Fafnir, The Runic Dragon 🐲 | New Robot Overview - War Robots - War Robots




Robot class


EvoLife's take on the flying Dragons, this particular robot is able to stay in the air for as long as it wants, using the same principle as the Shapeshifters. While on the ground, Fafnir diverts its power into increased defense and activates an in-built weapon capable of dealing devastating damage to Titans while it is in the air.
Shapeshift. The robot can freely switch between walking and flying, staying in any mode for as long as you need. While on the ground, it gets increased Defense and 4 weapon slots. In the air, the robot disables two of its weapon slots to enable a built-in weapon that deals increased damage to Titans. It also activates an Absorber shield for several seconds when it starts to take off.
Absorber. An impenetrable shield that can absorb an unlimited amount of damage.


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