Carrier - War Robots




Carrier is a rather big map, matching Yamantau in size. However, it doesn’t feel huge: Carrier has much more shelters and strategic places. Moreover, beacons are spaced evenly across the map. You always know what to do or where to go.

The ship is situated in the middle of an ocean, with a never-ending sunset in the sky. Water around is not just a visual effect. We didn’t want to surround Carrier with invisible walls, so we made it possible to fall from the ship. Contact with the water destroys the robots instantly and this creates many interesting opportunities and things to pay attention to.

WR Maps: Carrier

  1. Huge propellers on the side are interesting tactical positions for jumping or flying robots
  2. Some robots can run along the edge of Carrier to the enemy’s base. It can be risky though.
  3. In Beacon Rush, use covers and tunnels to get past the enemy lines and create a spawn point right behind their backs.
  4. If robots touches water, it is instantly destroyed. Experienced pilots can use it for their advantage, pushing enemies from the edge.
Use two fingers to move the map

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