.1%
Modules 3.70%
Titan Equipment 8.10%
Drones 3.41%
Microchips 0.25%
Power Cells 1.06%
LUCKY 0.01%


Robots 89.53%
Titans 10.47%



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