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Workshop 2.0 REVEAL

Author - WR_Tofsla

The new Workshop (also known as Workshop 2.0) comes out with the update 4.2 this month. With it, you can produce components for almost every known robot and weapon. Using Silver and nothing more.

We are sure you want to know more, so here's how it works.

Pictures in the article are taken from the pre-release version. Some visuals are placeholders, although numbers are quite close to what you'll see at the release.

How Workshop 2.0 works?

Say, you want an Inquisitor. You are so close to building it, but still a couple hundred of components short.

Your actions? Enter the Workshop and order a couple packs of Inquisitor components. Next day, collect freshly-made details — poof! — you've got yourself an Inquisitor.

Technically, the new Workshop makes everything obtainable with Silver, the most basic War Robots currency. You pick an item, spend some grey coins and collect what you ordered later. It is that simple.

As before, Workshop becomes more capable as you use it. First, you get more production slots: at the beginning, you can produce only 1 item at a time, but it goes up to 6 as your Workshop levels up. You also learn to produce components in bigger batches (100, 200, 400...), which is more efficient both resource- and time-wise.

Each component batch takes a fixed amount of time and resources, but you can speed up the production like you do it with item upgrades. Don't want to wait? Inject some Gold and get the job done instantly.

Completing an item from scratch might take a while, but keep in mind: Workshop is designed as one of many places to get components from. In most cases, you'll use it to complete items that you're already on the way towards. Before you could struggle to collect last bits of, say, Mender. Now you won't have to. Want something? Build it in Workshop.

Items in Workshop

You can order anything that was previously attainable for Components, Gold or Workshop Points. And you still have an option to get classic items without using Workshop with Gold.

Some component-based items will also be available for gold. Check this sheet for details.

Note: newest equipment becomes available in Workshop not immediately, but about a month after it appears in the game. 

Old Workshop goes away

The new Workshop takes its place.

All your progress in the old Workshop will be transferred to the new one. For example, if you had it maxed, you'll have everything (production slots, batch sizes) unlocked by default. So don't worry if you invested heavily in the old Workshop — you won't have to start over again.

What about Workshop points?

We're giving them a send-off. Farewell, Workshop Points!

Before 4.2 hits, you can spend remaining WSP in the item store. We also have some special deals ready just for this occasion running from August 13th to August 19th.

After that, we will convert all WSP into Black Market Keys. You'll receive one key for every 5 unused WSP you'll have left. 100 WSP = 20 Black Market Keys

What comes next?

There's at least one thing we don't have covered yet.

We HAVE to ensure that every component is useful and nothing is a dead weight. In one of the later updates, Workshop will also allow you to convert components you don't need into something you want.

We expect to deliver component conversion around the update 4.3. If plans will change, we'll let you know.


Collect Silver. Get components. Build everything you ever wanted to own. Melt your enemies. Have fun.

This is the new Workshop in a nutshell, and it is finally coming. Good news, huh?

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