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SCHITSHOW10 days ago

Early into the boycott and it iis having an effect.

I played r games with my 5 cossacks and the, wait times were 30+seconds to 1min 23 seconds.

I also noticed a couple games started with only 1 or 2 players on a side and well after 15 seconds both sides were still not filled.

Pixonic, you brought this on yourself because of your shit business practices and changed to the game.

I won't be playing anymore this week.

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SCHITSHOW12 days ago

I liked how they said, almost as a footnote, oh, and now we will put new weapons and robots in the component workshop after 2 months, not one.

Of course, most of us know exactly why it was done. To push the fence sitters into purchasing the equipment in order to squeeze out the last drop of extra revenue they could.

Pixonic....notice a lot of extra bandwidth and unused processor cycles the last couple days? :)

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SCHITSHOW12 days ago

Your sentence, "Pixonic doesn't just leave those that are happy with what they have alone, Pixo manipulates their experience as well" had me reflecting on what is really happening when Pixonic adds new content. In many instances, their adding new content only consists of taking old content abilities away.

They gave people dash bots, and bots that can jump and go stealth, so Pixo introduced weapons that immobilize them.

They introduced shields, then introduced weapons that bypass shields, and then in turn introduced robots with shields which resisted those weapons.

Soon to come is the module that neutralizes stealth.

Someone posted on here that they are tired of the chase your tail feeling they get from this game. I think that's a good description.

Constant nerfing of weapons and equipment under the guise of rebalancing. New robot and weapon capabilities only to be neutralized in future releases. It's beyond getting old.

Then there is the whole issue with things that pilots have been complaining about for years that Pixonic will not address. The shitty matchmaking. The display that makes it nearly impossible how far an enemy is depending upon the background of the display, the location of the button for jump/stealth/shield/etc and of course the absolutely FU*KED UP MATCHMAKING.

These last 2 releases have been such obvious attempts by Pixo to reverse dropping revenues it is laughably pathetic. At this point, the only ones they are fooling is themselves if they think the community doesn't know what these changes are all about.

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SCHITSHOW12 days ago

Some people would say that Pixonic had all the information necessary to prevent creating these balance problem to begin with if they had listened to what the user community had told them about the new robots or weapons on the test server.
Some people would see a pattern in the past 20 or so months of releasing overpowered weapons and robots and then nerfing the equipment within 2-3 months of being released as a planned business strategy and not a series unrelated random releases with identical outcomes.

Some people might have noticed that Pixonic completely changed matchmaking in about four months and that it's been TWO YEARS since those changes have been implemented, TWO YEARS since players have been telling Pixonic the system is garbage. Some of those people might have noticed that since the new system was implemented, far more effort has gone into coming up with failed patch after failed patch to address the issues the new system created than it took to implement that same system. Lastly, some people might have noticed that TWO YEARS is more than enough time to create a new system from scratch, or at the very least reverted back to the original system (which many, many players had suggested back when the current system was first released).

There are also some people that might, regardless of the amount of information on the actions, events, outcomes and facts regarding Pixonic's management of the game, come to simplistic or illogical conclusions which in no way explain those outcomes and facts. Some people that might sound like Pixonic apologists, making statements like "Pixonic is listening, but they can't find a magical "cure" for tanking, write down 5 seconds worth of code, and plop it down. " :)

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SCHITSHOW14 days ago

Just finished a few game of WWR and it was, well, a shitshow.

In Gold league and in one of the games the top players on my team had 350k, 310k, 160k, 90k, 60k and 40k. One leaver and of course my 5 cossacks at level 1 didn't do much damage.

But hey, we won! Only because there were 3 leavers on the other team!

Way to go Pixonics. I am well on my way to bronze league 1 just in time for the big event.

Thank you for the awesome changes you've made with the past two releases!


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SCHITSHOW14 days ago

did you really compare what happens in real world open market economies to what is happening in this game, where Pixonic can and does change any of the rules at any time?


Backtothefront is spot on.

