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The event will start soon after 8.7 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Right in the midst of the celebrations Soren De Vos tasks you with a mission: sneakily transport two EvoLife scientists from the colony. Where are they heading and why? You will figure it all out while playing the event, so let’s see the rewards first:

  • New robot: Imugi
  • New weapons: Taeja (Light), Yeoje (Medium), Hwangje (Heavy)
  • New pilots: Oliver Song (Hellburner), Mao Ling (Imugi), Sylvia Thorn (Angler)
  • Special Editions: Cruel Angler, Cruel Talon, Cruel Claw, Karura Aether, Karura Lance, Karura Glaive
  • Paintjob: Turquoise (Imugi)

Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. And follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways.

WR in Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots

WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots/

WR in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


According to Korean legends, Imugi was a giant serpent which must survive a thousand years to become a full-fledged dragon. Sighting this creature brings good luck. However, according to the WR universe it is a quadruped spider-robot able to fly, lay teleports and shake up the course of the battlefield. Yep, you didn't misread that sentence, Icarus technologies again overdone themselves in terms of innovations!

Imugi is a big, but fast bot, holding 2 medium and 1 light weapon slots. Its signature ability is called Battle Breach. Upon using it, Imugi transforms into his flying form, gains stealth, buffs himself and drops a teleport entrance beneath him. After traversing some distance, Imugi lands, repairs its durability, gains resistances and drops a teleport exit. Now those teleports are connected! Imugi or his teammates can pass through any of them and come out of the other side, also repairing themselves and getting resistances.

Imugi is also the first robot in WR to have its ability additionally upgraded when moving to 1 MK2 and 1 MK3 levels.

Playstyle possibilities with Imugi are endless. You can go straight for brawling, equip something for a close-range, drop teleport at your home spawn and head into the battle, possibly making an entrance for your whole team. Or maybe use sniper weapons and go for a risky flank, strike an enemy from afar and teleport back if things go south. We say – experiment and find what suits you best!


Heavy, Medium and Light long-range (800m) lasers that fire without reload and have an improved aiming. Continuous firing will disable additional lasers one at a time, reducing the total damage of a gun 25%, up to 75%. Watch your fire and shoot in short bursts!


While most people in EvoLife colonies are happy with their roles after the Initiation, Olivers’ role in the Hunter Squad didn’t suit him at all. All Hunters were obliged to practice piloting and maximizing their destruction output, but Oliver was interested in his robot’s defensive capabilities. After passing his education, Oliver was almost finally assigned his role, however his wife-to-be, Mao Ling, helped him gain another specialty in a scientist department.

Song of Safety: Hellburner gets 50% damage resistance while his ability is active.

Since her childhood, Mao was always known among her peers for her perfectionism, strong will and a passion for always learning more. However, her working methods became a bit extreme when she grew up: it’s hard to team up with anyone when you want to do everything by yourself. EvoLife recognized her talent and put it to good use, getting Mao her own lab and leaving her to work alone. But soon enough she met not only the perfect colleague, but also her soulmate: Oliver.

Dragon's Blessing: On landing, Imugi repairs the durability of allies in a small radius as well as activating their defense for a short period of time.

Perseverance, bravery and leadership – that’s Sylvia’s motto. Overcoming hardships her whole life, she always stood up for those who can’t defend themselves. After an incident with her first Pilot squad in DSC, she left Conglomerate for good, and now she is making her way in an underground mercenary world. Wanna join her?

Beg Sylvia: Once per 20 seconds, Angler resets ability cooldown after destroying an enemy robot.


Our current quest system was quite simple and straightforward, just 3 tabs: dailies, clan and bonus. We’ve decided to give it an upgrade. Event quests now have a tab of their own – with all info on the whole quest chain displayed and how to play an event, plus there is a “special” quest tab: expect some new activities and rewards there. Quest chains now have a special feature which allows you to preview goals and rewards of all the quests in the chain. You can even find pieces of dialogue and more lore attached to them too! Amount of quests will probably increase from now on, which only means more rewards. Jump into the game and give a new system a try yourself!


Spider robots are back, and they are both meaner and tougher. Full-fledged mode is still in development, but now you can try fighting them with your own set of robots. We are planning to add new single-player PVE missions too, and our spiders will get even more smarter than before.


New year marks the coming of a new meta and a complete shake-up of the game, while also preparing it for a PVE release. We’d like to reintroduce to the battlefield some of the old bots and weapons and make them more viable, while also toning down some of the recent content. Expect surprising comebacks and new combos in matchmaking, Commanders!

First of all, we are buffing the damage output of almost all weapons:

  • T2 weapons’ damage is increased by 10%
  • T3 weapons’ damage is increased by 25%
  • T4 weapons’ damage is increased by 40%

Following weapons won’t be affected by the buff:

  • Spear
  • Fainter
  • Talon, Claw, Jaw
  • Decay, Hazard, Blight
  • Hammer, Mace, Cudgel
  • Smuta, Razdor, Kramola
  • Puncher
  • Venom, Toxin, Bane

Beware that this damage increase and other buffs or nerfs are separate and it will be applied on top of other changes.


