Patch Notes

War Robots 5.1 Update Notes

by War Robots - 29.05.2019


Human characters with stories and personalities — for the first time in War Robots!

Pilots are available starting at account level 23. Watch this video for an extensive overview of the feature.

New Modules


[Passive] Protects against Lock-down and Suppression

The module activates automatically upon contacting Lock-down or Suppression. It instantly removes both of these effects, making you immune to them for a short duration.

Upgrading the module and stacking multiple modules makes that occur more often. If 3 maxed modules are installed, your robot becomes permanently immune to both effects.

Advanced Repair Unit

[Active] Repairs quicker

Restores a considerable portion of robot's durability. This module is more effective than the regular Repair Kit but requires more Power Cells to activate.

Death Mark

[Active] Makes an enemy vulnerable to all damage

The module marks the chosen target, so it will temporarily receive more damage from all sources. The mark is visible for all teammates, which makes this module useful when you need to focus fire on one target to eliminate it quickly.

HUD Improvements

We have remade the profile screen to fit Pilots and Modules and also created some space for future improvements.

Also, there are now advanced options for status effects indication. Now you can select whether or not you want to see the full list of status effects affecting your current target (by default, you only see the strongest active effect).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing advanced options to reset after changing them in combat
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to be logged into the game from multiple devices
  • Fixed an issue causing some equipment to take longer to upgrade. Affected equipment: Ballista, Flux, Exodus, Spark, Raven, Bulwark, Falcon


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PIXONIC... great updates to the honors system! My clan loves it & willing to buy you’all a round...a round of Coke Cola that is! I posted about an Ares fix as well below. -Mike 05ZX44 iOS

PREACHEROFTHETRIUNE 7 days ago’s an Ares fix: Shield breaker should make/convert all shields into normal energy shields when breaks. Shield breaker mod is insane right now! Not right fix for Ares fix because destroys all shield bots. Again, the shield breaker should convert the shield to the weaker type of shield. If it does this then it will give ares and other shield bots a balance factor without destroying everything about those bots. Ares does need a rebalance by switching shield timing with Nemesis. Ares long shield duration should be on Nemesis, maybe Hades instead. Looking at it from a PhD perspective will quickly solve these problems to make for better gameplay. Changing the timing alone on Ares shields will solve many problems. Shield breaker, as it is now, bad idea going to make more people quit War Robots after working so hard to buy & finally obtain their dream shield bot. -Mike

[h0w1]wolfpack0919 days ago

Ear robots flushed themselves down the drain hard core do they care there game is such shit?

[h0w1]wolfpack0920 days ago

I stopped playing just get on when I really want to and chat with friends from my clan

Problemchild190422 days ago

This game sucks now and I'll tell you what I'm not wasting my Sunday playing the motherfuker. My control stick in these fuckers ain't done shit about it. And he's Aries robots are a joke the jump up in the air with a fucking stealth robot is a joke. The Flying Dragon stealth is bullshit it's a joke is to bunch of shit. Everybody should know they don't give a fuck about matchmaking. You already know that they're always going to put out some overpowered robot they know overpower cuz they play this fucking game. And they laugh you when they see these complaints just like they're laughing at this one now. Internet gaming was a license for this company to steal with. Sad but true. 2 years waste on this fucking punk game. Load videos to YouTube so they can get a better look at it the problem why did that. Then they just quit contacting me it's bullshit. There may be some words out of places I voice type is ain't wasting my time packing fucking keys.

R0ck_0n23 days ago

Of course,until they can give us a much better matchmaking and league system.. I believe these are the 3 things most players in WR feel at the moment:
1. Fuck your ares
2. Fuck your last stand
3. Most importantly, FUCK your "BALANCE" team in particular.