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SCHITSHOW15 days ago

All you pilots who are against the Frequency Shifter (which is the majority if the comments against it are any indication). Do you really think Pixonic is going to listen to us NOW? HaHaHa.

Forget about it people. This will be another BS gimmick that will work about as well as MATCHMAKING. But just wait and see, just like the failed MATCHMAKING system, instead of admitting it was a bad idea, Pixo will stick with it and tweak the shit out of it until it's a total disaster - JUST LIKE MATCHMAKING :)



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SCHITSHOW15 days ago

Pilots. I am going to speculate that the WWR gaming community has finally had enough and is voicing their opinion by not purchasing anything from Pixo. I am going to speculate that their revenue has dropped like a rock and they are desperate to boost it back up.

I speculate this based upon all the dramatic changes in the past month. Changes to several robots and weapons only now available with unreasonable amounts of gold. Changes to make a basic, common weapon like pinata cost 2x silver and take 2x the amount of time to upgrade.

Then these latest changes with supply drop, making the supply drops take 12 hours (no longer 4) and only dispensing meager amounts silver instead of keys (at Gold 3 you get 200k silver...less than 20k/hour - pathetic). And let's not forget they removed the low key prizes in the royale game. So how are you to get keys? Well, it seems Pixonic wants you to play more and use the stupid boosters to get keys (forget the 100/1000 you have a chance in the royale game, where you have about a 1 in 500 chance of hitting one of those).

These changes is in line with my thoughts that the number of active players at any given time has dwindled so much they can't get enough players to put competitive games together.

Pixonic has decided to be the Scrooge and Grinch all in one this Christmas.


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SCHITSHOW15 days ago

I guess everyone is tanking games now in preparation of the upcoming Christmas Event. Getting their league and average damage scores lower to seal club lower league players.


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SCHITSHOW15 days ago

I would tell you about the reasons I think Robokrieg is a good game. Like the way they have been continually improving the graphics and robots, how they haven't gone crazy with introducing new equipment, weapons and gimmicks.

I would tell you about how they ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYERS and DON'T do what THEY want to do.

I would like to tell you all these things and more, but PRICKSONIC likes to delete comments where players talk about other games, so I can't tell you any of those things :)

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SCHITSHOW16 days ago

I just finished playing 7 games on WWR and, well, it sucked!

In 6 of the games there were tankers and in one of those 6 I had 2 tankers on my team. All these bullshit tweaks to stop tanking hasn't worked at all. ZERO.

And to make things worse (if they could be), because one of those tweaks doesn't allow you to kill off a robot until a certain amount of time has expired, I can't change my robot to hold a beacon in beacon rush! EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

Oh, but there is more. As has been previously pointed out, the league points is all screwed up and you don't move down if you change out lower powered robots. Not only that, there were 2 battles which I went up against Expert league players. I am in GOLD 2. WTF Pixonic? Wasn't this matchmaking system going to fix this? Forget your excuse that sometimes there aren't enough players to fill out a battle argument. For quite awhile you've been using these computer generated AI bots that just run from side to side, so I don't buy it. Could it be you have so few active players during any given time that filling up each side with 3-4 of these AI robots won't make the battles competitive? WELL GUESS WHAT? IT'S ALREADY THAT WAY.


Well done Pixonic. Your complete lack of listening to what players want is driving us to other robot games like B.o.T. and Robokreig.

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SCHITSHOW17 days ago

****Once again, we encourage you to check Modules action. First of all, because we believe that the Frequency Shifter is quite a sight to behold, and second — because in the end, you might not agree with us. If this is the case, we need to hear from you!****

You have never listened to the majority of people commenting about changes on the test server. Ever!

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SCHITSHOW17 days ago

Releases 4.3 and 4.4 had a number of bugs that impacted the stability of the game.

I NEVER had the game crash and close on my Zenfone 4 until the 4.3 release. Now in about 1 in 150 games it just closes. Bye bye game in progress.

I've stopped making cash purchases of any type on game over 1 year ago. Why would I when I know that Prickonic will do something that will affect the effectiveness of my robot or equipment.

