Patch Notes

War Robots 4.6 Update Notes. Modules

by War Robots - 17.12.2018

In a nutshell

  • Modules! New items that make your robots do something they couldn't do before



Modules are the new sort of equipment that gives your robots unique new perks and abilities. With one module you can escape certain death once per battle. Another allows you to hunt stealthed targets. With third, you can patch yourself up on the go — and so on.

  • Active modules give your robots new active abilities. Using them requires special Power Cells that you acquire from many sources
  • Passive modules are more like regular equipment. You can buy for Gold and upgrade them for Silver like your weapons or robots. Some passive modules increase your stats. Others are more skill-based: you should think fast and act smart to make the most out of their perks

You can learn more in our Modules Hub


Power Cells starter bonus

Active modules require Power Cells to activate. To ensure that everyone can start using them right away, we give a hefty amount of power cells to all pilots, both active and returning.

The higher your league is, the more Power Cells you receive.

Power Cells starter bonus
Power Cells starter bonus for every League

Battle Rewards changes

  • WR Royale Tokens removed from Battle Rewards

Developer Commentary: We created WR Royale as a way to farm Components before the new Workshop arrived. Now with the Workshop in place, WR Royale on its own became more or less redundant. We kept tuning it over the last months (you've probably noticed this) but eventually decided that War Robots doesn't need it anymore.

Our plan right now is to gradually phase WR Royale away before combining it together with Black Market in a new, more cohesive and fun mechanic. Stay tuned.

  • Power Cells added to Battle Rewards

Developer Commentary: With new Active Modules requiring Power Cells, there should be a way to reliably farm this resource. Putting them into Battle Rewards makes a lot of sense.

Power Cells in Battle Rewards
Power Cells in Battle Rewards for every League


  • [General] With the update 4.6, War Robots will stop supporting iOS versions older than iOS 9.3. Don't forget to update!
  • [Black Market] Fixed a bug causing Super Chest bar to fill slower than intended. The compensation (5000 keys progress for every 8000 keys spent this season + 5 Supply Drops) will arrive a week after 4.6 release on your platform
  • [Bulwark] Fixed a bug causing rockets to deal double damage to Aegis barrier
  • [Mender, Weyland] Fixed a bug causing Repair not to restore robot's Durability in certain conditions
  • [In-game ads] Fixed a bug causing Ads to break the in-game sound


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EzekielCrow4 months ago

How 'bout a module that makes things cheaper?

piotr5 months ago


backtothefront6 months ago

And while I'm on a roll of commenting today, this one's directed at Pixonic...

What THE fuck have you asshats done to the targeting/lock-on system?? You've made it even more idiotic. The backhanded benefit of which (for yourselves) is beyond my ability to figure out, although I'm sure there is some creepazoid reason youve done this to manipulate the decisions of the moron players for your money making purposes. You've made it so that now you have to cycle madly through the lock on to get the bot you want, you've got to be pointing almost directly at the pilot you want to lock on (even though the bot your lock is stuck on is a mere 5 fucking degrees to the side of the one that you're trying to target...and the bot you want to target is CLOSER!!!!)

It used to not be like this. Sure, you assholes couldn't seem to fix the stupid detail of targeting that had us aiming at a bot above us or below us (Moon and Carrier map) while a bot 30 meters away destroyed us, but this just takes that stupidity in developing and puts it over the top.

The irony in this lack of fixing an issue such as tbis with the targeting, is that you've made it paramount to add Geiger counter sounds on power plant map, and vent/ fan sounds on Canyon map when you're c loo we to some buildings. While I'm in admiration of that attention to detail, you NEED to fix the fucking shit that affects how a player can fight effectively BEFORE you add unneeded fluff where it makes ZERO difference in the way a battle will play out.

Enough with the smoke and mirrors. Straighten out the important shit FIRST.

backtothefront6 months ago

rockasaurusbone, Also the guys you describe that rely on stealth for everything are about as undeserving of respect as the troglodytes that sit WAYYY BACK and lob Noricums and Zenits, or run a goddamned Fury or Butch with Trebuchets.

Only way I can describe these guys is that they're chickens. Afraid to actually brawl.


backtothefront6 months ago

rockasaurusbone, Agreed x 100 about the premium bot guys being mostly a posse of princesses.

