Patch Notes

War Robots 5.8 Update Notes

by War Robots - 4.03.2020

Event: Icarus Cyber Show

  • Special Crates. Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Crates with valuable rewards. You can win a new weapon, a legendary pilot for Nightingale and new paintjobs!
  • New legendary pilot:  Virginia Walker (Nightingale) 
  • New paintjobs: Sapphire Behemoth, Graphite Phantom
  • A new Skirmish or Arena every weekend!

New weapon: Atomizer

Available in special crates during the event

Slot: Medium
Damage type: Energy
Range: 500m
Special feature: Unlimited ammo

Energy machine gun with unlimited ammo. High accuracy makes it effective at medium range, but the gun overheats and becomes less accurate after long bursts.

iOS and Android play together

NOTE: first, we will unify matchmaking pools for Android and iOS. If all goes well, Amazon will join the action soon after that

We all have been waiting for this for a long time. So far, these are just first steps towards fully supporting cross-platform game in War Robots, but you can already notice the following changes:

  • Better matchmaking. Since all mobile platform players are unified into a single matchmaking pool, finding players with similar league ratings should be more precise.
  • Less time to find a battle. Now more people are online and waiting times both in Low Priority and Regular queues should become lower.

It is not possible yet to transfer progress between iOS and Android, and social interaction (clans, squads) is still limited to your platform, but we plan to implement these functions as well in the future.

Old economy disabled

NOTE: if you joined War Robots after July 5th 2018, this change won’t affect you in any way. Read more on the topic here

Starting with 5.8.0, the old economy is no longer there: old items obtained before July 5th 2018 now have the same upgrade costs & upgrade timer as items obtained after that date.

[Soon!] New Silver payout system

As we announced before, we are working on a new Silver payout system, where each Honor point you earn in battle brings you a set amount of Silver. Right now we're making the final preparations before launching it for all players. Stay tuned for the updates!

Balance Changes

NOTE: all stats are listed for level 12 MK1

When creating shotguns in WR, we drew our inspiration from real semi-automatic shotguns like Mossberg 930.

What makes those shotguns stand out is:

  • higher efficiency at close range
  • ability to quickly discharge all ammunition 
  • ability to interrupt reloading at any time to continue fire.

Our shotguns partially corresponded to this model, but also had some differences. We have decided to adjust this in the new update and bring the shotguns closer to the original idea.

The effectiveness of shotguns in close combat has gone up, but has dropped at distances higher than 300m. Damage per shot has become higher and rate of fire has increased, but reload speed has dropped.

Shotguns are now to become a tactical weapon for close range battles. Use them wisely and unleash their new potential!

Shot interval: 0.5 → 0.3 s
Reload interval: 1 → 1.8 s
Damage per shot: 4724 → 5020

Ammo: 8 → 5
Shot interval: 0.7 → 0.5 s
Reload interval: 1.4 → 2 s
Damage per shot: 10680 → 11280

Damage per shot: 15460 → 16880

Shot interval: 0.5 → 0.3 s
Reload interval: 1 → 1.8 s
Damage per shot: 6050 → 6400

Reload interval: 1 → 2 s
Damage per shot: 8860 → 9300

Reload interval: 1.6 → 2 s
Damage per shot: 21750 → 22200

Usability & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Nightingale slots
  • Fixed an issue with Nightingale description
  • Minor improvements to the UI
  • Fixed a rare issue when robot kept shooting after being destroyed
  • The effect of the Anticontrol module is now displayed on Cerberus as expected
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