Luchador - War Robots




Robot class


Luchador is a Brawler Titan developed by DSC which is well-equipped for aggressive melee combat. Jump engines allow Luchador to leap straight into the enemy groups, dealing severe damage and temporarily weakening their weapon systems. After getting their attention, Luchador can survive the combat for a long time using its Ultimate Defence ability.
Passive: Unbreakable

Luchador receives x% less unrepairable "grey" damage from all sources

Frog Splash
Luchador jumps, triggering its Reflector defense , which lasts until the Titan touches the ground. Upon landing, Luchador deals massive damage and applies Suppression to all enemies around it. Enemies that end up being closer to Luchador receive extra damage. 
While in the air, you can re-activate the ability to immediately dart to the ground.
Ultimate Defense
Luchador activates a powerful Reflector that absorbs part of the incoming damage and redirects some damage back at the enemy. While Ultimate Defence is active, Luchador's mobility is greatly reduced. Once Ultimate Defence wears off, Luchador restores part of its maximum durability. 


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