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Battle Rewards: more silver more often

Author - Lanf

Abridged version:

  • Big economy changes coming to WR. Equipment much more affordable but longer to upgrade.
  • To help you with upgrading we change Battle Rewards.
  • Twice as much silver in Battle Rewards.
  • You need fewer Honor Points to receive Battle Rewards = you get resources faster.
  • We rebalance Royal Tokens so that league climbing is valuable. The higher your league is, the faster you get resources and can improve gear you like.

Big economy changes are coming to War Robots. Once again, in a nutshell: equipment will be much easier to get but longer to upgrade. With that in mind, we want to help you with upgrading and change Battle Rewards.

First of all, Battle Rewards will bring twice as much silver. Silver doubled for everyone, in any league. Private chests will contain 31,000 silver, Bronze — 143,000 and so on, up to 13,600,000 silver in Champion chests.

Besides the additional silver, you will also get Battle Rewards more often as fewer Honor Points will be needed to receive them. This will boost your progression — you will acquire resources faster.

Moreover, we rebalance Royal Tokens rewards so that going up in leagues will be even more profitable. Playing in the highest leagues should be more attractive so they will get a 40-50% increase in Royal Tokens.

As usual, the content of the crates depends on the league. Bronze chests will contain Spark components, Silver — Spark and Falcon components, in Gold you can find Exodus components as well and Champion chests can bring you Bulwark besides everything else. 

With these changes we help players with upgrading their favourite gear and encourage league ascending. Battle Rewards will change in one of the closest updates.

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