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War Robots 5.6 Update Notes

by War Robots - 22.11.2019


Titans are a new type of robots that you can deploy once per battle. They are bigger and more powerful than regular robots — you can use them as a strong tactical asset — an "Ultimate ability" of sorts.

Titans unlock at account level 30. Once you get there, you will receive the first Titan, Kid, for free, and can use it right away.

Titans come with a bunch of supporting systems:

  • Platinum. This is a new resource that is used to obtain Titans and their equipment — and also for their upgrades. Currently, you can get Platinum from daily tasks, and we plan to add new sources for obtaining it in the future updates.
  • Three-way Upgrade System. When upgrading Titan, you can select between Hull (which is all about Titan's durability), Engines (speed) and Core (ability and utility systems). Upgrade everything at once or select one thing and back to the rest later.
  • Instant upgrades. This should go with a previous point, but we want to emphasize this more! All Titan upgrades are instant. No timers. No waiting.
  • Titan Equipment. There are two types of Titan weapons: Alpha (strong and playstyle-defining) and Beta (slightly weaker, yet more versatile)
  • New Hangar & Updated UI. Titans came as a great opportunity to update the Hangar up to a modern standards. New Hangar, Store and Inventory screens are more clean, fast and responsive. Other menus are set to be updated in the future updates.


Role: Fighter

Ability 1: Full Action
Titan temporarily activates its Alpha weapon and enhances its built-in protection system, reducing all incoming damage.

Ability 2: Stove
Titan burns out the area around it, damaging all nearby enemies. No shield can protect against such an attack.


Role: Tank

Ability 1: Phalanx Mode
The Titan moves its shield from the side to the front. While the Titan is shielded from frontal attacks, its movement speed is lowered (-20%)

Ability 2: Blast Wave
The Titan generates a seismic impulse that damages and casts all nearby enemies aside.

Ao Ming

Role: Fighter

Ability 1: Dragon Flight
Titan switches between two modes. In ground mode, the Titan enables its enhanced defence system, but only Alpha weapons are active. In flight mode, the Titan speeds up and activates all weapons, but the defence system works in base mode.

Ability 2: Self-repair
Gradually restores part of Titan's durability over a certain duration.

Christmas Event

  • Special Crates. Complete daily tasks, get tokens, open Special Crates with powerful loot. You can win top-tier robots, Cryogenic weapons, Candy Viper, Giftbringer Fenrir and a legendary pilot to control it!
  • New Special Editions: Giftbringer Fenrir, Candy Viper
  • New Legendary Pilot: Nicolas Wodanson (Fenrir)
  • New paint jobs: Moroz Leech, Mistletoe Loki

Balance Update

All stats are listed for Level 12 MK1

Tyr and Fenrir

Best players on Fenrir have found ways to push this Ragnarobot to the limit by actively switching forms during combat.
That lets them to get maximum advantage both of Aegis shield in Tank Mode and extra weapon that Assault From provides.
We noticed that, and we think this is great for robot's overall playability. Now we decided to give Tyr's forms similar uses.
Starting with 5.6, Tyr will be launching strong repairing pulse after going into Support mode. This should make juggling forms mid-fight more rewarding.

If these changes will fit Tyr’s well enough, we might do something similar to Loki as well. So let us know if you like the change!

  • Tyr. Launches additional repairing pulse after switching into Support Mode
  • Fenrir. Aegis shield restores 10% faster

Haechi and Kumiho

Following the Bulgasari buff from the last balance update, we are giving the same treatment to Haechi.
First, we cut 2 seconds of ability cooldown, so you can Dash more frequently. Then, we increase the power of Haechi's energy shield by 15%. This should help you stand against explosive and kinetic builds — as well as new Cryogenic rockets.

  • Haechi. Ability Cooldown 15 → 13 sec; Shield Durability 59k → 67.9k (+15%)
  • Kumiho. Durability 150k → 165k (+10%)

Weapon tweaks

[BUFF] Dragoon, Marquess and Hussar

This set of weapons performs not as well as other medium range weapons, so we're just tuning them up a bit. Marquess and Hussar receive more damage, since they're behind by a slightly larger margin.

  • Marquess. Damage 2625 → 2888 (+10%)
  • Hussar. Damage 3400 → 3740 (+10%)
  • Dragoon. Damage 8750 → 9188 (+5%)

[BUFF] Blaze

All flamethrowers do really well at this point. The light one sticks out though — it is significantly harder to use due to smaller coverage area (and the fact that Blaze is often used on faster robots doesn't help). Here's some help, little one.

  • Damage (per particle) 263 → 276 (+5%)
  • Damage radius slightly increased

[BUFF] Shocktrain

Shocktrain was the king of all weapons a while back. It was strong, oppressive and… unfortunately, it didn’t leave much room for a counterplay. We had to tune it down, which we did.
Today, however, the landscape has shifted and in the new, post-Pantheon world, Shocktrain is in a dire need for some help.
That’s why we’re allowing it to charge to a full potential quicker, reducing the amount of charges, but increasing the damage of each.

  • Charges 6 → 5.
  • Reload time (per charge) 9 → 8
  • Damage (per charge) 2015 → 2217 (+10%)

Usability & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that made Ancient Tyr's shield practically unbreakable
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