24.01.20 Devstream Recap - War Robots
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24.01.20 Devstream Recap

Author - War Robots

Right now

Graphics and performance update

For 5.7 we've done a huge behind-the-scenes rework of technical part of the game.

As a result, you might notice less battery consumption, less freezes and performance drops — and, as a bonus, better visuals on newer devices. And, hopefully, less cases when your device gets too hot to hold in your hands.

Let us know how things work for you. We keep working in that direction, so expect more improvements in future updates.

Paint jobs got cheaper

We took a look at all the paint jobs we have in the game and noticed that the costs of many of them just don't make sense. Now most of them became cheaper, some — drastically so. Some of them even require silver instead of gold. 

Here's a sheet showing new costs of each and every affected paint job.

Sneak peek: Update 5.8

Update 5.8 is planned for the last week of February. Here are the key things you should expect from it.

iOS, Android and Amazon — play together!

Starting with 5.8 you'll be able to meet people from the other platform in the same match. This should significantly improve and speed up the matchmaking across all leagues. iOS, Android and Amazon players will play on the same field (the next move for Steam/Gameroom is currently being considered).

Note: you won't be able to interact with people from other platforms outside of combat — yet. We plan to make it possible with the second phase of the merger (Q4 2020)

Before 5.8 we put a huge focus on eliminating exploits that exist on certain platforms to make the first meeting of commanders from three platforms as smooth as possible.

Any drawbacks?

If you joined War Robots any time after July 5th 2018, you can skip this segment as this part won't affect you in any way.

Why July 5th, 2018? Since that day we maintain 2 separate balance sheets — let's call them "Sheet 1" and "Sheet 2"

  • "Sheet 1" is for items obtained before July 5th, 2018;
  • "Sheet 2" is for everything acquired after that.

Items from these sheets have different upgrading costs and timers, but stats-wise they are absolutely identical. Also, items from "Sheet 1" aren't obtainable anymore — they only exist on veteran accounts created before the "Sheet 2" creation. 

We were keeping both sheets up and running for almost 20 months, but now we hit the roadblock: the new tech we use as a foundation for future improvements (including merging iOS/Android servers) greatly complicates supporting two economies in the way they are currently implemented. Considering all the pros and cons, we made a hard decision: unfortunately, the "Sheet 1" has to fall prey to the cleanup duty we're running.

If you still possess those "grandfathered" items, there's still time until late February to squeeze the most out of their low upgrade costs and timers. After the matchmaking merger that will happen with the update 5.8 every “Sheet 1” item will become a “Sheet 2” item. 

That was a tough decision to make, but we hope that the positive changes in this and future updates will outweigh this side-effect.

New Silver formula

As we promised in our 2020 video, we are going to tie Silver payouts to Honor instead of damage. This way you will:

  • see what you get — and for what;
  • get silver not just for damage and repairs, but also for beacons, slaying and spawning Titans (yes — that's coming as well!) and whatever else we'll come with an Honor category for later on.

Now... we know you need to see the formula! Here it is:

1 honor point = 200 silver

That's it. Once the system is in place in a few weeks, for each Honor point you will receive 200 Silver. As simple as that.

With this change, we also get rid of the repair costs. Currently, the damage you received in combat affects your silver payout in a negative way. With the new formula, it won't anymore. You can wreck as many of your robots as you want — the only thing that should matter is how Honorable you are.

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