Only thing I don't agree with is the use of these stupid effing modules. I refuse to. Especially the repair ones. Every time I wail some princess to within a sliver of their health bar and I see it climbing back up, I think this is just another jackass using Pixonics princess enabling tool.

Seriously, what is it with you guys?? You succeed (sometimes) by pathetic artificial means. You'd be dead probably 3 times over if it weren't for your 'repair modules' covering for your lack of ability not to get your ass handed to you. I chalk that one up to the same level of you being a piece of shit as using lockdown weapons on slow bots. Honestly, most of you jokes just give us that 'can' fight an opportunity to rack up more damage points, since it takes longer to get the kill.

But how much can I blame the players?? It's Pixo that comes up with this garbage which has about as much spine involved in it as stuffing a tube sock in your pants and lifting your mall cruising truck 6 inches. If they make it, the pussies will use it.

rockasaurusbone6 months ago

For all the guys complaining about your stealth bots are obsolete or useless.. sorry but you guys just plain suck at the game and should have learned how to actually play. I am betting you all are the hide-in-cover-all-match-long-and-only-attack-while-stealthed bums who totally depend on stealth to do anything at all. If you dudes actually learned other fighting strategies like using the speed of the bot to approach or flank an enemy while using stealth only for a tactical retreat- you might actually be dangerous.
But about the new quantum module, youre saying how it renders your bots useless is my proof. The quantum radar is only good for a few seconds- TOPS. While every stealth ability lasts much longer. Also, once activated, the desired target MUST BE REACQUIRED! Which means you shouldnt have been so blasted predictable like you bums always are, waiting behind cover until an enemy gets close enough for you to jump out. I only wish i could see your faces when you get locked on then blasted while stealthed. If you used a stealth bot with any skill at all, a player would get frustrated with the quantum radar seeming useless and opting for the repair module instead.
When i run a stealth bot, seeing the anti-stealth icon means nothing to me. I dont use stealth to attack. I actually like fighting using skills. On my other bots, i dont bother with quantum radar because i had no problem hunting and blowing up stealth bots all day long while stealthed for a very long time before modules were released.
Stop complaining, it makes you unaware that your skirts are blowing in the wind and your panties are showing. Go put on some pants and learn to fight like a WAR robot.

rockasaurusbone6 months ago

Talose, i do have to agree with the one trick pony thing. now they are mad because they actually have to learn how to fight and PLAY. If they're in a premium bot and are getting their asses handed to them on a plate, it just means they really suck and should learn how to actually play the game.

WAR 3 URI6 months ago

It´s kind of frustrating no economy balance from the developers. My suggestion is this:

1. Non VIP Premium players:
- Reduce upgrade cost and time by 25%
- Increase silver battle rewards by 10% (according to the actual silver rewards).

2. VIP Premium players:
- Reduce upgrade cost and time by 50% (in comparison to Non VIP Premium players).
- Increase silver battle rewards by 30% (according to the actual silver rewards).

The developers need to make VIP Premium atractive enough to their player base. I am sure many other players will be more than happy to pay VIP Premium knowing that it is actually a good deal to pay for it.

I quit paying VIP Premium, mostly because it makes no sense to pay month after month just to get frustrating by a hatefull economy even paying VIP Premium.

TEK 2.06 months ago

Ashok, True, i guess pixonic wanna make more money, cuz if they became bankrupt and has no money, then..... WAR ROBOTS WILL BE IN DELETED!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

TEK 2.06 months ago

Tyr, Oh, It's actually a bug i found (found it on my friends phone, if you actually like bought power cells off of Au, and you press the home button, and then you go to the tabs, it will actually ERASE all your power cells (but my friend got his Au and power cells deleted)

TEK 2.06 months ago

Dagowood1904, If every robot has an active module slot, would it be fair for some players who used money? I mean like, if every robot has an active module slot, and i place in quantum radar on every active module slot, than like... WHAT THE FRIK IS THAT! Every robot can just defeat the most powerful robot in the game A.K.A purseur, spectre, inquisitor (not mercury though, cuz if someone ignores da stealth, mercury still has a helldive, IT'S DA NEW SPECTRE!!!)

