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War Robots 3.4 Update Notes. Dreadnought, Hover and more

by War Robots - 17.11.2017

New feature: Hangar Decks

As we add more and more maps and modes, the number of possible variables on the battlefield grows, and you might find yourself needing more ways to adapt.

Now you can put together up to 5 different robot sets and pick one when already know what map you’re on. Each new Hangar Deck costs a fixed price of 7500 gold and has as many open slots as your primary hangar has. But be wary: you cannot use same robots within different decks.

New feature: Rewarded Video Ads

While we are working on new big features that provide in-game rewards (such as Supply Drops and Battle Rewards) we thought of other additions, which won’t take as much time to implement.

One of them being rewards for watching suggested videos. You have a certain amount of views you can spend on:

  • boosting progress in daily tasks;
  • speeding up upgrades;
  • opening Bronze chests on Black Market.

The number of available views is limited but you can restore them just by playing more and completing battles.

Also we introduce a post-battle reward multiplier: occasionally you will receive an option to watch a video to increase your reward (just like if you had Premium). And if you have Premium it means you get even higher rewards!

Last but not least: this feature is an opt-in experience. Either you want to use it or not is up to you.

Note: low-performance devices may not support this feature.

New map: Dreadnought

Okay, which floor for you?

With every single one of the latest maps we try something new. Moon was all about labyrinthian structures: it puts teams in a very limited space, where fights over territory become more about controlling particular corridors, leading towards key points. In Valley we aimed to create a vast open space where both brawlers and snipers can get along and feel useful. So what this new map is about?

Dreadnought’s core theme is verticality. A huge destroyed starship in the middle of the map incorporates multiple levels where you can climb, jump or fly into (see Hover). We’ve put quite a bit of attention to ensuring that map’s verticality doesn’t mess up with the targeting, but performing well on Dreadnought would still require some time to get used to. Such environments is not something we did before — so try it and don’t be afraid to tell us how it went!

As usual, during first couple of weeks after the update the new map will be showing up in MM twice as often. It is also immediately available in Custom Matches, so you can go ahead and check it yourself.

New robot: Hover

Robot, robot, fly away home

  • HP (level 12): 175000
  • Movement speed (level 12): 50 kmph
  • Slots:  1L, 2M
  • Ability: Glide. Hover jumps in the air, maintaining the height as long as you keep the ability button pressed and have some fuel left. Once you hit the ground, the ability goes on a cooldown

In right hands Hover’s ability to fly allows you to cover huge distances extremely fast and surface where no one expects you. Hop all over the Moon funky corridors. Take high ground on Shenzhen or Dreadnought. Vertical positioning never been more convenient.

And you’re still pretty well armed to protect yourself when someone goes to intercept you. In combat your play style should be very similar to what you’ve been already doing on Griffin: go in, keep brawling, jump the hell out when things become too hot.

Just be wary: hover isn’t made for long-haul flights, and neither it is very suitable for continuous aerial action. Being high above the ground makes you a perfect target to snipe — treat your Glide as an additional utility, not as a combat tool.

New weapon: Storm

It is rainy today

  • Damage per particle (level 12): 1104 x 8 particles
  • Maximum range: 500 m
  • Ammo capacity: 14
  • Reload speed: 1.4 sec per shot
  • Damage type: kinetic

Many pilots love Thunder for its distinct shotgun-ness. In skillful hands no kinetic weapon can get more devastating. A couple of precise point blank scatter shots — and we have an enemy robot cooked well done.

There is one issue with Thunder, however: not that many robots have an access to it, and even less can utilize it to a full extent. We found it unfair to shotgun enthusiasts, so we’re bringing a medium version of Thunder to the game — the one that more robots can use efficiently.

Don’t forget that Storm deals increased damage to physical shields — just like any other kinetic weapon.

Balance tweaks

  • Haechi: speed -5%, shield capacity -10%
  • Shocktrain: damage drops by 50% after each hit (was 35%)
  • Molot, Tempest, Scourge: damage +5%
  • Hydra: damage -5%

More on reasoning for these changes here:

War Robots Development News. 03.11.17

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing robots to fall through textures on Valley
  • Aphid, Thunder and Trebuchet displayed stats now match real values
  • Ember doesn’t deal damage through obstacles anymore
  • Fixed a bug causing Gareth to run slower than it should
  • Screen swipes in the bottom-left side of the screen should now be registered properly


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Pyrotech44210 months ago

Why is there no rewarded ads and custom games on the amazon fire? And no reload button? Come on, I thought that was approved, by a lot more than a pentadruple (5 dash) dash bot.

Pyrotech44210 months ago

ZLM Crafter, It is, just has to be upgraded to at least level 5 to be effective and is perfectly balanced, NOT overpowered. And even if it is by a little, a simple +5% buff will do.

ZLM Crafter10 months ago

Storm is not stronger enough

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