[h0w1]wolfpack0924 days ago

War robots was quite fine until the pantheon pack that's wat screwed us all but we really need to get matchmaking in check. If pixo cant do that I dont see why I should play!!! I cant even keep positive cups for my clan no more because everyone runs ares now just to compete with other ares...... sadly that's the ares only contender.... itself. I use my treb natasha for ares which is the only way to take one out is to not ingage directly. This is mad bull shit that you have this much complaints and dont fix them

[h0w1]wolfpack0924 days ago

Duyern, The only way to kill ares is take them out with something like treb big damage fast

Duyern24 days ago

Pixonic, you guys are adding far too many items into the game. You just need to chill right now and rebalance ur shit. It really seems like EVERYONE KNOWS WR IS BROKEN EXCEPT YOU GUYS, THE FREAKIN DEVS!

Duyern24 days ago

[h0w1]wolfpack09, I love the game cross out. I built a car with a big cannon on either side and it is so fun. It’s fun to built ur own car with cool guns and stuff. I haven’t played it in a few months at least, maybe I’ll look into it again. Crossout is a super fun game, highly recommend it!

R0ck_0n25 days ago

This way, high end whales will fight more frequently with their own category. All your dolphins and sharks against their own kind. And all the guppies in their own pond. There it is. Easy fix

R0ck_0n25 days ago

Wake up people. There will always be a new most abused OP bot, module, weapon whatever. This is also a tactic for pixonic to rake in more profits from the whales. It has and is a working business strategy and it will continue to be like this indefinitely. That said, where there are F2P players, there will also be P2W players. You shouldnt blame what kind of player others are. It's free for people to choose.

Thus, the real issue the devs need to address seriously in my opinion is FAIR league management and matchmaking.

The answer is SIMPLE.

1) Make more leagues especially for all the people in champions league. Make champion 1, 2 , 3 to 400 I don care. Also make it harder to promote leagues. Meaning you need do do alot more to promote to the next.

2) matchmake players according to these leagues only. Up and down 1 league so the power level difference for players wont be so fucking high. E.g. I'm champions league with 5200point. Why the fuck am I fighting with or against some guys who are 9000 points into champion league??

Gert Frobe28 days ago

Sed Prime, Bro, I agree Ares is OP, but take it down a notch. I don't think players using Ares deserve to go some imaginary torture place or have their mothers called whores. If the game affects you that much, maybe take a break. Also, why in the world would you still be using Thunder!!?? Unfortunately Pix killed Thunder by nerfing the shit out of it, and with all the lock down shot guns. You know one Gust or one Storm does more DPS than the Thunder, that's a fact!

Gert Frobe28 days ago

Punkah, OMG, are you serious? It's not like they gave it to every bot in the game, it's a module that players can CHOOSE to use. Plus with more modules out, there might be one maybe two bots you fight in a game that have that mod. Suppression only last what, 3 seconds, you still have a huge amount of health depending how you set it up. Mine is lvl10 mk1, it has 328k health just spawning, that's not factoring dmg reduction during ability, or any booster or pilot skills you can get. Also, you're getting a refund? That's a good one, let me know how that turns out.

Gert Frobe28 days ago

[h0w1]wolfpack09, You might want to use paragraphs, commas, and periods if your trying to prove a point, I could barely read this, still don't understand what your talking about. Is English a 2nd or 3rd language for you?

Gert Frobe28 days ago

TheRexYo, It cracks me up that you think they care about people quitting. Almost all the original devs have left the company and are working elsewhere. is a tech giant not only in Russia, but in many parts of Europe. Their tactics are no different then big corporations here in the states that buy out smaller companies, fire 60%-75% of the employees, milk the company for whatever they can with remaining employees until they are no longer making profit. Then part it out and sell it. doesn't do it exactly like that, but I truly believe that they know players will get tired of this game eventually have to shut it down. Thing is, they're making a shit ton of money now, and they'll keep raising prices until even the wallet warriors quit. They'll close up shot, count their millions upon millions of money and move onto the next company they want to buy, and do it all over again.

Gert Frobe28 days ago

Rylan Horseman, I agree, but I also play on pc. I just can't believe how many people complain period. They should change the name of this section from comments to complaints...LOL

[h0w1]wolfpack0928 days ago

They took all possible good out of the crates I get constantly 15000-20000 silver in the bronze crate 100000 silver in the silver crate and my very first gold crate 10000000 silver bring back the components

TEX13 29 days ago

Why did you removed honor busters from the gold chest????? You are really full off crap, you just take, take, and take with no warning 😡😡🤮🤮🖕🖕

JIMMYlast month

Did not receive the reward from the activities of My Mate NateDid not receive the reward from the activities of My Mate Nate.