Tyr6 months ago

Suddenly I noticed that all my power cells were gone? What’s up with that?

Ashok6 months ago

like new update but I am miss ROYALE TOKENS and keys in black market

Dagowood19047 months ago

WHY DOES GRIFFIN,NATASHA,LEO,BOA,PATTON, HAVE TO BE HANDY CAPPED ???? WHY DO THEY HAVE THE DISADVANTAGE OF. OT HAVING ACTIVE MODULE SLOTS????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY,,,,,,,WHY????????????????????

Dagowood19047 months ago

The carrier map sucks. There’s too much crap on the upper deck. Sonar jet blast deflectors . And with the custom names being so long , and the custom fonts that the players use and the health bar all closer together you cannot see the enemy robots. And that is BS. Also the targeting I’ll be trying to shoot across the deck and all the sudden a robot walks Under Neath on the lower deck and my robot snaps his head down and Just as I start shooting a crossed , and it starts shooting down into the deck and continues to shoot down and I can’t get it to retarget the other target that I really want to shoot so now I’m getting shot and cannot return fire. This is Something that should’ve been fixed a long time ago. It happens all the time. Anyways I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time here,you won’t do nothing about it ! There’s just too much shit on that fucking carrier deck why Does it have all that crap up there and the color ,the robots blend in with it anyways I’m pissed off I’m gonna get off here doesn’t really matter because you guys are not going to do anything about it anyways just like I said

Dagowood19047 months ago

The carrier map sucks. There’s too much crap on the upper deck. Sonar jet blast deflectors . And with the custom names being so long , and the custom fonts that the players use and the health bar all closer together you cannot see the enemy robots. And that is BS. Also the targeting I’ll be trying to shoot across the deck and all the sudden a robot walks Under Neath on the lower deck and my robot snaps his head down and Just as I start shooting a crossed , and it starts shooting down into the deck and continues to shoot down and I can’t get it to retarget the other target that I really want to shoot so now I’m getting shot and cannot return fire. This is Something that should’ve been fixed a long time ago. It happens all the time. Anyways I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time here,you won’t do nothing about it ! There’s just too much shit on that fucking carrier deck why Does it have all that crap up there and the color ,the robots blend in with it anyways I’m pissed off I’m gonna get off here doesn’t really matter because you guys are not going to do anything about it anyways just like I said

Dagowood19047 months ago


Hà Mai7 months ago


PixoAHOLES7 months ago

Talose, idiot. I wasn't making ANY excuse and explained why your comment was stupid. Yes, you can express your opinion as I can express mine. Don't like it? Pound dirt.

Further your silly ass assumption you made only serves to exemplifies the fact that you are in fact clueless on what's going on with the game. I will explain further in my response to your idiotic comment you made on the other WWR article.

BMD7 months ago

I really don't know what to think of this update. Made my old bots better but all the premium stealth bots I grinded for and put time and resources into upgrading are pretty much obsolete. Not as bad as some other updates but I still think this update was completely unnecessary.

BMD7 months ago

Man I can't even run FFA like I used to. My Mercury is pretty much obsolete but my carnage is a lot stronger due to the Anti-Stealth. Not a bad update but you guys still have a lot of fixing to do.

Talose7 months ago

PixoAHOLES, Yes because calling me an idiot really does get your point across really and no get good at the game you're obviously a one-trick pony that I was talking about my dad has both Spectre and Inquisitor he doesn't have this problem because he's good at games so what's your excuse now

Talose7 months ago

All the salt because I gave my opinion and I'm being called stupid nice just ok I have stealth bots to you people shouldn't even play video games if you can't see a different opinion

Typhoon _hunter7 months ago

BMD, You are not worth living.
Because you can see things with a broad perspective.

FearlessFighter7 months ago

BMD, Then delete the game and quit being a little bitch. Lol merry Christmas btw

FearlessFighter7 months ago

PixoAHOLES, I have 4 stealth bots in my hangar and I'm fine with the update. You just have having to deal with new conditions

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

Talose, you're an idiot. Since you are an idiot and don't know, I will explain why the change does make stealth bots mostly useless.

They are low strength bots by design. They can not take much damage. The trading off is the stealth ability and speed allows them to move quickly out of danger.

