Patch Notes



The event will start soon after Update 7.7 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Join us for this winter’s festivities and win valuable rewards:

  • New twin robots: Siren and Harpy
  • New drone: Ironhearth
  • Special editions: Cruel Orochi, Cruel Bane, Scavenger Shell, Scavenger Blaze
  • Paintjobs: Moroz Hawk, Bionic Typhon

Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool.

Also look out for the new pilots:

  • Sisters XC-1717-1 and XC-1717-2 (Siren and Harpy)
  • Marie Leclair (Mender)


Starting with this update, the item interface shows the tier of each item.

All items in the game are grouped into four tiers: from grey T1 to golden T4. A tier explains how much power you can expect of a robot or a piece of equipment. Items also get more complex towards T4. We’ve explained the idea behind each tier in this article.

Together with this visual feature, new prices became available for lower-tier equipment. We’ve reconsidered the value of each item based on how it performs in the current ecosystem of the game. As a result, most of the T2 and T3 items now cost less both to acquire and upgrade. You will find the full list of price adjustments at the end of this article.


In this update, we adjusted aiming angles for most of the robots in the game. We expect that these changes will eliminate two issues:

  • "LOCK ON TARGET" selecting low-priority targets on the flanks rather than focusing on the enemy in front.
  • Some robots being unable to return fire when attacked from above.

In terms of horizontal aiming, the angle of sight became narrower. Your robot now ignores targets to its sides and you have a more direct control over the aiming process. You just need to face in the right direction.

In terms of vertical aiming, we reduced the blind zone instead. It will be much easier now to aim at targets right above you and right beneath you. This was an issue for most of the robots in the game. With the new aiming angles, all robots will have similar blind zones.

Note that we advise using "LOCK ON TARGET" option for better experience. You can enable it in the ADVANCED section of the game settings.


Twin robots specializing in area damage. Their ability allows them to attack target locations with cryogenic or incendiary missiles while hovering in the air. The missiles freeze or overheat their targets, making it extremely dangerous to stay in the affected area.


Snowstorm / Firestorm Siren / Harpy sets up a translocator, makes a jet jump and hovers in the air. Secondary activation teleports the robot to the translocator. While in the air, the robot can launch a powerful rocket that creates a zone that damages enemies and applies the FREEZE / BLAST effect.

Reflector shields

Siren blocks more damage with its Reflector as compared to Harpy, but reflects less damage back to the attacker. Harpy’s Reflector, on the other hand, blocks less damage, but sends a greater portion of it back.


An experiment that backfired on the DSC military. Sisters XC-1717-1 and XC-1717-2 snatched two prototype robots right from right under their curators’ noses. They now always fight together. Hit and run tactics are their forte.

Sisterhood Siren and Harpy gain invisibility upon landing and restore some durability when returning to the teleportation beacon.

Marie is a dauntless fighter and a talented engineer. After her technical genius helped her succeed in rescuing her girlfriend, she never parts with her modified Mender. Everything can be fixed when Marie is around.

Repair That Mender becomes capable of repairing “grey” structural damage.


Ironhearth has a frozen heart. Beautiful, powerful, dangerous, cold, and hot. It can both cool and warm your robot when necessary. Ironhearth is made of iron and looks like an iron. What an irony.

Frozen heart of Ironhearth When your robot is affected by FREEZE or BLAST, the effect is removed and the robot becomes immune to it.


We are adapting this classic tetrapod to modern warfare. Fujin can now move while maintaining its energy shield. Press the attack!


Revenant’s durability upgrades were distributed incorrectly between the levels of this robot. We’ve adjusted the numbers, so that Revenant’s durability growth is streamlined with that of other robots in the game. Overall durability remains the same.


  • Fixed Zmej Murometz getting stuck in the map geometry when landing.
  • Fixed Luchador activating explosion at the start of the jump rather than upon landing.
  • Fixed robot parts and VFX appearing randomly around the map.
  • Fixed passability issues for the ramp geometry on Springfield close to beacon A.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from forming squads when connected to certain servers.
  • Fixed the Legendary League interface returning to the player's own league each time after they close another player's profile.
  • Fixed Fafnir being able to shoot through map geometry at certain locations with its built-in weapon.
  • Implemented various optimization tweaks.

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