Patch Notes

War Robots 5.3 Update Notes

by War Robots - 29.07.2019

Major Feature: Operations

For every battle you receive Operation XP and Operation levels, unlocking extra rewards. You can purchase Operation Pass to get even more loot — including exclusive versions of robots, legendary pilots and more.

With Operations, there come other changes:

  • Regular daily task rewards reduced. Hovewer, you should receive more gold than before overall — with added rewards from the Operation challenges and the Operation itself
  • New post-combat screen. It shows more, in a more sleek way
  • Ranking by Honor instead of damage. The more Honor you get, the higher you are in the match results, which should yield you more League points and Keys

New robots: Behemoth and Phantom

Behemoth is designed to be a powerful sniper: in a travel mode this robot has 2 heavy slots active, but can enter the stationary mode to unfold 2 more. 4 heavy slots total — that's quite a punch!

Phantom is a saboteur with 1 medium and 2 light slots. By pressing the ability it leaves a translocator device to which Phantom can instantly teleport by reactivating the ability. While translocator is active, Phantom moves faster and takes less damage.

Watch this video to see them in action!

New passive module: Fortifier

Fortifier improves your robot's shields in various ways

  • For physical shields (including ECU) Fortifier increases durability
  • For energy shields (including Ancile) and Aegis it increases durability and regeneration rate
  • Absorber isn't affected by Fortifier

New active module: Phase Shift

Powerful module for extra defence and playmaking under heavy duress. Upon activation, shifts you to a parallel dimension for a short duration. While this effect is active, you are immune to all damage but cannot shoot.

Balance Update

All stats are listed for level 12 (Mk.1)


In this update we focus on further differentiation between burst and sustain weapons. Over past rebalancing rounds we improved Redeemer for prolonged combat, while Corona and Pulsar became better at bursting enemies down. This time wQe have re-emphasized Orkan's and Gust's burstier side and pushed Taran further to sustain. 

We have also given more power to Redeemer, Calamity and Marquess to help them shine in their respective categories.


❗Ammo capacity 32 → 25
✅Full reload time 23 → 20 sec

❗Ammo capacity 9 → 5
✅Full reload time 9 сек → 5 sec


❗Delay between shots: 0.12 sec → 0,15 sec
❗Delay between bursts: 0,85 sec → 0.9 sec

✅ Ammo capacity: 18 → 21

Calamity, Dragon Calamity
✅ Damage per tick: 7116 → 7800

Marquess, Dragon Marquess
✅ Damage per particle: 2187 → 2625


❗While Absorber is active, robot's movement speed is reduced by 33%
❗Ability cooldown: 16 sec → 18 sec

❗While Absorber is active, robot's movement speed is reduced by 20%
✅ Durability 140k → 160k
✅ Movement speed 52 kmph → 53 kmph

❗While Absorber is active, robot's movement speed is reduced by 20%
✅ Durability 180k → 190k
✅ Movement speed 52 kmph → 54 kmph

Ares now loses some movement speed while the Absorber is active. That should give you more room for counterplay when you fight against one. Same goes to Nemesis and Hades, although we have increased some of their other stats to allow them to be a viable high-league alternative to Ares.

Lastly, Ares' ability cooldown goes slightly up to make Phase Shift less of a killer on this particular robot.

✅Durability 175k → 190k
✅Movement speed 40 kmph → 45 kmph
✅Physical shield 217k → 232k

This should help ye olde Bulgasari fight with newer robots on equal terms.

❗Damage resistance 66% → 60%
✅Durability 155k → 188k

Less resists in a "tank" mode, more durability overall. You can survive longer while Fangs Out is active and get more efficient repairs.

✅Durability 168k → 178k
✅Movement speed 47 kmph → 50 kmph
💥NEW EFFECT: Raven gets +20% damage for 8 seconds after activating the ability. Secondary jump refreshes the effect

Unlike Falcon, Raven never got any benefits for exposing itself in the air. This change should encourage Ravens to fight more aggressively.

✅Durability 158k → 165k
✅Movement Speed 35 kmph → 38 kmph

"We just buffed Raven. Why don't we buff Griffin as well?" — that's what we have thought, pretty much.


Quantum Radar

✅ Activation delay removed
Initially, we added the delay to balance out the powerful effect Quantum Radar gives. The real situations have proven that it just makes Quantum Radar too unreliable to use.
From now on, Quantum Radar activates immediately after you press the button.

Battle Born

✅ Activates after taking damage instead of immediately after spawn
It feels terrible when your Battle Born wears off before someone actually starts shooting at you. No more! Now you have to enter the combat first for the timer to start ticking. 

Last Stand

💥 The Last Stand activation threshold is now visible on everyone's durability meters
The key issue with Last Stand was that you weren't properly informed whether or not enemies have it. And if they do — when it will get activated? Should you hide? Should you press on? You never knew. But now you've got all the info. Bait the effect out, hide, then finish them off.

Usability and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Lock-down Ammo module to reduce the lock-down chance for weapons with the same effect
  • Fixed an issue causing the first shot to remove all additional durability from Pilot skills
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