Once that's been taken away, easy kill.

If you'd take a moment to THINK about how changes to the game have negatively impacted robots you have then maybe you'd understand. Then again, maybe not....because you're an idiot.

SCHITSHOW7 months ago

Almost everybody is against this crap. Pixonic, you suck.

SIDRAT767 months ago

Kerry Quin, I also have been “accidentally” activating the module. I’m getting better, but maybe a better position on the left side might work better. Thanks!

Sash K.7 months ago

I'll play Robot Warfare for now till Pix fixes that module activation button positioning. Can't play normally ever since it was introduced

Talose7 months ago

I love this update it makes it ware people who hide and only use stealth need to actually play the game just like the major balance update people will complain there bot is useless now but there obviously a one trick pony people who have bin here sence the beginning love this update keep it up

Kerry Quin7 months ago

Activation of module components to close to weapons systems, causes them to be easily accidentally activated and waste resources. Please rethink positioning

J J Abu Jana7 months ago

I really like the new updates , I really do ...
only few things that I feel we need You to keep it as it is like War Robots Royale because It’s a good source, and the great thing about our game is that you can get materials from different sources, but as what I read , nearly there will be some different sources so I’m really excited and can’t wait , happy holidays and Enjoy Fighting almighty Robots ❤️

BMD7 months ago

Okay great so now due to the quantum radar my mercury, spectre, and inquisitor are all useless in FFA..fuck you, fuck your game, and fuck your business.

BMD7 months ago

I can't do this anymore..I quit. Until next time pilots..Farewell!

Sash K.7 months ago

Did you have to place module button right next to weapn and right in the area I use to rotate Torso without shooting. Am I the only one who uses that zone, or Pixonic just used heatmap of the screen and placed the button there on purpose that people keep wasting those free cells and then move it.
I think it's time to try other robot games games.

Can't you guys just stop messing around and let people enjoy game longer befor you mess up the game next time?

Dave Dave Crook7 months ago

shitxonic officially nerfed dash bost and spectre pre era and now and called it "balanced" and reintroduce the mods just to remove the nerf out and to bring it back to it original baseline another problem pix create to sell solution..Just another gimmick for quick easy money grab from pix.

backtothefront7 months ago

Ah, another quirk like 'boosters' that will be awarded to me and I will never use...letting the stupid things pile up into the hundreds.


Punkah7 months ago

Quantim radAr made 4 of my 5 bots obsolete. Stealth bots are really weak, and rely on stealth to survive. Now everytime i try to ambush someone with my pursuer os spectre i get caight and die instantly. They now i have a stealth bot, but i dont know if they have a quantum on them. So stupid. Pursier was great for finalizing multiple bots, now at least one of them will have this module. Its nothing that happens once in a while, EVERY time i ise stealth i die. No more robots to play this game, no way im gonna spend another year and money on new bots. You already made my halos obsolete and nowthis. There is no way to fix this, ther is no counter to it, quantum radar simply killed stealth bots, and its been only one day

Farshad Amini7 months ago

Very good location on the activation button, almost impossible to play on a mobile and do not press the model button by mistake !!! Move the button ...

JONHG047 months ago

Donde esta mi regalo que no lo veo

Peter Onnet7 months ago

I've been your major update victim, since the day you turned my hard earned workshop point to a manupulated unlucky draw tickets. I've been with WR since the beginning and every recent updates keep telling me your company is please few paid players at the expense of brand n reputation. I can't stop you from suicide but how many product in your portfolio that could rival WR in turn of income?

Iamrobot7 months ago


Iamrobot7 months ago


Guru7 months ago

Workshop at max level can produce a robot/weapon in a month and on an average robots have 3 slots. 3 slots + 1 robot = 4 months for a robot. 20 months for 5 robots. Don't you think that that's too slow considering the fact that you are releasing new content at much higher pace. Now you are decided to get rid of Royal that was compensating those long production times. Here's a suggestion, If you are removing royal then decrease workshop times. Upgrade times is another major concern... The whole game is so slow.

PixoAHOLES7 months ago

After 3 times your game won't update on IOS 10. It downloads, it says it's installing and then NOTHING!



PixoAHOLES7 months ago

Mike Hill, Why are you even asking this question?