Rylan Horsemanlast month

Idk why so many people complain about the module button placement lol i NEVER accidentally push it so idk how you all do.

TheRexYolast month

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi, Nothing can protect a developer from mass-quitting. If they do too terrible of a job, their game will die, whether it be a slow and painful death or a quick and brutal one. Either way, they need to be more careful with this game. Without the F2P player-base, the whales will be forced to fight each-other, and many will quit once they realize that they've lost their supremacy. Finally, the last players will quit once they've lost interest in a game without opponents. Ultimately, this is the anatomy of a dying game.

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

Has anyone noticed the bug on Shenzhen were you can't liberate beacon Brovo it's weird

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

Ok let me prove a point about the matchmaking bull shit if your on Amazon look at my account both of them my monster mayhem account in murder ll and my wolfpack09 account with my personally owned wolf_rage77 clan I've got good bots on both these hangers look like they would do ok job competing right now on both look at my win percentage looks like they flushed them down the toilet it's not even that I'm not even that bad of a player ik how to pit player through hell and my win percentage is below 35% on both like how ik how my bots might be good but my butch with thunder Zeus went contend with a wailers that run full ares or so Jun or all those bull shit bots mind you monster mayhem account in gold league and wolfpack09 in silver league and both I run into ares on a regular it bull shit and ima pull the escape pod cuz i can't take this much longer I already found a game on XBOX one that is better and actually free to play it's called crossout if you have it and enjoy it congrats if you dont have it by all means try it comment if you like it comment I'd you think I'm wrong with my hangers and my wins

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladilast month

Problemchild1904, Do one thing, go to Menu in the game and click on 'Read Agreement'. Whatever you said about penalizing Pixonic about, they have covered their assrs against that and all possible charges and suits.

You can't sue them no matter what they do to the game.

This is a child's play for corporates. They know how to protect their interests. They are clear, pay and play and win, don't pay and play and don't win 90% of the times.

Problemchild1904last month

Got a joke for everybody,you can laughing now,HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA PUNCH LINE............THIS GAME IS FREE TO PLAY HA HA HAHA HA. Just inject SOME GOLD

Ali Jamshidilast month

I can't playing and not supply drop

Problemchild1904last month

You know what's bullshit. Besides active module button being right there where you can accidentally activate the thing all the time. Is there should be a complete guide on these freaking Pilots their abilities. Not just some random thing when you purchase one or pulling on it decides what it's going to enhance from what I see. But we get is a video with broken English heavily accented that you cannot understand I'm not trying to be an asshole but I'm just pissed right now. I don't know I guess that's how it works uh-uh with you guys. Because there sure isn't any much information on the motherfukers. I want to thank you so much for making the all stealth little bastard robot. They comes up and stuff and then I'm stealth and goes to blow you to fucking pieces so we got to have Quantum radar but since the active module button is right in the swipe path to turn the robots it gets accidentally activated and uses all the fucking power cells. So then you cannot use your Quantum radar that doesn't last long enough it's bullshit.

Problemchild1904last month

And yeah another subject one of the players several comments below this one. Brought up a topic I think should be addressed. Which I've already mentioned about this and it's the power cells. Not necessarily the power cells themselves which he's right there are not enough provided they're too far apart. And the fact is that the activation button is right in the swipe path of the turn to control your robots left and right movements swipe path. It's almost impossible not to accidentally activate the active module button. Excuse my language but why in the fuck can it knot be on the left side where there's only one button and practically a million miles of space above it. Compared to the right side, right outside of the fire button for your weapons and pretty much almost in the center of your fire button when you're watching the screen trying to touch the button you're never hitting it in the same spot. I burn up so many power cells accidentally activating excuse my language again the motherfuking thing. It's ridiculous the scandalous shit you guys do to get money from us.

