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A league is a group of pilots with a similar rating. The higher your rating, the more prestigious your league!

Leagues become available for players who reach level 5.
  • Your rating and league for the upcoming season are determined after you complete qualifying battles.
Each season lasts a calendar month.
  • You need to gain a certain number of rating points to enter a specific league.
You receive rating points after each battle.
  • Amount of points you gain depends on battle results and your position in post-battle rankings. A rating increase is given to each member of the winning team, and only two top players of the losing team.
Current post-battle distribution of rating points*:
Win Lose
+13 +7
+10 +3
+7 -5
+4 -11
+3 -17
+2 -22

*Keep in mind that numbers are subject to change.

  • There're extra rating points rewarded to 3 Pilots (+3, +2 and +1, respectively) that captured most beacons among all the 12 players from both teams.
  • Pilots that captured equal amount of beacons will be ranked by damage inflicted, and those with more damage will receive (more) points.
  • If you play in a squad, rating points are distributed equally among all teammates. Points are always rounded to the benefit of the player.
  • When your personal rating exceeds the league's upper limit, you can take on a challenge. If you pass the challenge you will be promoted to a higher league.
  • To pass the challenge you have to keep your rating at a certain level for several battles.
  • As soon as the season ends, qualification starts again to determine your league for the following season.
  • The League of Champions is the highest league. At the end of a season, players in this league receive legendary trophies that remain in their profile.

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