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Modules in 4.6: a deeper look

by War Robots - 20.12.2018

Last Friday we discussed how Modules work in-depth. In this article, we outlined the key details so you don't have to spend a whole hour watching the stream to figure things out.


  • There are Active and Passive modules
  • Passive modules are like weapons, but you can't shoot from them. Instead, they give your robots perks that trigger in certain situations
  • Passive modules are upgraded in the same queue with other equipment
  • Active modules give you new active abilities. They are free but require power cells for every activation
  • All robots come with Armor Kit and Nuclear Reactor modules equipped by default
  • You cannot unequip Active modules at this point. Repair Unit module always comes pre-installed
  • Every robot has a certain number of active and passive module slots. They are locked by default and unlock as you level up your robot (check in the game)

Passive Modules

You can buy Passive modules for Gold and upgrade them for Silver like any other equipment.

Some passive modules increase your stats. Others are more skill-based: you should think fast and act smart to make the most out of their perks.

Armor Kit / Heavy Armor Kit

+ Nuclear Reactor / Thermonuclear Reactor

  • Armor Kit increases the robot's durability
  • Nuclear Reactor increases damage for all weapons

Armor Kit and Nuclear Reactor come with all robots by default.

Heavy Armor Kit and Thermonuclear Reactor are improved versions of these modules. They take more resources to buy and upgrade while giving more bonuses.

Armor Kit + Nuclear Reactor stats

Battle Born

Your robots receive significantly less damage after deploying on a spawn point (for a short duration)

NB: the resistance amount scales non-linearly (details below)

Battle Born stats

How Defence works

Last Stand

After your robots' durability goes below a certain threshold, it becomes invincible for a short duration

Last Stand stats

Active Modules

Active modules give you new active abilities. To use them modules require special charges that you can acquire from many sources

Power Cells starter bonus

Repair Unit

Upon activation restores a percentage of robot's total durability over a few seconds

Repair Unit stats

Lock-Down Ammo

Upon activation temporarily gives all your weapons a chance to immobilize an enemy on hit

  • a lock-down chance is based on a weapon you're using the module with. For quick-firing or multi-particle weapons, the chance is lower but every bullet/particle can lock-down
  • Shocktrain locks down only the first target hit
  • explosive weapons can lock down every target hit, but the chance goes down for every affected target for every rocket

Lock-down ammo stats

Quantum Radar (AntiStealth)

Temporarily allows you to target any enemy within range (including robots in Stealth mode)

Quantum Radar stats


[Q] How do you decide what slots a certain robot has?

Beginner robots (Destrier, Cossack) have 1 passive slot. Then we keep adding more as you progress through robot tiers.

We use the concept of robots tiers internally to balance robots — they represent where robots currently are within the metagame. There are plans to show tiers in the game, so you can clearly see the progression curve.

[Q] How do I know what Modules the enemy robot has?

You can see an icon over their heads when the module is active. Some modules, like Quantum Radar, have a delay in activation, giving you a window to react and avoid their effect.

We plan to implement other forms of indication. In fact, we have a plan for updating and improving the modules experience for months to come.

Modules usage example
Check icons on top of the robots. In this scene, one enemy uses Quantum Radar module and another has Lock-Down ammo active. One of our allies has activated the Quantum Radar as well

[Q] When to expect new Modules?

We plan to release the next 2-3 of them in April.

[Q] Once modules are live, will older robots have modules on them as well?

All robots have basic Armor Kit or Nuclear Reactor modules equipped by default.

[Q] What is the specific benefit the modules give to the meta-game?

In short: more options. When there's a dominant meta, players should have all the tools they require to counteract it. Modules provide them with these tools.

Full stream

For a more in-depth look, watch the full stream recording.

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