And these Pilots since we're now the puppets. Actually we've always been the puppets we just didn't know it some of us didn't.

Why can't we pick the special skill that they're going to learn. I've only got one I got it for Leo for Team Deathmatch. Which we all know there's no beacons and what is its special skill it's to speed up Leo when the other team has three or more beacons well that sure Shirley helps Leo out doesn't it. So that's my first experience with one of the pilots which was just a little while ago since they came out. It'd be nice if you guys could fix my sticking controls instead of introducing all this complicated crap to the game. Anyways I know this is falling on deaf ears they're just thought I'd try one last time. I have an ios account also and I'm in a clan and half of the clan will 15 players newer players haven't seen him for two months and say they left the game. Why can't we pick the skills.

Problemchild1904last month

There needs to be some kind of penalty to these gaming companies. For putting players in leagues higher or lower then the ones therein . When they have a league system put in place. That their matchmaking only puts players in the league that they are in with the same player base. Same thing with the nerfing of robots that have been in play for more than 15 to 30 days.. also same thing on weapons. Because they know how overpowered this shit is they play the game. A lot of us watched the live stream of the Developers against the YouTubers. Which the developers did pretty good. But the YouTubers put the Smash down in the end. So they know when they put the overpowered robots and weapons out there and all the big spender start buying them up. You know the ones that cost $100 per weapon, it holds three or four of these weapons so that's three or four hundred just for the weapons. And then since they're in highly play to level them up right away I can only imagine how much more speeding up upgrades and all that kind of thing cost and then you got the hundred-dollar robot. It also needs to be upgraded. And we're not talking about MK 2. Yeah it's it's pretty dirty. Downright ruthless the way they put the Bots out there overpowered. Sell the crap out of them, then when sales start slowing down. They Nerf them and design something more overpowered. In the name of balance. It's highway robbery. And I believe the somewhat definition to that saying highway robbery. It's like the only repair shop in the middle of the desert for 400 miles in either direction. And your car breaks down and you have to go to them and they charge you like 75% more than what a normal person would pay if not 150% or higher because, you got no choice. Yeah there should be some kind of big fine. And then for the American players probably wouldn't be a bad idea to Tweed or twit mr. Businessman himself Donald Trump. And see what Trump thinks about the high prices at the American people pay to play this game. Maybe he could set some tariffs in place. Since they said in their interview that the Americans pay and they pay big. I believe it's 40% more. See if Old Donald likes the fact that his people are getting screwed. Hell he's probably just as corrupt. You can look at him when he's giving a speech and tell that every other word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And that he's not sincere in anything he says. It's almost like watching a live stream.

Josirislast month

R0ck_0n, I like and support your idea! It’s actually disgusting to face up against insanely strong whalers. It’s practically one-sided struggle. They should either expand the legend league player slots to like top 1000 players. So that they can pit against each other like a Rome Colosseum fighters. 😁

Andrei Tomalast month

one question! why do we need to pay every time we promote a pilot? I's like paying for joining fights, and trying to be good! i already had to give 1000 gold for EACH pilot, and i still need to promote them like 3 times more until max level. what the hell pixonic?!?!? how much will you charge next time i need to promote? 5000 gold? keep your damn pilots then

FUKKK PIXlast month

OK, not many comment now, normal many comment? bad day, many player leave clan now, what happen? game not good, like old fried rice. pilot suc ng dic! what pic doing now?! i finish now, waste time. all bot in trash can, dollar wasted. feel hard trash ol spectre, bulg, delete all weapon. i no come back now, all in trash can, no recover button.

i spent big dollar, all waste now. game no fun no more, all clan sad, no win no more. low skill playr in ares kill ol skill player. just same ending, same, same, no game, just like china modern, stand there, kill you. sad good game in trash now.

pilot can suc ng dic. what you do pix, dumb dumb. you all LGBT boys with two inch punishers!!!! feel good put my hangers in trash can, all finishh, no waste time on this game. no choice, no play, no gay-bots now. game not challange, not fair. game for boy with handbag. no ball in handbag, just credit card. ares fuc game (i had 4 ares) just boring, kill easy, no skill need.

sad day, good bye pilots, ah sorry, good bye players, pilots for children who no understand. game to nowhere....

