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How does it work? The only factor to determine here is the matchmaking rating of players. No hangar level, no equipment/robots levels are taken into account. Lower and mid leagues players are usually matched up within the same league.

In higher leagues it is more complicated. The pool of players in top leagues is considerably smaller if compared to lower leagues. As a result, players from neighboring leagues may also participate in battles — the system will broaden the MMR range if there are not enough players from the same league in queue at the same time.

In Expert and further it is getting more difficult to compete — there will be more skilled opponents. Climbing your way up to the top leagues will now get more intense and challenging but more rewarding.

If Pilots play in a squad the system takes the highest rating of the squad and ignores the rest. If, say, a squad consists of 5 Silver league players and one Gold league player, the system will locate players from the Gold league as opponents.

The squad matchmaking algorithm always tries to match squads against other squads. But because sometimes there are no squads in queue (in high leagues especially) solo players may get matched against pre-mades.

The league system is what brings competitiveness in War Robots. We understand that sometimes this competitiveness may cause frustration. We prepared a game mode for custom battles for those who are interested not only in the competitive approach.

Matchmaking cannot be ideal — skill level cannot be measured absolutely but we are striving to make every team have an equal chance of winning. Our game designers are continuously monitoring the state of the system and take necessary measures now and then to make it balanced.

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