Patch Notes

War Robots 4.5 Update Notes. Meet the Pantheon

by War Robots - 26.11.2018


  • New robots: Nemesis, Hades, Ares — all boasting impenetrable shield and built-in weapons
  • Components conversion:
  • Economy tweaks. Full article
  • Minor changes: New Trident, new mode selection screen, multiple bug fixes

New Robots: Pantheon

As long as the Absorber shield is active, these robots are almost invincible. The more damage they absorb with the shield, the harder their built-in weapons hit after it expires.

  • Nemesis is a slow, heavy and almost unkillable tank
  • Hades is a balanced brawler, equally convenient for all jobs
  • Ares is a hit-and-run assassin: lots of firepower, high speed, low durability

Feature: Components Conversion

Now you can convert components of the same type (weapons into weapons, robots into robots). Conversion of some items might take hefty sums of Silver, but unlike regular Workshop production it happens instantly.

Also, the whole Workshop interface was remade — it is now more convenient and clear. Ordering wrong components is much less likely now, and even if that happened, you can cancel the order.

Note: cancelling the order will return you 100% of Silver spent.

Robot and Weapons economy changes

We made a separate article on economy changes in 4.5. Read about the rebalance and our reasoning for it here: Update 4.5 Economy Preview

Minor changes

Trident Remake

It shoots single rockets instead of triplets and reloads on the go similarly to Orkan, Pin and Tulumbas. Other than than, it is mostly the same Trident

Boosters clean-up

Long powerful boosters weren't as popular as smaller ones, so we left only half-hour options in store to simplify the choice

New mode selection screen

iOS and Android pilots could select the mode they want to play for a while now. So here's a better way to do this

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing grandfathered (pre-July 5th) items to appear after newer ones in the list
  • Fixed a bug causing Halo to lock down enemies too often
  • Minor fixes
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