Tā mā de nǐ pix (他妈的你pix)

R0ck_0nlast month

I will tell you what they need. Further separate the players in champions' league. Many players like me that aren't full out whales with Maxed pilots and MKll everything shouldn't be constantly matched with these deep-pocketed whales.

Separate the players in higher leagues ALOT more and make it hard to promote leagues so its more likely the maxed out players fight against people in their category.

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

They need a way of earning more powercells I have struggled to keep my powercells over one grand and trust me 1000 power cells is NOT a lot I want to make sure that I have the power cells needed to gear the modules that make skillful gameplay possible every game but it's not at all possible when the only way to earn them is with the league create I mean only one place to earn something you NEED EVEY BATTLE there's no math there pixo it's hard to save then its REALLY hard cuz you NEED them pixo you made them a huge nessecity and I feel like 40 gold for 100 no hell no 340 or 350 sounds fair you can't do shit with 100 and still you need to gold for that 500 to promote you pilot bull shit man whose right mind said 500 was a good idea ik yo a business profit is key in business I get that 100% but you dont have to show a giant middle finger to the players your losing business pay to win player only benefit ima free to very little pay man can we stop forcing thousands of dollars to be competitive in this game it needs to stop pixo get yo shit together cuz you lost yo minds!!! One more thing you guessed it ARES your fuckin prized bot you make it such a OP bot I invested in one you made me do it I said I never run one to make it not dushy for other players but you gave me no choice and now I hear you majorly NERFING the fuckin thing what the hell pixo that's some bad bull shit a fuckin scam wat that shit is I'm on edge of quitting the game i fell in love with this game the first battle when it was even fair now I'm watching my favorite game going mad best clan falling like the twin towers of 9/11 the BEST clans and I see clan even fail to start you listen to these ppl complaining you say yaa well fix it yet you go and make it worse pixo why I wish it wouldn't end this way but I might be done soon I only reason i stick around is because I hope the next update will be better yet my Hope's disaster I wish you could just fix the shit you started its fucking shit just think about business.......
What would you do to help keep business up fix yo shit pixo and I'll change my mind you lost me....

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

I think the Griffin and fuljin need a buff big time pixo buffed the rijine with the shield durability and 25% damage increase when in bastion mode but fuljin has lost itself

Limlast month

I think Griffin should get ghost perk

ШHITΣDΔШΠlast month



WilsonTCT/Youtubelast month

y lo peor de todo sobre los pilotos es como van aumentando los precios exageradamente
nivel 11: 500 Au
nivel 21: 1000 Au
no me imagino como serán los demás >:v

WilsonTCT/Youtubelast month

ok me encanta griffin y leo pero no me gusta que sean tan lentos, aunque nos guste subido vida a leo no hay mucha diferencia y griffin es lento al caminar, su salto y recarga mas lento que los saltos que tienen invisibilidad, supresión y retención. Su vida es un poco bajo de verdad me encantaria que mejorar a estos 2 bots :|

WilsonTCT/Youtubelast month

por favor bajen le un poco a los precios de ascenso de los pilotos, solo por un simple ascenso son 500 de oro :|

2057cloneslast month

Mr Phill, cuz apple has a better security check and that means it takes time

R0ck_0nlast month

500g to 1000g to 1500g to 2000g??!! HAHA what a JOKE.. But of course you guys already know these whales would eat just about anything at any price didn't you?
I have played some games that show favor to Pay2Win players and I admit I am not exactly a Free2Play kind of player, I make purchases in this game but THIS??
Pixonic should be ashamed. Absolutely DISGUSTING

R0ck_0nlast month

500g to 1000g to 1500g to 2000g??!! HAHA what a JOKE.. But of course you guys already know these whales would eat just about anything at any price didn't you?
I have played some games that show favor to Pay2Win players and I admit I am not exactly a Free2Play kind of player, I make purchases in this game but THIS??
Pixonic should be ashamed. Absolutely DISGUSTING

Drunken Toddlerlast month

So where are we supposed to get the gold to buy pilots, anti control. Oh yeah. Pay money. Forget that you payed money for your invader. We just killed it. Forget that you payed money for your lockdown weapons. We just killed them. In a bit we will come out with a new bot and module that kills Ares and we will kill the Ares we suckered you all into. While we are doing this, we are hacking your phones and giving all the info to the Russian government. We just hacked your Facebook account when you logged in. Haha haha.

