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Patch Notes

War Robots 6.2 Update Notes

by War Robots - 1.07.2020

New map: Factory

Long time ago this facility, located in the Mojave Desert, was a large center of the aerospace industry. Abandoned after the Cataclysm, it had remained in terrible condition until Yan-di Ventures restored it to use for its own purposes. Other factions have repeatedly made attempts to sabotage the operation of the complex, but Yan-di have been confidently pushing the attacks back. But now an ordinary raid has grown into a full-blown siege and the battle has moved onto the territory of the complex.

Factory is a small map with dangerous acid pools scattered across.  Combat encounters on this map begin within the first seconds of the match. Although the most intense battles take place in the central beacon zone, do not forget about other parts of the map!  Mobile robots can take advantage of their ability to get over dangerous zones and capture the rest of the beacons very quickly!


  • Avoid acid pools, as they cause severe damage to all robots!
  • Try to use close range weapons around ​​the central beacon C. This area is very convenient for brawlers!
  • High grounds next to beacons A and E can get very convenient for snipers.

Event: Gladiator Championship

  • Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Deliveries with valuable rewards
  • New items in Special Deliveries: Titan module Accelerator, assassin robot Scorpion, legendary pilot Iskra and special editions of Leech, Nucleon and Quarker
  • Skirmishes and Arenas
  • Gladiator Challenge: complete 6 Arena tasks in 10 days and get Stellar Phantom & 2 Stellar Halos

New Robot: Scorpion

A new milestone in the history of teleporting robot saboteurs. An aggressive robot created by Yan-di Ventures, capable of instantly teleporting behind an enemy, causing panic and destruction, and returning to safety just as quickly.

ABILITY: Backstab
Robot sets the translocator and teleports behind the enemy, gaining acceleration, activating the defence system and built-in weapon, and inflicting direct and DoT effect. Secondary activation of the ability teleports the robot back to the translocator.

DoT. Inflicts damage over time to the enemy’s hull.

Titan Module: Accelerator

Increases Titan movement speed. Effect stacks with other speed bonuses.

Active Module: Jump Unit

Robot jumps in a chosen direction.

Pilots Rework

  • Regular pilot's skills now have 3 Tiers, growing in effectiveness from Tier 1 to Tier 3. The skills your pilots had before the update are already maxed at Tier 3.
  • Legendary pilots can go beyond that, bumping their skills up to Tier 4.
  • Legendary pilots' special skills now occupy a separate slot and have the maximum level by default.
  • When rolling or re-rolling for a skill, there's a chance to receive a skill of any Tier available to a pilot.
  • You can upgrade skill's Tier by spending gold. Increasing Tier does not reset skill level
  • You can now watch ads to boost your pilot's experience for free.

NOTE: there's a known issue with certain skills which can appear only in Tier 3 (namely, Foolhardy Quartermaster, Clever Survivor and Deft Survivor) — while you can upgrade them to T4, their power won't increase after that. The issue will be fixed in the next major update. Details

Balance Changes

Atomizer, Quarker, Nucleon

  • Particle spread begins to increase after 5 seconds of continuous shooting (instead of 2)
  • Atomizer damage per particle increased by 5%
  • Quarker and Nucleon damage per particle increased by 20%

Atomizer is an autocannon, yet in its optimal usage scenario, which people have figured out with time, it doesn’t feel like one. You shoot for a couple of seconds, then you stop once it starts overheating and wait few seconds more until they cool off. Then you shoot for two seconds, then stop, then shoot again...

Now Atomizer begins losing its cool significantly later (which is compensated by longer cooling off period). Same for Quarker and Nucleon. Latter two also enjoy a significant damage buff, as they were clearly underperforming compared to other weapons within their classes.

Usability & Bug Fixes

  • Nodens no longer gets stuck on Canyon
  • Fixed an issue with Last Stand not triggering in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue with certain energy weapons (Halo, Atomizer) missing the target when shooting point blank
  • Ivory Scourge firing animation doesn't freezes after reload anymore
  • Upgrade Overdrive indication is now properly applied to weapon upgrade buttons
  • Fixed an issue with Titan Upgrade Overdrive when upgrade was impossible in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue when autocannon fire rate didn't go up while Leech's ability was active
  • Ao Ming doesn't walk in the air anymore
  • Numerous UI and optimization tweaks

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