Until they stop, I've stopped making purchases. If 95% of the players would do the same PERHAPS they would get the message

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SCHITSHOW17 days ago

Speaking of fixing things, why hasn't LOCKDOWN on halo been fixed? One or two hits and lock down again. Same as before.
Then there is the INQUISITOR against LOCKDOWN enemies. If I happen to hit the jump button while locked down, I don't jump, as one would expect, except the game bug acts as if I have activated it, but I don't get my stealth. Only the countdown until I can stealth jjump again.


My guess is the latter.

Then there is the bug you introduced in 4.4 that makes ALL the UI buttons go dead on Android. Only way to revive them is minimize the app by going to the home screen, the maximizing the app to full screen again. Have seen, this happen on my Asus Zenfone 4, Zenfone Max M1 and Vivo phones.

Maybe take December off from crating new content/features and fix all these bugs that make the gaming experience crap!

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SCHITSHOW18 days ago

Lock down and corrosion weapons. Something nobody asked for and most people don't like.

You make fast robots and the tradeoff is lower up, then you take away that advantage with lock down so the big heavy robots have easy target practice.

Same thing with corrosion. Just get a few hits on a stealth or fast robot and the corrosion effect will do the rest.

You people have made it impossible to come up with any strategy behind a hangar because of your constant rebalancing and new equipment.


Take December off and think about what you've done to the gaming experience. How about giving some thought to changimg priorities to fixing things that the community has pointed out are real issues.

Things like the position of the stealth/button and the whole leagues and matchmaking fiasco which is the root cause of people tanking games.

These are 2 longstanding issues that people have complained about for over 2 years and were supposed to believe you listen to us?

Most of us see it for what it is. MORE BULLSHIT from a company that doesn't care about the player experience and only about how much money can be extracted from the players.

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SCHITSHOW18 days ago


Yes, more than 80% of the comments are negative but Pixonic does what Pixonic wants to do regardless.

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SCHITSHOW18 days ago

Pixonics, look at your last 3 posts and the comments. For every 1positive comment you have 9 that are negative.

How long do you think that this game will survive when at least 80% of the players are dissatisfied with the game

I am playing Battle or Titans and RoboKreig more and more because they are slowly improving the gaming experience, but not importantly they LISTEN TO THEIR PLAYERS.

It is blatantly obvious that every action you make is to drive revenue, player experience be damned.

I don't see this game making it to 2020 if you continue on the current course. Players are leaving or at a minimum not playing as often. I can say this with a 100% confidence based upon what I see in my clan.

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SCHITSHOW20 days ago

Ummmm, no.

✔️ Upgrade time -42%
✔️ Upgrade cost -33%

42 is not almost 1/2
1/3 is not almost 1/2

But don't let me stop you from keep thinking that.

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SCHITSHOW20 days ago

They like these nature sounds, let's change all the gun sounds to animal sounds.
Thunder= bullfrog
PUNISHER = songbird
Storm = dog bark
Gust =cat meow
Taran = cricket

And so on and so on.

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SCHITSHOW20 days ago

Totally agree. This is without question the worst workshop since they introduced the concept.

What else is wrong with it? Where do I begin. Let's see., how about component times. No improvement here at all. For example, 400 inquisitor components would take 6+days. No option for 400 components anymore. Best you can do it 230 components taking 3 days.

For other lower power bots the max is 170.

And why these silly component numbers? 170 and 230. Why not 200 and 250 so it divides equally into the 10000 components needed for a robot.

You talk about making the game easier for the players and then do stupid things like this. WTF Pixonic?

Similar changes made for weapons components. Idiotic

Pixonic, you really do depend upon your gaming community being stupid. You must, because nothimg else can explain your completely irrational, illogical and unreasonable changes.

Anyone with the ability to do some basic reasoning would see these changes for what they are. Which is more about Pixonics efforts to squeeze money from the players than improving the gaming experience.

BTW. I will NEVER spend any of my hard earned money on this game until you make the major changes to matchmaking that you claimed were coming OVER ONE YEAR AGO! Dikkheads

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