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

[h0w1]wolfpack09, I run my kemeho with storm tarpon with lvl 4 reactor and a anti control [worked my ass of for it] on my monster mayhem account it craps on ares all I need to do is wait till they dont know dash into there shield and dash to stay in there shield with ares with lockdown ammo won't work for long by the 5ime they lock you down they dead

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

[R!SE] Tepo's Tacos, Yo hey tepos tacos I see you in adrains stream all the time good work man check me out wolfpack09/ Amazon/ clan: wolf_ rage77..... personly owned lol

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladilast month

Sticky, Well, the fact is, if Dragoons/Marquess/Hussar are that effective aren't they good for countering Ares? You see some player or the other will find every weapon or bot as OP. But there's no dispute that Ares is OP. Even Shocktrains are. In fact the kind of weapon it is, it doesn't belong to this game at all.

However the issue is the availability of these. For the first three four months they are just exclusively available for 'special' players.

IMO they should be available to everyone from the get go. Let it be a level playing field. Then the word OP will disappear.

Stickylast month

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladi, Shocktrain been around for a while. Though they do a decent amount of damage, they were also nerfed, same with Tridents. What needs nerfed next is Ares being allowed to shoot through their own impenetrable shield. I'm okay with them being impenetrable but allowing them to shoot while they are invulnerable well doesn't add up scientifically unless it was only the Bots special weapons that fired through their shields. Another thing that needs nerfed is Dragoons / Marquess They should have a 500-550 range not the 600 they currently have and they are amazingly accurate. Pilots just needs removed from game period. I expect some changes will happen soon on some stuff no idea what will they be.

[R!SE] Tepo's Tacoslast month

WR team you all need to leave those mushrooms alone lol.

[R!SE] Tepo's Tacoslast month

2057clones, They don't even know because is not up to them. Apple inc. has to make sure the update is secure. That's why we hardly have any hackers, if not any. Plus, in my opinion this update could take more than a year is just another money grab skim

Stickylast month

Sadly because of 5.1 update many of the my fellow members stopped logging on, and then when they found out about the increments of the cost to rank Pilots, well they said they were done. 500, 1000, 1500, 2500, 5000 , 7500. I have 8 days left of VIP and then i may be done also unless Pilots are removed from the game or major changes happen. The only people that Pilots benefited was the people that didn't need them in the first place. I believe you just lost your Free to play players and most of your moderate spenders. Game Matching will increasingly become worse for players and they will find something else to do with their time and money. I'm really sad, i feel you have taken my favorite game to play and made it into something entirely different. A game where i used to try to convince my friends to start playing, i can no longer in good conscience. Pilots alone more than doubled the need for gold just with themselves. it's been a great 5 years till now.

2057cloneslast month

when is this gonna come out on ios? i am impatient now

Khiladi Bhaiya Khiladilast month

One thing I agree is there is a lot of stuff that should not be in the game like Shocktrains pilots etc.
But looking at the comments, one thing need to be clear is us players don't OWN the game. A corporate company does and that alone should be clear that they are looking for nothing else but profit.
Giving feedback is fine and critical feedback is even better, but in the end it is up to Pixonic to take it or leave it.
SIMILARLY, it is up to players to play or not. Looking at comments people absolutely hate the state of the game. If so, then don't play.
Problem is so many players promise not to play but yet every single update they come here and comment how crappy this game has become.
Life is much more than a game to get you upset guys. Other better things to do as well. Cheers.

