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iDawg2 года назад

Frequency shifter? Going to a whole new level of science fiction now, are we?

Anyways IF you guys want to introduce such concepts into the game without creating havoc, maybe you guys should reconsider such "high tech devices" a single charge use per battle. That way pilots will be more discerning instead of discriminatly spamming the frequency shifter.

After all, you guys might create, figuratively speaking, a rift in space-time continuum, and things get whack out of hand.

iDawg2 года назад

In one of my earlier comments, I highlighted my concern on what happens to a component-turned-gold weapon (e.g. Avenger) being made half way in WS2.0 when update 4.5 takes place.

Just few hours ago Android got the 4.5 update. Then whilst browsing other WR forums, I noted one angry poster commented that he lost all his components he build for Gust and Avenger after the update.

I am or going to be in a similar situation whereby I have a GAMEROOM account that as at few minutes at the point of writing this comment yet to to be updated to 4.5. I've already got 2000 comps for Avenger and 1200 comps more on the production slots.

Am I to lose this as well? Or will we receive refunds? The article did not address this issue well. If refund or some sort of consolation is intended or planned, kindly please announce to us.

iDawg2 года назад

OK it's good that you guys are catering the game for newcomers. However some of the intended changes makes my head spin.

I have a clarification. For example the Avenger. The table above indicated that the Avenger will available as Gold item with next update. However I didn't see the Avenger in the Item Costs section. Did you guys missed that? Secondly a more pertinent question is what happens to Avenger components that I already have or I'm the midst of building in the workshop when the new update takes place?

P. S. 1500 Au for Arbalest? More expensive than the trusty Orkan? So is there be going to be a buff then?

iDawg2 года назад

First off I kinda like the Halloween theme music. Nice and catchy, esp with earphones or 2.1 system.

Good work on revamping the bronze/silver chest to include complete items instead of components. I've been playing on WR on Android for quite a while already but I started a new fbGR account just to play on PC a couple of weeks back. I realise that newcomers to the game will appreciate complete item giveaways rather than few miserable comps as their workshop will do no justice until they have unlocked all 6 slots months later.

On the gold chest I have to comment tho. Take away the 500 / 1000 comps draw. I feel that this is so undervalued for a gold chest.

I can almost say the same of the current Halloween Skirmish event. Few comps is of very little value and incentive to new players with underdeveloped workshop. Offer something more attractive.

I'm commenting from a newcomer's perspective.

iDawg2 года назад

Hmm... I thought you have outdone yourselves this time by introducing WS2 and open up to the possibility of featuring separate modes.

Granted you may have underestimated the impact of WS2 to the economy and need to do damage control. Fine if you want to delay the release of your newest stuff to WS2 to 2 months; let those who can afford it show off their fancy new toys for a while. I only spend on bargains so I can live with that. JUST do proper justice to MM and balancing so that everyone is closely matched. Having said all of that, I really feel that nearly doubling up the acquisition time in WS2 is a bit too much to take. You ought to reconsider that you keep adding new stuff faster than most of us are able to aquire and level up. Earlier today I was just thinking of opening up another hanger just for the heck of variety and fun. Guess I won't be doing so now.

Just thinking out loud. And good luck, I guess.

iDawg2 года назад

Skirmish, ever my favorite.

Arachnophobia was as funny as I remember.

One shot one kill was very challenging. I think another reason why there were nearly 2.2 million battles was that most of us were probably grinding for 50 top 3 wins to get a Butch. A near mission impossible with my own hangar with robots and equipment that are below level 10 when you are matched against MK2 equipped opponents. This Skirmish FFA was a way around though not an easy one. I got whacked by some truly formidable opponents that can strike a fast moving target 1km away. The projectile is much slower than the regular Treb so that's really something.

I somehow missed the chance to play the Old Guard. Pity. I love old school.

And now I like the idea that you guys are inviting us to submit ideas for future content. I will be sure to try to submit my entry this weekend.

But I don't understand the part where we can submit 12 hangars for every team-based match. I always thought in Skirmish we only have 1 hangar?

iDawg2 года назад

This WS2.0 is the way forward. Looks like you guys covered everything. Just one thing I want to ask for. During the special deals period 13 Aug - 19 Aug, please show all items and components we can exchange with the old workshop points. Do not rotate the schedule with few items at the time. That way we can plan on how we want to convert or just spend up the WSP on existing WSP Robots and weapons before the economy change.


iDawg2 года назад

This brings memories. I used to be great fan of Punisher/Punisher-T in War Robots and mix them with Thunders on my good old Boa. That was before I acquired the Taran and Orkan.

