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War Robots 3.6 Update Notes. King of the Hill and Lunar New Year event!

by War Robots - 31.01.2018

Let's welcome the first update of this year, mister 3.6. Without further ado let’s see what’s inside.

Supply Drops

We all have been waiting for them and here they are at last! That means free Components, Silver and Keys on a regular basis. А stable source of resources that you can get easier. Hooray!

Remember that the exact reward depends on your rating. Higher the league — better the prize. Another hint — if you change your league, the received supplies will change, too.

Higher the league - better the reward
Higher the league — better the reward

So prepare your war machines, clean favorite weapons and fight your way up the rating, for the best goodies. Especially if you’ve received bonus supplies from our giveaway. Let slip the dogs of war!

The goodies inside will change every month or two, for starters there will be Kumiho Components. That's right, Kumiho is waiting!

Hangar X

A special hangar deck fully equipped by WR team will be available in Custom Games. You can try weapons and robots (some of them brand-new!), compete with your friends and enemies on the equal ground. Wanted to show your skills for a long time? Take a revenge on your enemy? Impress your friends? There’s a perfect opportunity now!


As with the Supply Drops, you can influence the filling of the next hangar by taking polls on official War Robots pages like FB or Reddit.

The content of the first hangar, all level 12 MK1:

  • Rogatka (2 Orkans)
  • Raijin (2 Thunders)
  • Bulgasari (3 Scourges)
  • Carnage (2 Embers)
  • Galahad (2 Magnums)

So buckle up and dive into the battle!

King of the Hill

A new game mode! Unlike Domination or Beacon Rush where you can capture any of the beacons, in King of the Hill teams fight for one particular beacon at once. One to rule them all, you know.

That gives freedom for completely different strategies. Distract the enemies while your team is capturing? Or capture on your own while your team provides suppression fire? Use strategy, coop with your friends and outsmart the foes.

For more details watch the video below.

Lunar New Year


Intricate decoration of hangars, Сhinese lanterns and prizes. First of all, you receive free gold just for joining the event. As simple as that.

And a new quest chain, of course! We tweaked the quests and conditions of winning. For completing tasks you receive Components for Storm, Gust and Redeemer.

As for the final prize, this time it will be Haechi. So February is gonna be the Dash bot month: Kumiho in Supply Drops, Haechi in the new quest chain.

No reward for leavers

A small but very important improvement. Leaving the match before it ends brings you no rewards. War Robots is a team-based game, and we don’t want players to frame their teammates. Fight with honor. Until the end.

New robots



Spectre is an epitome of glass cannon. Gepard-level HP but FOUR medium slots.

Inquisitor’s Descend ability helps it survive, but you have to be super mindful of your surroundings not to die instantly. Experienced pilots will thrive on Specter. Others… we’ll pay them respects, alright.



When other Dash robots can only dash 2-3 times in a row, Strider can chain five of them. It pays with longer cooldowns though: that means Strider can quickly cover longer distances but does it less often.

Also, different slots. With a heavy gun mounted on its head and a couple of light slots, completely different build possibilities open up.

New weapons



Aphids always were a weapon you either love or hate, but lately, we believe, we found a good balance between the effectiveness and leaving some place counterplay (with the correct use of movement abilities you can just dodge everything… but only if you’re good enough).

So using Aphids’ high trajectories luring enemies around the cover is gonna be a helluva lot of fun. With Vortex we just expand this mechanics to the medium-slot bearers. Your Kumiho will be happy.



A Heavy Magnum/Pin, Dragoon shoots less often than other medium-range guns, but packs a punch + reloads on the go, so your downtime with this weapon can be relatively low.

600 range gives you a perfect opportunity to eat those Haechis alive. Omnomnom.



Previously snipers had pretty much the only one option for their light slots — Gekko. That’s why, say, Fury was in a much better spot than Natasha, for example. Now we give light snipers more stuff to play with. Your Leo is already roaring for it.

iPhone X screen adaptation

War Robots now takes full advantage of iPhone X endless (yet notched) screen.

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