Patch Notes


Event: DSC Boot Camp

The event will start soon after Update 7.1 lands on your platform. The event task chain will be available in the Operations interface.

Set an example for raw recruits and win valuable rewards from the Oversight Committee:

  • New robot: Fafnir
  • New weapons: Snaer, Skadi, Hel
  • New drones: Persephone, Paralysis
  • New paintjobs: Shell, Orochi
  • Special editions: Orochi, Hades, Calamity, Spark

At some point during the event, DSC will stage the Gladiator Championship. If you’re sure of your battle worthiness and ready to bet some gold, don’t miss your chance.

Multiple Operations

Starting with this update, multiple Operations can be active simultaneously. You can decide which prizes you need the most and obtain Passes for the Operations of your choice.

You will find several reward tracks in your Operations interface. They include both free and premium rewards. To unlock premium rewards, you need to purchase the Operation Pass for that particular track.

Operation Experience obtained in battle counts towards all active tracks: when you win X experience in a fight, all your Operations lines get +X progress.

Purchased Operation Experience only counts towards one Operation track.

There are two types of Operations. Some Operations only receive progress from finishing battles, some only from completing tasks. The type of Operation is shown right above its experience bar.

New robot: Fafnir

Evolife's take on the flying Dragons, this particular robot is able to stay in the air for as long as it wants, using the same principle as the Shapeshifters. While on the ground Fafnir diverts it's power into increased defense mitigation, while in the air it activates an in-built weapon capable of dealing devastating damage to Titans.

Shapeshift The robot is free to switch between walking and flying, staying in any mode for as long as you need. While on the ground, it gets increased Defense and 4 weapon slots. In the air, the robot disables two of its weapon slots, enabling a built-in weapon that deals increased damage to Titans instead. It also activates an Absorber shield for several seconds when it starts to take off.

Absorber Impenetrable shield that can absorb an unlimited amount of damage.

New weapons: Snaer, Skadi, Hel

Powerful energy weapons that damage enemies with a stream of cold-plasma particles. After a certain number of hits, the target freezes. Its movement speed is lowered and incoming damage is increased.

New pilots: Jack Moore, Johanna Flynn

Jack is one of DSC's most famous drill sergeants, as feared by raw recruits as he is respected by hardened veterans. His robot of choice is Strider.

Jack's Inspiration Strider receives a short-time damage boost after using its ability.

Johanna is a renegade DSC soldier, who now fights for one of the numerous merc groups. She’s usually seen piloting Fafnir.

Johanna's Conviction Fafnir repairs a portion of its durability upon landing.

New drones: Paralysis, Persephone

Paralysis is a real technological marvel. It has a gorgeous segmented tail and a powerful built-in generator that allows it to lock-down your enemies!

Lockdowner Gives all the robot's weapons the ability to Lock-down enemies.

Drawing inspiration from Demeter, Persephone is a compact version of the design created by Icarus Technologies to repair both you and your allies in battle.

Persephone's Repair Shooter This drone shoots energy particles at your allies to repair them. It also constantly repairs a portion of your durability.

New Microchips

Target-seeking Frost Shooter is a weapon chip that allows your drone to automatically attack targets within its firing range. This chip applies a certain amount of Freeze upon each hit. Remember that your drone starts firing only when you target an enemy.

Terminal Renovator restores a portion of your robot’s durability each time you destroy a target. This chip truly shines when you manage to go on a kill streak.

Microchip names updated

In this update, we've also streamlined the naming of drone microchips. Just as before, their names will include the condition part and the action part. The first one tells you what should happen for the chip to activate, the second explains what the chip does. However, the new names are much clearer. We've sacrificed fancy names for accessibility.

For example:

  • Recurrent Emergency Defender → On Low Durability: Defense
  • Arctic Defender → On Half Freeze: Defense
  • Inhibited Intensifier → While Lock-down: Damage
  • Revitalizing Intensifier → On Repair Unit: Damage

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed Orochi continuing to use wheels until the end of the fight after receiving critical damage to legs.
  • Fixed shield microchips only activating once during a battle.
  • Fixed Tsar not dealing damage when aiming at a target below.
  • Fixed rockets exploding before reaching their target.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game to crash on the Abyss map on the Low graphics preset on certain devices.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from seeing clans in clan ranking if they have already joined a clan.
  • Fixed the camera angle on Warrior Typhon.

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