Fast forward few years, I'm now between Diamond 1 and 2 and I still trying to see whether the Punishers are still relevant today. I tried few combos: Rhino/PunisherT/Gust, Galahad/PunisherT/Gust all level 8, Lancelot/PunisherT/Thunder. But the Punishers seem to be raining on the Reds like peas... ping! ping! ping! even at 300 - 400 meters. Maybe it's not leveled up enough, I don't know, but my dilemma now is whether to invest time and silver to upgrade and then only to find them not entirely effective.

I'm also eyeing the Avenger although I have second thoughts on its damage potential. I think it would be and look cool on Lancelot/Scourge/Avenger, where I can hear the rattling of the Avenger complementing the buzzing sound of the Scourge.

Talking about old school weapons, I often pondered about those fun times. I can say that Pixonic did a great thing by giving us Skirmish with various modes and robots. It showcases the newest robots and weapons. It's so cool.

But I was thinking it would also be great if Pixonic could give us 1 weekend of old school weapons and robots in Skirmish, just for old times sake.

iDawg2 года назад

I welcome the idea to have the robots and equipment to be more affordable and easy to acquire. Having said that, one might ask how does increasing the upgrading time balance things up?

Things as they are now is that we are sometimes matched against opponents with high level 2017/2018 model robots. If I were to let's say acquire a brand new Bulgasari and takes double the current time to upgrade. How to compete against opponents that already has a Mark2 Bulg? Therefore the still obvious solution is to either spend in-game currency and/or real money to speed up upgrades in order to decently compete.

I would concur with Dliver on maintaining the current upgrade times. It is fine as is. Or please review the Matchmaking criteria.


p.s. your statement -
"For example, Destrier will take twice longer to upgrade, while Rogatka upgrades will be faster."

I think you meant the other way round? Rogatka will take twice longer to upgrade, while Destrier will be faster?

iDawg2 года назад

Looking forward to it, especially customisable parameters and add-on abilities. Would like to suggest to model it like an RPG game that has tradeoffs in three main areas to ensure balance.
1. Durability
2. Mobility
3. Firepower
On thing noteworthy is that currently War Robots do not take weight of robots and weapons into consideration. So if weight constraint were to be included in the game, the above tradeoffs could be applied. eg Extra armor could be added at the expense of mobility, powerful weapons weigh more and thus slows down the robot.

Many possible configurations are possible that will make each of our robots unique to the pilot.

As a side note, on the Moon, all robots should be able to move relatively quicker or jump relatively higher as Moon's gravity is lower than Earth's gravity.

And yeah, fix the MM. Sometimes my team gets rolled over in the blink of an eye.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

iDawg2 года назад

The classic Cossack. The mention of it in this article brings back some fond memories. I started playing WWR as it was called back in 2015 or 2016.

There was one particular match I played 2 years back, of which I can't remember the map or the final outcome, but I can still clearly remember my encounter with another Cossack pilot in that match.

At the time, there was only Domination mode and I deployed my Cossack Orkan. After successfully capping one beacon, I was making a beeline towards another unclaimed beacon quite far off.

As I was approaching the beacon, the opposing team had a Cossack that was going for it too. So it was a race to see who got there first. Both of us got there almost the same time and I saw that the other Cossack too had an Orkan.

The next few moments got very intense and had me on the edge of my seat as we exchanged fire. The battle my teammates were engaged on the other side of the battlefield suddenly faded as I was totally in the moment against this other Cossack. Both of us were in the air, on the ground, circling obstacles all while trying to hit each other; this went on for a bit and we were accumulating damage. In the end I just got plain lucky and managed to catch that Cossack as it was landing. Almost all of my bot health was gone too. I sort of saluted that pilot as the pod ejected towards the sky.

This experience made my day and really made WWR fun to play.

Now shaking out of the nostalgic experience and back to the present. I'm not sure how many of us who played WR since its inception are still playing this game today, but sometimes we miss the classic era.

Yes, new robots and weapons with special abilities are continuously being introduced and no doubt here to stay. I've nothing against that but hope that PIXONIC can include some classic events from time to time for us old timers. Classic event meaning that it is open to all pilots using only silver or gold weapon/robots. So we get to see all the Cossacks, Rogatkas, BOA, Golem, Vityaz, etc being pulled out from dusty storage and back into action. Just like some TV channels showing reruns of classic oldies. That would be something.

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