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Pilot as part of "One Thousand Skulls" I've also written certain pieces of strategy from time to time and I also have a humble YouTube channel I use mainly for Test server purposes and the odd competition.

☆BushDr☆15 days ago

I really don't understand what the thinking is behind the indoctrination .....sorry introduction of these Modules so soon. Especially when you consider the speed that other features and robots, have been rammed down our throats recently.
It's extremely difficult to get èxited about yet another new feature comming to an already over complicated game, from the one I initially fell in love with around 3 years ago. Please just stop or at least slow down on adding new features, weapons and robots and let your player base get used to what's already been added. At least for a while to see how things balance out for the time being.
Thankyou for your time!
1KS☆BushDr☆ FXGDCA Android

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☆BushDr☆3 months ago

"Increase in production time" I thought the whole point of doing it this way was to let pilots actually get their hands on some of the new robots and weapons. Now you're taking that away from us. It's like you opened the cookie jar put are now slamming it shut with people's fingers still in it.
Come on Pixonic please a much more important issue is that the "permanent stealth bug" is back and it's ruining the game again.

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☆BushDr☆6 months ago

I still can't believe how you think this nonsense cluttering up what's supposedly a fairly simple 6 v 6 shooter, is a good idea.
Fix the bugs currently in the game then think about some new content.
1. The Shocktrain Bug
2. Dash bots dashing off maps and inside buildings
Those are the two that effect can drastically change the outcome of a game and in desperate need of attention. Especially the Shocktrain bug!

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☆BushDr☆7 months ago

I'm pleased to see a link between the amount of silver you earn and the league you're in. A very welcome and much needed improvement!

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☆BushDr☆7 months ago

All of this sounds completely pointless and unnecessary for a mobile game. Shocktrains are annoying enough and you're proposing a kind of buff?
You really have no clue what most of your player Base is looking for!

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☆BushDr☆8 months ago

I really think some of these old bots need some love!
Lancelot - Make the sheild one piece instead of 3
Galahad - More speed and a little hp boost
Fujin - Just have the Ancile sheild constantly active. I know it's a lot to ask for something with 3 medium slots but I think it would be welcomed by most.
Jesse Doc & Butch - Reduce the cool down on the "quick draw" ability by a 3rd for each robot.
Griffin - Probably the most important change for the most versatile robot in the game so I propose that either a reduced jump ability cool down or a slight speed boost for this most loved bot.
Thankyou for your time and sorry for the long response. 😀

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☆BushDr☆10 months ago

I love the Spider Raijin and most of the "creepy" skin's. I wish you would make more of them and more easily accessible through components, competitions or just have them as prizes in the chests.

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☆BushDr☆10 months ago

With Spectre in the game now you're really going to have to nerf that Shocktrain. It's already almost unplayable in Champion league and a stealthy jumping robot with 4 of them is going to make it "Shocktrain Wars"

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☆BushDr☆11 months ago

All sounds great especially the rewards for playing in high league and friendly hp bars. Just going by other games ive played with team mates hp shown, it becomes one of those things that you only notice when you're really paying attention. Also knowing how much health is left on your own shield is a great and much needed idea.

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☆BushDr☆last year

Names for the Exorcist
Annihilater sounds good but a bit to straight forward so I would go for something different but menacing like........NULLIFIER
Plus I would just like to thank you for listening to the community about keeping it's HP really low.

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☆BushDr☆last year

It's good to see some effort going into the game and it's community rather than just focusing on the new VR stuff you're working on.

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