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The event will start soon after 9.1 lands on your platform and the Event Task Chain will be available in your Operations interface.

This is the ultimate getaway trip into dazzling luxury and the greatest entertainment venue on the Red Planet – Gintare made sure she was building a truly iconic place since the very foundation of Neo-Tortuga. Just take a look at the Palace Reward Pool:

  • New robot: Crisis
  • New Titan: Rook
  • New weapons: Reaper (Heavy), Argon (Alpha), Oxy (Beta)
  • New Ultimate versions: Spectre, Orkan (Medium)
  • New pilots: Gintare Kairyte (Crisis)
  • New drone: Showdown
  • New active module: Unstable Conduit
  • New feature: Ultimate Luck

Tap the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool. Make sure to follow our social media during the update for more info on the latest rewards and giveaways!

WR on Discord: https://discord.gg/warrobots
WR on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/walkingwarrobots/
WR on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warrobots


We might not have heard from Icarus Technologies in a while, but they’re right back in the corpo arms race with a killer sniper! Crisis boasts 4 heavy weapon slots and is as fast quicksilver, but it has a low Durability. This is compensated with its unique passive Stealth ability that only deactivates when you shoot, use a second ability, activate a module or call for Orbital Support. Walk around the map, pick any position you want and never worry about being attacked! To make your sneaky flank attacks even more effective, Crisis can activate Overpower, increasing the robot's damage and allowing it to bypass enemy energy shields for the next few seconds.

Crisis is at its best when sniping: sitting far away and then picking opponents one by one just feels so satisfying! Up the ante by equipping some heavy long-range guns, and you're all set. But beware: once you're out of stealth, all bets are off! Crisis is squishy, so you better watch your surroundings carefully.


Rook is the master of grand entrances and Shell’s father, a walking fortress protected from all sides. DSC's makes the most advanced shields which are taken even further by Rook's Shield Replacement ability. The Titan can destroy his remaining shields to replace them with new ones and repair its Durability. The repair amount depends on the number of shields left intact. All this protection is needed when Rook uses Castling. It flies up in the sky and then crashes down on its opponents, knocking them back and applying Suppression. Rook has 1 Alpha and 2 Beta weapon slots and filling them with close-range weapons will make your Castling even deadlier!


Frost missile launchers are back, this time for Titans! Argon and Oxy are Alpha and Beta weapons with a 300m range that apply Freeze and suit your brawler needs perfectly.

A kinetic rifle with a whopping 1100m range, a 6 round magazine and a reload time of 7 seconds. The weapon also comes with a unique effect: any damage dealt will ignore all enemy resistances and reflector shields. Pure destruction!


A robots and weapon type has been added to the game: the Ultimates. These are old War Robots classics that were prominent on the battlefields of the past. We wanted to honor these oldies and make an elite version of them for the true connoisseurs of the game. The Death Button Spectre is making its return, but it won’t just get a new look — it also comes with updated stats and tuned up to compete with the meta. The bot has more durability with a decreased ability cooldown and an increase in the range and damage of its weapons. The Ultimate Spectre and Orkan also get instant upgrades, but require more resources (including Gold) to progress.


All of Gintare’s endeavors as a businesswoman, a croupier and a pilot are united by one thing — the thrill of taking chances. She built her infamous Palace from the ground-up with hard work, diligence and a whole lotta ruthlessness. That’s also the way she pilots her Crisis — always going all-in on the battlefield. Does Gintare always feel the right moment to raise the stakes? Or is she just very lucky? In any case, whenever she makes a play, it's always going to be big!

High Stakes: While its ability is active, Crisis gains an additional Damage bonus.


Love being sneaky? This drone is perfect for giving you an extra element of surprise. Upon leaving stealth it boosts your damage, increases movement speed while you are in stealth and protects from critical damage (meaning no weapons being broken at low health).


It's been a while since we've introduced a new active module, so this one is going to be special. Unstable Conduit is the first T4 module which heals your robot upon activation (just like a Repair Unit) and gives it a damage buff. However, it costs more power cells to activate. And it's not called "unstable" for nothing — over the next several updates the module's abilities might undergo significant changes, or it might disappear from events entirely, so use it while it lasts!


Well, it wouldn't be a Fortune Palace without a classic Wheel of Fortune! Ultimate Luck is a feature similar to the Supply Center: you press "Get Your Prize" and receive a random reward. However, this costs currency here and the reward pool changes every time you spin. There's also a chance to hit the "WIN" sector that allows you to play a free Supergame with much more valuable prizes. Try your luck if you've got some resources to spare!


The time has come for us to refresh the Titan meta for all Leagues. Some Titans (we're looking at you, Aether) became way too universal, so we've decided to put them into the role of a "glass cannon". The same goes for weapons like Evora, Veyron, Glaive, Lance and even the Dazzler – they are just too good overall. Nodens' bug was finally fixed, and we also think that this is a good time to make the squid Titan more popular, along with some of the old weapons.


The amount of Durability restored per tick is decreased from 4%→2,2%.
Acceleration per charge is decreased from 60%→30%.
Forcefield Resistance regression has been reduced from 90%-83%-66%→71%-41%-23%.
EMP accumulation has been decreased by 30%.
Flight Speed bonus has been decreased from 50%→30%.
Vigour cooldown has been decreased from 20s→18s.
Max Movement Speed has been increased from 44km/h→46km/h.
Built-in weapon damage has been increased by 15%.
Skyward's duration has been increased from 8s→10s.

Max movement speed has been increased from 43km/h→45km/h.
Durability has been increased by 10%.


Veyron, Evora: Damage has been decreased by 20%.

Glaive, Lance: The Damage modifier for the second shot has been increased from 1.1→1.5. Damage modifier for the third shot has been decreased from 4→2.5.

Dazzler: Damage has been decreased by 15%.

Cataclysm, Cyclon: Damage has been increased by 10%.

Grom, Squall: Ammo has been increased from 8→10 and 12→14.

Kisten, Bulava: Reload time has been decreased 10s→8s.

Tsar: Damage has been increased by 15%.


Spike, Needle: Damage has been increased by 20%.

Stake: Damage has been increased by 10%.


  • Fixed a visual bug when some weapons, drones and motherships would be displayed incorrectly in the Hangar.
  • Fixed a bug when Lynx sometimes wouldn't move after being deployed.
  • Fixed a bug when Nodens wouldn't heal its allies.
  • Fixed a bug when participating in matches wouldn't count in quests.
  • Fixed a bug when Gothic Mars wouldn't get an increased speed bonus after throwing a turret.
  • Fixed Overdrive Module visual effects working incorrectly on Skyros.
  • Fixed Talon visual effect bugs.
  • Fixed Sinister Glacier sound bugs.
  • Fixed a blue screen appearing after entering a match.
  • Fixed visual effects on Stellar Phantom and Stellar Cerberus.
  • Localization fixes.
  • Text descriptions and UI fixes.

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