  • Spear: Interval between shots is increased from 0.6s→1s
  • Fainter: Reload interval is increased by 2s.
  • Puncher: Projectile spread is increased by 50%.
  • Avalanche: AOE radius is decreased from 19m→12m.
  • Smuta, Razdor, Kramola: Reload time for the whole magazine is increased from 13s→18s. Amount of ammo reloaded per tick is decreased from 14→10. Range at which bullets start to bend is increased from 150m→200m.
  • Jaw, Claw, Talon: Reload time is increased from 5s→6s.
  • Scatter, Havoc, Devastator: Amount of ammo is reduced from 9→8. Reload time is increased from 1.5s→2s.
  • Shocktrain: Damage is increased by 20%.
  • Ballista: Damage is increased by 20%.
  • Quarker, Atomizer, Nucleon: Time before overheating is increased 10s→11s.
  • Glory: Interval between shots is decreased from 1s→0.5s. Reload time is decreased 2s→1.8s.
  • Hussar, Marquess, Dragoon: Damage is increased by 10%.
  • Vortex: Reload time is decreased 10s→9s.


  • Angler: Ability damage is decreased by 45%. Physical shield capacity is decreased by 10%.
  • Mars: Turret damage in both attached and remote states is decreased by 30%. Remote assault's cooldown is increased from 15s→17s. Aegis shield amount is decreased by 20%.
  • Seraph: Amount of damage needed to weaken Forcefield protection is decreased by 20%.
  • Khepri: Bond's cooldown is increased from 7s→8s. Bond's amount of defense points is decreased from 50→40. Bond's additional damage is decreased from 15%→10%.
  • Behemoth: Movement speed is decreased by 5 km/h. Durability is decreased by 10%.
  • Jaeger: Movement speed in Scout mode is increased by 14%.
  • Blitz: Break-in's cooldown is decreased from 17s→15s.
  • Cerberus: Blackout's damage is increased by 50%. Blackout's DoT is increased by 22%.
  • Rayker: Glance's damage is increased by 50%. Durability is increased by 10%.
  • Falcon: Resistances while not in Fangs Out mode are increased by 25%.
  • Mercury, Inquisitor: Helldive's and Descend's stealth duration is increased from 5s→6s.
  • Spectre: Descend's stealth duration is increased from 2s→4s.
  • Hellburner: Overload's damage is increased by 10%. Explosion damage after the robot is destroyed is increased by 10%.
  • Raijin: Damage in Bastion's mode is now increased by 40%.
  • Ares: Movement speed now doesn't decrease while Retribution is active.


  • Northlight: Defense points upon ability activation are decreased from 22→11. Amount of repaired durability/aegis shield is reduced by 40%.


  • Fixed a bug which caused appearing motionless copies of enemies in a match after minimizing the game.
  • Fixed a hangar sometimes breaking after launching the game and not finding a match.
  • Fixed Quarker, Atomizer and Nucleon sometimes dealing an incorrect amount of damage.
  • Fixed Fainter visual bugs.
  • Fixed Mars' turret sometimes enlarging after being launched.
  • Fixed a bug when Sharanga could apply Phase Exile onto a Gothic Mars' turret.
  • Fixed a bug when Sharanga's Phase Exile didn't cancel Angler's Electric Shift effect.


  • Check out the Imugi review to learn more about the new robot!
  • Take part in 5 battles.
  • Win 4 battles.
  • Deal 8 000 000 damage.
  • Destroy 20 robots.
  • Make 10 double kills.
  • Earn 18 000 Honor.
  • Earn 10 000 Honor for damaging robots.
  • Make 3 triple kills.
  • Destroy 15 robots in winning games.
  • Earn 1500 honor for killing Titans.
  • Capture 15 beacons.
  • Capture 10 beacons in winning games.
  • Deal 5 000 000 damage to enemy robots using DSC robots.
  • Capture 10 beacons using DSC robots.
  • Destroy 10 enemy robots using DSC robots.
  • Deal 2 000 000 damage from a range of 400 meters or more.
  • Deal 2 000 000 damage from a range within 200 meters.
  • Capture 15 beacons using robots with energy shields.
  • Capture 10 beacons in winning games using robots with energy shields.
  • Deal 5 000 000 damage using robots with physical shields.
  • Destroy 15 enemy robots using robots with physical shields.
  • Restore 2 000 000 durability to yourself or allied robots.
  • Get 1500 Honor Points for doing the most repairs and repairing Titans.
  • Deal 5 000 000 damage to enemy robots using jumping or flying robots.
  • Capture 15 beacons using jumping or flying robots.
  • Destroy 20 enemy robots using jumping or flying robots.
  • Destroy 15 robots in winning games.
  • Earn 10 000 Honor for damaging robots.
  • Make 3 triple kills.

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