Patch Notes

War Robots 6.0 Update Notes

by War Robots - 3.04.2020

Event: WR Anniversary 2020

  • Two kinds of Special Crates. Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Crates with valuable rewards. You can win platinum, a new titan, new weapons and module and a legendary pilot for Ravana!
  • New legendary pilot: Arnav Poe (Ravana) 
  • Special editions: Ivory Ravana, Scourge and Atomizer
  • Arena and Skirmishes

New weapons: Quarker and Nucleon

Available from level 5 in special crates during the event

Energy machine guns with unlimited ammo – one is a light weapon and another is heavy. High accuracy makes it effective at medium range, but after long bursts the gun overheats and becomes less accurate.

New module: Overdrive Unit

Available from level 5 in special crates during the event

While the robot's durability is at a critical level, all weapons have increased damage. If a robot has several Overdrive Units equipped, their damage bonuses addup and the activation threshold becomes higher.

New Titan: Nodens

Available from level 30 in special crates during the event

A hovering support fortress and a marvel of EvoLife engineering: Nodens can repair itself and its allies. It possesses the immense firepower of 4 beta-weapons and can reduce the damage dealt by multiple enemies concurrently.

Recommended equipment: 4x Cyclone

  • Active Support: The Titan establishes a link with an ally and gradually repairs both the ally’s and its own durability. It is possible to repair multiple allies simultaneously with each additional link increasing the power of the Titan’s defence system.
  • Disposal: Titan applies Suppression on the targeted enemy as well as other enemy robots in range of the ability. The damage output of the affected robots is lowered by 50%. The ability also deals damage to affected robots.

New weapons: Cataclysm and Cyclone

Available from level 30 in special crates during the event

Alpha and Beta weapons for Titans. These energy weapons strike enemies with an arc of high-energy particles. Damage grows as the distance decreases.

Balance update

All parameters are for MK1 level 12


  • Durability: +15%

Blitz was conceived as a dueling robot that wins battles with minimal losses through skillful ability use. However, if Blitz doesn't take cover when its ability goes on cooldown, it's usually as good as dead. We added some durability to increase its chances. 


  • Ability cooldown: 16 → 14 sec
  • Durability: +10%
  • Movement speed: +5 km/h 

Ravana is a very weird tank. It has no shields or suppression, so to survive in the thick of a battle it needs to choose the right moment to use "astral" to survive things like Ares's ability or a volley of frost missiles. 

Currently, Ravana is too unforgiving of mistakes — every move counts. We want to give it a bit more freedom with this buff.

Ao Jun

  • Ability cooldown: 20 → 22
  • Flight speed: 115 → 95 kph

Ao Jun is defined by its ability. It allows the white dragon to deal tremendous damage while remaining in relative safety. We don't want to take away this option, but also don't want it to be abused. It's ultimate power, and Ao Jun's pilot needs to be sure that they need that power at that exact moment before pushing the big red button. 


  • Ability cooldown: 10 → 14 sec

Phantom's situation is similar to that of Ao Jun: great power, not too much responsibility. Its ability is often used only for extra resistances it provides, and the teleportation is a nice add-on that helps it hide while Phantom waits for its ability to come off cooldown. We increased ability cooldown time so it now requires a more thoughtful approach. 


  • Bullet spray increased by 10%
  • Damage: -15% 

We primarily look at statistics from the higher leagues when rebalancing, but this time the situation is a little different. Avenger currently surpasses all options in its price category by far, and the closest alternatives, Thunder and Zeus, have no chance because it outplays them at both medium and close distances. With this change, we're shifting Avenger's focus to close combat and making room for other options in this class. 


  • Reload time: 2.5 → 2 sec
  • Missile speed increased

Compared to other heavy missile robots, Avalanche is best from long distances. But it is also very slow, so it just doesn't have time to get enough distance. So we're speeding it up! Both the missiles and reloading.


  • Damage: +20%.
  • Missile speed increased

Thermite was intended to be a heavy version of Vortex and Aphid: a missile launcher that shoots from cover, a powerful and annoying machine that requires being able to skillfully maneuver. But other heavy slot options were leaving Thermite in the dust. (Do you like experiments? Try Thermite on Strider!)


  • Reload time: 5 → 4 sec 

Shooting less often but deadlier sounds great in theory, but in practice Tsar was too slow to compete with options like Gendarme, even with its AoE damage. We're giving it a boost! 

Pulsar and Shredder

These weapons will no longer immobilize randomly, but after a certain number of hits

The accumulation mechanic has worked wonderfully for shotguns and freezing guns. It's time to get rid of the last pillar of random — now you and your allies fully control the moment when Pulsar and Shredder disable the enemy's legs.

Usability & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain players to lose access to game mode selection even if they are not in the Low Priority Queue
  • Invader doesn't explode while in the air anymore
  • Arachnid Invader's gun controls are placed properly now
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to join a squad in certain conditions
  • Minor UI adjustments
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