WR Maps: Dreadnought - War Robots




Dreadnought’s core theme is verticality. A huge destroyed starship in the middle of the map incorporates multiple levels where you can climb, jump or fly into. Performing well on Dreadnought will require some time to get used to as this map is unlike anything that War Robots had before. But if you like to fight from above — this is probably the best place to show off.

WR Maps: Dreadnought

  1. Dreadnought's "roof" allows for a tight control over one or many beacons and even ship's interior. There's, however, almost no covers to hide behind — so don't get overconfident!!
  2. Position near beacon D is risky, yet it allows to cover entrances to beacon C very nicely. Going inside the ship, enemies will rarely expect to get shot from the outside
  3. The safest way between beacons А and Е (teams' starting positions) lies between Dreadnaught's hull and its torn wing half-buried in the ground
  4. This map has a very complex landscape. Use its intricacies to hide from enemy fire and safely get to the position you need
Use two fingers to move the map

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