Valley - War Robots




An abandoned facility located in Vietnam mountains. While most of the world is ravaged by war, Valley wasn’t touched by it.

Valley is somewhat similar to Dead City, Power Plant and Moon. Skirmishes are quick, beacons are placed symmetrically, and most of the time teams tend to clash around central beacon. The outcome of the battle, however, is usually decided by side beacons control, so swift robots are going to be very useful.

Maps: Valley

  1. There are good sniping spots near beacons A and E. Use them, but always be ready to change your position!
  2. Don't underestimate lighter robots on this map. While you're chasing pure damage, faster machines can easily take side beacons snagging the victory from your hands.
  3. Long- and mid-range robots work equally good on this map. Complex landscape creates many opportunities for both, so be mindful of your surroundings.
Use two fingers to move the map

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