Rook - War Robots




Robot class


DSC engineers have combined their entire spectrum of protection and speed technologies and put them all in one massive shell. This Titan is just as good at attack and defence. Thanks to its unique ability to dart in the air, the Titan can travel a long distance and bring its entire mass down on the enemy. Its modified shields help it survive under fire. If the physical shields are destroyed, the Titan can teleport itself an entirely new set of shields and continue the fight.
Castling. The Titan rises to a fixed height and hovers. If there is an enemy targeted by the Titan, it darts directly towards the enemy's position if the ability is activated again.
If there is no enemy in range, activating the ability again will make the Titan dart in the direction it is facing.
If the ability is not reactivated, the Titan will drop.
When the Titan strikes an enemy or falls to the ground, it activates a power field around it, which throws robots away from the Titan, deals damage and applies Suppression to the enemies in its area of effect.
Suppression. Temporarily reduces the damage of all enemies by 75%.
Shield Replacement. After a little preparation, the Titan explodes all of its built-in physical shields that haven’t been destroyed yet. For each shield destroyed, the Titan repairs a portion of its durability. After destroying the shields, the Titan teleports in new shields with full Durability.


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