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Supply Drops: what's inside?

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Abridged version:

  • Supply Drops are coming in 3.5 (mid-December)
  • Every 3 hours you’ll receive a free Supply Drop with goodies inside
  • You can store up to 4 Drops and open them all with a single tap
  • The higher you are league-wise, the more you receive
  • Rewards include Silver, keys and components
  • Rewards are NOT random. Exact numbers — down below

When we released the first info on Supply Drops and Battle Rewards, one question was still open: what is inside? More rewards are always good, but how good — it wholly depends on the numbers.

Pasted image at 2017_10_31 06_54 PM.png

An early prototype of new Battle Rewards

If you missed the previous article, the general goal of Supply Drops and Battle Rewards is to make current progression gains more up to today’s standard. To put it simple: more of rewards that are actually meaningful.

  • Supply Drops generate you some passive income: you accumulate crates over time and when you log into the game you can open a bunch of them receiving a certain amount of goods. It is an alternative to the first win of the day rewarding you simply for coming back to the game. And yes, you can open them all with one tap. No going through every single one.
  • Battle Rewards, on the other hand, amplify your income from completed battles. Every match brings you closer to the next bunch of resources. The better you do the faster you get there.

Both of those resource streams grow bigger the higher you are in league standings. This way everyone will be appropriately rewarded for doing their best — and competing among big guys will be more lucrative than ever.

Battle Rewards are coming in 3.6 and we’ll dive deeper into them later. Supply Drops, however, are already coming with 3.5. Now we focus on them.


Supply Drops: in-depth

Our goals

  1. Improve daily bonuses so they become more meaningful for high-level players
  2. Add more reliable ways to acquire components
  3. Make playing in higher leagues more attractive for everyone
  4. And overall — just make every time you enter the game more exciting

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How it works

Everyone receives a new Supply Drop every three hours. You can store up to 4 of them and open all at the same time. Basically, you can log into the game twice a day (every 12 hours) and reap rewards with a couple of taps.

Supply Drops contain Silver, Keys and Components. What’s inside is fixed — that means, you’ll receive the exact amount of resources for every crate.

Let’s break it down.


We keep adding new ways to reliably earn components. In case of Supply Drops you’ll be receiving a hefty amount of parts just for being around. Each Supply Drop brings a fixed amount of certain parts for one or two particular pieces of equipment. We’ll start with Kumiho parts, changing contents every month or so.

Eventually, Champions will complete a fresh Kumiho in 20 days just for claiming their Drops regularly. For others it’ll take longer, but don’t forget that components come from other places too (and there will be more!).

Kumiho components Drop rates (for every league)


Speaking of “other places”. With bonus keys from Supply Drops you get much more loot from the Black Market.

See numbers below. If we translate these numbers into chests, Silver players will earn one free big chest per month. Champions, however, more than triple that amount: they will have 1.2 medium chests per day — or 3.5 big chests (3500 keys) per month.

Keys Drop rates (for every league)


Silver is a vital resource for both high and low-level players. Newbies spend it on the new equipment, while at higher tiers people value their Silver for allowing them to level up their gear. Worth noting that the higher you are, the more you need. Eventually, veterans began starving for Silver as their robots and guns become more and more demanding.

Hence, more Silver for high leagues.

Silver Drop rates (for every league)

Note: the first win of the day bonus is out. If we account for that, Supply Drops might seem like an income downgrade for Interns, Bronze and low Silver — however, bonus keys and components pretty much make up for that. And starting from Silver 1 you’ll be getting more raw Silver. Then more. And more — up to the half a million per day in Champions.

Also, you don’t have to fight for Supply Drops. You just open the game and grab them.



There’s only one drawback: with Supply Drops ONE daily task with gold bonus is going away. This is the part of a bigger plan: we’re moving all daily task-related gold income towards Battle Rewards and Supply Drops (in the form of Black Market keys). Daily tasks themselves are up for a significant rework later on — there are many parts we wanted to address and we’ll talk about those later.

The numbers, of course, might get tweaked in progress. Don’t forget that this is just the first part of the economy overhaul — new Battle Rewards will be even beefier with no limit how much you can earn every day. Details soon!

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