Patch Notes


Event: Yaga Gang

The event will start soon after Update 7.3 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Prove yourself in a company of recklessly brave mercs. Yaga Gang are soldiers of fortune who draw inspiration from stories of the past and always paint their robots in bright colors. Complete their tasks to finish Operation track "E".

The new rewards will include:

  • Motherships: Monarch, Mantis
  • New robot: Revenant
  • New weapons: Bane, Toxin
  • Special editions: Zmej Murometz, Zmej Bulava, Zmej Kisten
  • Paintjobs: Teremok Revenant, Hohloma Fafnir, Brave Orochi

...as well as pilots for Fafnir and Revenant and the new titan module — Titan Anticontrol. Tap on the "i" icon next to the event chest to see its reward pool.

Orbital Support

Available at level 30. Dreadnought available at start. Monarch and Mantis can be won in event chests.

The ships that transport your hangars are now ready to assist you in battle. Each useful action that you take on the battlefield helps calibrating the ship guns. The more active you are, the faster your Orbital Support becomes available. When you press the Orbital Support button, the ship delivers a devastating blast at your target's location.




The universally used classics that allowed corporations to bring their military potential to humanity’s new home. Numerous Dreadnought crash sites can be found on Earth.

Ability: Creates an ionic storm at the location of your target with a short delay. Deals single-time damage to all enemy targets within the strike area.
Upgrades: Ability accumulation rate, Strike damage
Turret slots: OFFENSIVE


A new generation of motherships designed with combat capabilities in mind. Monarchs usually outclass Dreadnoughts in terms of firepower.

Ability: Creates an ionic storm at the location of your target with a short delay. Deals single-time damage to all enemy targets within the strike area and applies damage over time to all targets hit.
Upgrades: Ability accumulation rate, Strike damage, Damage over time bonus


Support ships that were designed to protect colonies from meteor rains with newly developed Aegis technology. Proved to be just as effective at shielding smaller targets.

Ability: Applies Aegis shield and repair over time to your robot and all allies near it.
Upgrades: Ability accumulation rate, Aegis power, Repair over time bonus


Turrets improve your Orbital Support with additional effects. The effect triggers together with your ship's main caliber. The following Turrets are available in update 7.3:

Target Ray Cannon (offensive): Snipes the target with a laser beam after a short delay. Will not trigger if no target is locked on. The target cannot evade the hit.
Periodic Fix Station (support): Applies repair over time to all allies within the given range from your robot.
Aegis Self System (defensive): Applies Aegis shield to your robot. The shield remains active until destroyed.

Orbital Support aiming

The Orbital Support button becomes active as soon as you select a target. The enemy robot that is enclosed in the red frame is considered to be your selected target. The main strike of your Orbital Support will be aimed at its location. If you use manual lock-on, your "saved" target will have the priority over the target that is currently within your reticle.

New Robot: Revenant

A teleporting tank that can strike almost anywhere. This robot boasts superb durability as well as two lateral shields. Unlike other slow brawlers, Revenant doesn't fear being immobilized with lock-down or frozen. Its ability allows it to remove all negative effects, become temporary immune to them, and teleport to the spot in front of its target. Additionally, Revenant takes no "grey" structural damage from sound blasters as long as its ability is active.

Aggressive blink: Robot teleports to the point in front of the enemy, drops all negative effects, and activates modernized defense mechanisms. The robot receives immunity to DOT, SUPPRESSION, FREEZE, ROOT, BLAST, EMP, and also keeps the maintainability of its hull.

New Weapons: Bane, Toxin

Close range acid-throwers that melt hulls with aggressive chemicals and leave a lasting effect on the target that deals damage over time.

New pilots: Svyatogor Belov, Vasilisa Maximova

Svyatogor is the current leader of Yaga Gang, an extravagant group of mercenaries with a particular love for pancakes. A secret technology he got his hands on in the past makes his Fafnir a bane of all energy shield reliant builds. Has once been defeated by Vasilisa in a duel.

Svyatogor's Breach: Fafnir ignores energy shields during the flight.

Vasilisa is Yaga Gang's most valued player. She helped Svyatogor Belov dispose of the previous leader of the mercenary company by hosting a not-completely-fair missile shooting competition. Her stratagems are only matched by her bravery. She tweaked her Revenant so that she doesn't have to wait for support and now enjoys always being ahead of her team.

Vasilisa's Wisdom: Revenant restored a portion of its durability the moment its ability goes on cooldown. The amount of durability restored depends on the damage dealt while the ability was active.

The Moon map is back

The space-themed map with lots of geometry providing for perfect cover is once again available in map rotation. We've reworked it from scratch so that it's compatible with the Remastered version of the game. We've also introduced some notable visual improvements including reworked lighting and better textures. Vortex-type missile fans — it's your time!

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed squad interface disappearing for the new squad leader after squad leadership is transferred.
  • Fixed infinite loading on the post-combat screen.
  • Fixed Shocktrain and Striker weapons missing Hawk at certain angles.
  • Fixed Gendarme and Solid Gauss weapons missing Shell at certain angles.
  • Fixed Taran weapons missing Orochi and Megalodon Orochi at certain angles.
  • Fixed Gauss weapons missing the target at point-blank and close range when equipped on Jaeger.
  • Fixed splash damage effect on Exodus weapon.
  • Fixed small accuracy issues on a wide range of weapons.
  • Various visual fixes and tweaks to maps on Performance and Minimal graphics presets
  • Various optimization tweaks

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