Patch Notes


by War Robots - 5.02.2021

Event: Lunar New Year 2021

Lunar New Year in War Robots will start soon after update 6.8 lands on your platform.

Three types of Special Crates. Get coins by completing daily tasks and win something valuable and exclusive, like the first special edition titan in the game — Ox Minos. Or:

  • New special editions: Tiger Scatter and Warrior Typhon
  • New robot: Demeter
  • New weapons: Hornet and Magnetar
  • New legendary pilots: Rose Lin (Typhon) and Jerry Fortune (Demeter)

Also don’t miss the Arena and new Skirmishes that will go online later during the event.

New weapons: Hornet and Magnetar

Available from level 5 in special crates during the event

Hornet is a heavy kinetic cannon that applies DOT. High damage per shot and a decent rate of fire makes it a viable option for mid-range sniper builds.

Magnetar is a light medium-range energy autocannon. It immobilizes the target after a certain number of hits. Give a try to Pulsars+Magnetars build — they work well together.

New robot: Demeter

Available from level 27 in special crates during the event

Perfect support. Demeter specializes in repairing damaged allies. This robot can teleport to a friendly target, instantly covering it with an impenetrable Absorber shield. The more damage the shield absorbs, the more durability Demeter restores to nearby teammates.

Demeter enables Absorber and repairs all allies in ability range. If the ability is used with an ally in target, then Demeter teleports to the ally, increasing Absorber's radius. All damage taken by Absorber strengthens the repairing waves.
ABSORBER Impenetrable shield that can absorb an unlimited amount of damage.

Try using the concentrated fire of your opponents to your advantage.

Report system

You can now report unfair play right from the battle results window. At first, there will be the following reasons for a report:

  • A player uses cheats or speedhacks
  • A player self-destructs most of their robots during a match
  • A player remains inactive throughout the match
  • A player has too powerful hangar for their league
  • A player has inappropriate nickname

If a player gets a certain number of similar reports within a certain period of time, we’ll warn that player. If the reports continue, we’ll take measures. Depending on the situation, the warning may be followed by a temporary ban or transfer to Low Priority Queue.

"What if someone reports me for no real reason?"

Don’t worry — we've got you covered. Firstly, to report a player you need to be in the same match. Secondly, each player can only send that many reports each day. So, if somebody starts reporting a random opponent each match, they’ll quickly reach the report limit. And yes, before an account gets suspended, it needs to accumulate a considerable amount of reports before we take measures. Several occasional complaints won’t result in anything.

To report a player:

  • Select the nickname from the post-combat leaderboard.
  • Open the player’s profile.
  • Tap the red “REPORT” button.
  • Select the reason for the report.
  • Confirm your decision.

Balance changes



  • Ability damage against robots: -50%
  • Reflector on takeoff/landing — removed

Hawk was initially designed to counter Titans by piercing through their extreme Defence stat. However, the Titan Slayer turned out to be slaying pretty much anything else — long before the first titans even appear in the match. We want to keep Hawk's role focused on its original promise, so we make its ability less effective against regular robots. And by removing Reflector on takeoff/landing we give other robots more opportunities to fight back.


  • Speed while in flight: 83km/h → 60km/h
  • Repair ability zone: 50m → 75m
  • Gains more altitude when using the ability (cannot capture beacons when flying in most cases)

Nightingale was extremely good both at fixing things and beacon running. This bird is supposed to be a team player, rather than a lone all-rounder going for flanking maneuvers — so we cut its wings a little while making it up with some better repairs.


  • Ability defense points: 100 → 55 (50% → 35% damage reduction)
  • Ability duration: 12s → 8s

For a trickster robot, Scorpion is a bit too tough. Scorpion players often don’t mind engaging two opponents at once, which isn't what saboteurs are supposed to do (at least, not that frequently). With this nerf, we make Scorpion less beefy, requiring you to time ambushes more carefully and avoid concentrated fire.

Quarker, Atomizer, Nucleon

  • Shot interval: 0.1s → 0.15s

Over several previous updates, these weapons became perfect all-rounders. They work well for both burst and sustainable damage tactics. Their average damage per battle is also a bit higher than we want it to be. We decided to make the Atomizer family less powerful in quick attacks, providing more space for other bursty weapons.


  • Damage: -10%
  • Cooldown: 3s → 5s
  • Effect accumulation speed: -20%

Shredder is a tier 3 weapon that performed just as well as most of the tier 4 weapons. We reduced its damage to match its T3 peers. It also worked a tad too well for accumulating status effects, which became especially apparent with the advent of drones with control microchips.



  • Ability damage: +7%
  • Target adjustment improved: aiming with the ability and hitting targets behind a corner should be easier


  • Ability defense points: 140 → 175 (58% → 64% damage reduction)

We planned on buffing Mender in 6.3. However, the buff didn't take effect. We're fixing the issue now with this small increase to Mender's survivability.


  • Movement speed: +3km/h
  • Ability cooldown: 20s → 18s

Invader: Durability: +5%
Jaeger: Built-in weapon damage: +5%
Rayker: Ability damage: +15%
Rhino: Movement speed: +5km/h
Haechi: Movement speed: +2km/h
Marquess, Hussar: Damage: +10%
Weber: Damage: +10%
Blaze, Ember: Damage: +10%
Redeemer: Damage: +7%
Arbalest: Damage: +20%
Shocktrain: Damage: +10%
Exodus: Ammo: +3
Zeus: Damage: +15%
Halo, Corona, Glory: Effect accumulation speed: +5%

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Shell explosion zone exceeding 100m.
  • Fixed zone indicator disappearing on beacons and robot abilities (Tyr, Hellburner, etc.) after turning camera.
  • Fixed item list not scrolling in Storage when clicking on scroll arrow (Gameroom).
  • Fixed Jaeger getting stuck when using the ability.
  • Fixed Aegis visual effects appearing on Fenrir with Bernadette Wolff pilot.
  • Fixed weapon visual effects hanging in the air until the end of the match.
  • Fixed Loki weapons facing the wrong direction.
  • Improved performance for several low-end devices.
  • Fixed several graphical bugs in Minimal quality preset.

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