Pixonic doesn't listen to anything outside the voices in their collective heads.

If comments are any indication, at least 90% of players didn't want modules. Did that stop them from doing it?


Thanos75 7 months ago

Is it fair that damage increase module on a robot with 2 weapons vs a robot with 4 weapons? And all the newer powerful bots have 4 slots for modules unfair for someone like me who uses old bots which have 2-3 slots. And bulwark double dragoon is too powerful.

Mike Hill7 months ago

Please keep WR royale. Yes we can build components in WS but royale offered us the chance to get a few thousand all at once. So overall we were able to get a few from blak market a few from battle rewards and a few from royale and finish bots with WS. But now we no longer get the black market keys in supply drops and you are phasing out royale leaving mostly just WS and battle rewards and battlefield rewards we dont get to pick what we get. So changing the economy because new gear was easier to get is no longer true.

Vizmo7 months ago

So what happens if you spent 7,999 keys by the time the restitution drops? Do you get a similar ratio of the 5,000 keys, or is the player simply screwed?

Vizmo7 months ago

I understand the rockets on aegis was a bug... but what one bot is a natural counter to a Dragoon Bulwark--other than another Dragoon Bulwark?

Punkah7 months ago

You lied to us all, so we would embrace modules, that certain modules wouldnt be available to certain bots. That a high damage dealing bot like spectre wouldnt have the option for an extra damage reactor, to preserve balance and avoid extra op defense or harm. Well, looking back right now, i was so stupid to believe in you. Youre full on manipulators.
Now people can have double ancile weylands with extra self healing abilities and 3 last stands active modules, for a virtually unvincible tdm powerhouse (yeah you can kill it if you sacrifice a shitload of bots using comms on a closed squad, but you will loose the battle anyway). There are so many instant kill or unvencible builds you could build right now, its even hard to start. Not to mention anyone can immobilize with more ease and chance than people that investe heavily on paralyzing weapons that were released just a few months ago. Honestly, youre the greates cheaters ever, its beyond ridiculous

Waggin7 months ago

Really guys, I've been playing this game since a Gepard was the hot ticket and I must say, you have managed to turn this thing into a confusing pay to play effing mess of bots and weapons and so-called features.

Chepa7 months ago

What will happen to the tokens? respond to your community You have not answered another question from another user. What specific day will you apply the changes? Answer please.

Rodrigo Souza7 months ago

How to open the super chest after 4.6 comes to my platform Android?

Ülar Laane7 months ago

I still play but game is MEGA BS and ZHIT ....

Tmoneyshot 7 months ago

No one asked for modules. I’m sure there are some losers that will spend thousands to max them out today because they have no skill but this is last straw. I’ve been here since Carnage was a new bot but you’ve pushed me out. Fck tbis, fck you, I’m done, I quit. Get bent, go out of business, and rot in hell. jerk ass douchebags. Hope your office burns to ground.

Gamer#247 months ago

Guys please fix the silver payouts, they are just too low and a lot of silver and gold is needed. And the match making I mean c'mon I expected these issues to be fixed before 4.6 arrives and still nothing WTF!! a lot of people are just quitting, so many of my friends have just left 😡😡😡😡😡

BAD9eR7 months ago

push your modules up your bottom and rollback this awful workshop you money gubbing sons of vanis opie's

Arslan467 months ago

Fix the ads in game. When starting them they freeze and game must be restarted

Maximus doom7 months ago

Really dont want the modules

Dusan Djordjevic7 months ago

what will happend with Royal components??? Transfer into keys or something??

Аргел Тал 7 months ago

Мастерская ужасна! Цены заоблачные для конвертации, равно как и для заказа деталей.
Всё становится только дороже.
Теперь контент собрать ассоциируется со словом НЕВОЗМОЖНО.
Прокачка вообще до пенсии длиться будет, но и это бессмысленно, т.к. старые эффективные сборки нерфят перед выходом новой имбы.
Частота появления новых роботов и вооружения столь высока, что уже не только характеристики, но и названия запомнить не успеваем.
Неужели проект пытаются закрыть?
Такое ощущение, что игроков насильно хотят выгнать из игры!
За что платить, когда играешь только ради памяти по старому доброму WR.
Очень печально........

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