Raptor - War Robots




Robot class


The perfect addition to the range of jumping robots. The additional engines make the robot able to fly for a considerable distance as well as jumping, while being able to adjust its direction in the air. To protect itself against opponents, the robot is equipped with a defense system which literally sends the damage back where it came from. Its special built-in equipment also allows for lost strength to be compensated at the expense of those unlucky enough to be crushed by the robot when it lands on them.


Comet Splash. Raptor jumps in the direction it is heading. While in the air, the robot can activate an engine thrust to fly towards its target. When it lands, it forms a blast wave that damages enemies, and also on the body of the robot activates additional equipment, which causes area damage around it. The robot’s built-in equipment has the additional effect of turning some of the damage dealt into repairs. While the ability is active, the robot also activates a Reflector. The ability charges regenerate over time.

Reflector. A defense system that absorbs some of the damage it receives and redirects it to the attacker. The Reflector does not protect the robot completely, but it is immune to defense reduction.


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