Punkahlast month

Also, with anti suppression you didnt nerf the invader, you killed the bot. Its insane how stupid and disrespectful this idea is. After spending time and gold upgrading specific weapons and modules (heavy armor) for this bot, now it has become a jumping leo with less firepower. Obsolete. Im obviously getting refund for both the gold and premium i used on that bot, but still it cant compensate for the time WASTED on this. Over a month of my precious time. If you want to buy my account (got 2 full Ares, mercurys and 5 last stands) youcan find it advertised at FB communitys. Selling it quite cheap

Punkahlast month

Never seen so many players leaving the game prior to one update. Lots of top players (and heavy spenders) from the top clans, no one wanted pilots. Also, the news of ios/android merge is kinda scary for the ios community. If you take a look, a lot of the classic top20 clans are struggling to keep 30 players.
This was the last update for 4 of my closest friends. If you want to buy one account, now is the right time.

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

[h0w1]wolfpack09, Not to mention even in expert league every bot you see is a ares I mean who has the money for TWO FULL HANGERS OF ARES like omg some fuckin try hard had two hanger decks of ares one mrk 2 lvl 2 ares the other deck was ares getting worked on like holy shit this guy's toxic

[h0w1]wolfpack09last month

Problemchild1904, I one hundred percent agree with the tridents tho they can still be deadly played right but "played right" is not even how you play trident I have one on my natasha with thunder and pinata and I use the trident as splash damage just cuz I dont have an exedost yet trident needs that splash damage bk in order to use the splash now you need to know the range and be a weirdly sharp shooter it needs the buff back they keep making the ares good by making the counters bad...... its anoying...

Problemchild1904last month

I got to watch this voice typing. Proofread what it writes down. It just made proof read one word. Maybe it is one word. What I wanted to say was why do the new robots have to walk all bouncy and sluggish like the ones in, what is the game called Robot Warfare. So you got to go and copy them now.

Don't you guys know anything about off-road racing vehicles. No matter what the weight even tanks. Military tanks don't bounce around like that with the suspension that they have today. It's called rebound and compression damping. And since this is supposed to be taking place way in the future , meaning this game and these robots. I wouldn't think they would be bouncing around so sloppily and sluggishly. They would have state-of-the-art suspension so maybe you could take that movement out of those robots cuz it looks stupid. Quit copying everybody else. Is that where the idea of the lockdown weapons came from. Watching other games the lockdown weapons suck.

The game is getting worse and worse just because all these people that put the comments in during a live stream are kissing ass because they want a free robot and hopefully because they're brown-nosers that you guys will give them one. They're saying how they love the pilots and they love this they love that and you guys are the best and all this. Well have of that's bullshit.

Also the Lancelot in the fury are not worth upgrading two level 12. And you're not worth the cost of you guys changed because you gave me a little slight buff it durability and speed. Leo needed speed. Durability. But yeah they're it's like they're made out of class anyways now. And the tridents they don't have any Splash anymore they made my Falcon go figure. And why did we Nerf the splash radius of the tridents because the Aries Nemesis and Hades, would not be able to do their little hide and shoot bulshit. The tridents would be taking them right out of them, but not anymore they're really hard to use now the tridents . thanks a lot.

Yeah I suggest you guys go on YouTube and type in terrible Hurst truggy, and trophy truck and watch those go flying across the the whoopie doos and catch air and land and see how smooth those big old trucks go same thing with the robot I would imagine. When I see those robots walk, it reminds me the same thing of Battle of Titans commercial when the little stupid looking robots up the side of the mountain with the snow. It looks totally generic lame. Could we get Haechi returned to its former self. It's another one that's not worth 70 million in silver to take to level 12 and 7 days to wait for it to upgrade . Anyways I voice type this I did do a little proofreading and correcting but there may be some words out of place.

Mr Phill2 months ago

What if they made the ares weapons do less damage the more you fired at them

Mr Phill2 months ago

Where is IOS update? Why do you update it for android but wait to give it to IOS

Problemchild19042 months ago

This game is way too complicated now. Pilots you're lame. Aries is way overpowered what you obviously know. Because you guys play the game. You remember the team of doves that played against the YouTubers. Anyways just thought I'd share this with you I'm not using the pilots the pilots with a joke. Now they call us Commanders. When Ashley there the commanders of manipulation. But we are to them is weeping puppets all along. Hate to say it but it's true.

geremyand12 months ago

Hola.. me gustaria que optimizaran lo graficos para lis celulares que no soportan muchos graficos.. gracias

Sed Prime2 months ago

Eloheim, Blame on you. nothing of necessity. You do it by choice.

