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Robot class


The Yan-di Collection's jewel is perfect for long and ultra-long-range battles. With advanced targeting systems and high-speed projectiles, this sniper Titan boasts a deadly accuracy, making it ideal for eliminating high-priority targets. The combination of strong defense and mobility allows it to quickly change positions, maintaining a strategic advantage on the battlefield. This lethal blend of firepower and maneuverability makes it an indispensable asset to any team.
Fatigue Shot. Fires from built-in weapon. Each hit with such a projectile depletes the target's defense system, increasing the damage received by the enemy. The missile applies the FATIGUE effect on impact.
FATIGUE. Each applied effect increases the incoming damage from the next hit with the same effect.
Jump Back. The Titan makes a quick jump backward, covering a large distance rapidly.


The Titan deals more damage to targets that are over 601 meters away.


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