Patch Notes



The event will start soon after 9.4 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Enlist with the Beast Knights to challenge the mighty corporations of Mars in the 9.4 Event! Plunder corporate riches along the way and add the latest weaponry to your Hangar:

  • New robot: Ochokochi
  • New weapons: Brisant (Heavy), Shatter (Medium), Splinter (Light)
  • New drone: Hiruko
  • New ultimate robot: Mender
  • New ultimate weapons: Blaze (Light), Igniter (Medium)
  • New pilot: Vepkho Lovidze (Ochokochi)
  • Paintjob: Luminous (Ochokochi)

Tap the "i" icon next to the Data Pad to see its reward pool. Make sure to follow our social media during the update for more info on rewards and giveaways!

WR on Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots
WR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


A new reward system is coming to replace the Special Delivery! Previously, you needed Coins to open Bronze and Silver Chests or a Golden Bingo cell. Now you'll have Data Pads: special blocks that contain different types of rewards. There will be more than 3 Data Pads, and their contents will be instantly available to you once you open them.

You will be able to earn Data Pads just the same way you did with Coins: some of them will be available at the start of the event, through event tasks and Operation Pass and also via Leaderboards and other sources.


As promised, we rebalanced our currency sources so you could get more from Daily Quests, the Supply Center and Workshop level-ups. Gold is coming your way!

We’ve also decreased the amount of Memorium needed for upgrading the ranks of regular and Legendary Robot Pilots by 25%.

However, reducing the upgrade timers requires more work than anticipated, as the entire timer system has to be reworked. We are still planning this change, but it will have to be implemented in one of our future updates.


In Georgian myths and legends, it is said that Ochokochi was a fierce part-human, part-goat creature. It trampled hunters and pierced them with a big horn protruding from its chest. And now, there is a robot named in its honor galloping across the battlefields of War Robots and crushing the enemy with similar abilities! It has 2 Medium and 2 Light hard points, as well as the Stampede ability that will be familiar to any Minos pilot. The robot can accelerate and activate a destructive magnetic field around itself. Any enemies in the way will be damaged and knocked back.

However, there is a slight difference. While the ability is active, Ochokochi converts all incoming damage into Damage over Time (DoT) stacks. That means it can live through all those shots that would have taken it out as it gets close to the enemy. Damage will still be taken, but it won’t be as great: Ochokochi also has Corrosion Protection as its passive ability, which reduces the DoT it takes, whatever the source. Don't try to spray this goat with acid!


Historically, all shotguns are usually great at close quarters, but get weaker at longer ranges due their huge spread. Brisant (Heavy), Shatter (Medium) and Splinter (Light) are a different breed: they retain their 100% accuracy at 250m, where their bullets start to split into pellets. That means that maximum damage is dealt up close. Don’t worry that your target will be too fast so it can get away from you: these shotguns also apply the Slowdown effect, so there's no easy escape if the enemy is in range.


A fine addition to the Ochokochi build, Hiruko also possesses a complex but unique ability. Upon using an active module, it extends the robot’s Durability, but also applies a DoT effect, which adds up to the exact same amount as the Durability it extends. It is almost like taking a loan — you'll need to pay back this extra amount, but you can still repair it. It also passively boosts the damage of a robot, which also depends on the DoT stacks it has at the moment. Everything synergizes!


The legendary healer is back, faster, tougher, more powerful and repairing even more than before. It is much more stylish as well! Besides increased stats, Mender also gains new properties after upgrading. First of all, its armor becomes immune to Defense Mitigation. And secondly, once it reaches 0, it can repair itself with a big chunk of Durability once per battle, similarly to the Reviver Drone.

Ultimate flamethrowers are also coming along, now both dealing more damage and applying Slowdown. There’s no way to run from the flames anymore!


Born in a middle class family at the Yan-Di colony, Vepkho fell in love with a daughter of one of the members of the Board of Directors. When she was kidnapped, no one in Yan-Di seemed to care, so he was the only one who decided to leave the colony behind and look for her. On the way, he met and joined the Knights of the Order — a noble and proud organization opposed to all of the corporations on Mars. They agreed to help Vepkho, but only at a time of dire need. Will he be able to reclaim his lost lover?

Vepkho's Fortitude: Ochokochi gains defense points for each active DoT effect it is under.


There’s also a little something from us that will make you stand out as the player who played 9.4 the most. Introducing Event Titles: exclusive seasonal rewards for players who completed all of the Title requirements, such as destroying robots with Ochokochi or shotguns, capturing beacons or opening Data Pads. Earn the Beast title and show everyone your power and dedication!


We are still running tests and figuring out the final values for this round of balance changes. Stay tuned for the news on our social media! As soon as there is a final list, we will post it here as well.


  • Fixed several visual bugs in Dead City and Springfield.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Ao Jun would spawn without a foot.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off the sound effects would make the music fall silent as well.
  • Fixed a loud sound notification appearing multiple times in offer pop-ups after launching the game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented switching to another account.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't let exit Rewards screen after defeating the final boss in Extermination Mode.
  • Fixed several visual and progression bugs in Extermination mode.
  • Fixed a Title counter visual bug.
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't reload and apply the correct language after changing it.
  • Fixed a bug where a match would end instantly after deploying a Titan.
  • Fixed a weapon visual bug on Quicksand Ophion.
  • Fixed a visual bug with Nessa Riggs (Rook) when her Nimbus would twitch from time to time.
  • Fixed a bug where positive effects wouldn't stack or would work incorrectly.
  • Fixed Newton visual bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the installation of a Turret on a Mothership.

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