The typical disgusting player who believes that following the ways of the game will achieve something. The same thing happened with the Specter, everyone considered it the best and now it is a crap that only 2 seconds and then it is destroyed. The only ones who use it are the losers who do not accept to throw their money in the trash.

And you are equal to them. You could easily use a Bulwark or a Falcon but no. You choose the disgusting Ares just because it's more "strong"

That robot is the only thing he does is hide and only goes out to fight when he has the skill loaded.

It is the same repulsive gameplay that the specter had and the same idea of:

"Be the best robot"

For me, you and all the players with your ignorant and painful mentality can go to hell with the whores that gave birth to them.

And when the Ares is a useless garbage, and there is another robot with the junk gameplay to hide. You will be saying the same thing.

But how much ignorance -_-

I have 2 Raijin mk2, a bulwark and an Inquisitor Thunder / Storm.

And I've beaten several ares. They are cowardly robots managed by weak people and without self-esteem. Obvious sok easy to defeat and humiliate.

And I'm sure that all the times that your Ares was destroyed, it was at the hands of any robot but never of another Ares.

Think about it. Stupid child -_-

Chonchiz2 months ago

No Nerf to Ares? -_-, you still adding new equipment without increase the rewards for upgrade them. Free players we earn 180k of silver (if we are lucky) on each battle, it's impossible to upgrade all out stuff.

Steven Fletchall2 months ago

Legendary pilots are nerfed because they only get their unique ability with ONE robot. When that robot becomes obsolete like they all do eventually you then have a pilot with 1 LESS skill than other pilots.... and the skill is not really better than normal skills.

Hopefully Pixonic realized this mistake and gives the unique ability in ADDITION to the normal skills. (i.e. one extra skill for a specific robot)

#TheReaperElliot2 months ago

Eloheim, I do agree. the ares is waaaay too OP and even one can take out 3 of my lvl. 9 leo's. what they should do is have the shield be able to go down like a bulwark and then it regens super fast. they should also nerf the cooldown time from whatever it is like, 15 seconds and have it be like 25 seconds. I'm always killing an ares and it just uses it's ability every i swear ten seconds. it's very annoying. if that doesn't work, they could just have the ares have some type of lancelot shield and have it absorb damage that way so it can be attacked from the sides and behind. they should also buff the gareth and the stalker. i have them both at lvl. 9 and gareth has 69k Hp but like 123k health for it's shield like, are you kidding me? For the stalker, it has 75k health and if you don't have like mk2 gusts or halos, or magnums or whatever else, you're screwed when your stealth ability is depleted. Finally after this update, or another one, they will have the raven for silver like, it is just a griffin with 2 jumps and that's it. nothing special and no dramatic health differences. If you ask me, they should have the griffin for components because look at the advantages in health and it takes way less time to upgrade, i mean look at the difference in these links;
thanks for reading this (if you did) and if you work at pixonic, please at least consider some of my nonstop rants. If you wanna check out my youtube channel it's called #TheReaperElliot (that's also my name in war robots).

Papi2 months ago

J.A.R.V.I.S., Je vous remercie pour la traduction, chaque commentaires négatif posté sur ce site et modifié avent publication. J'aime ce jeux mais je n'aime pas la direction que le jeux a pris, pixonic veut toujours plus d'argent.

Noctaire2 months ago

Still waiting for the update to drop on iOS. Looks good from what I’ve seen/heard of the Android release....

Alpha2 months ago

Eloheim, Very true my friend. But remember when spectre was an insane rboot in the game? Obviously it's not as bad as Ares, but it was pretty bad, I remember thinking...four orkans on one robot!? But they fixed it now, it's a pretty balanced robot now. Im just hoping they'll fix ares the same way..

J.A.R.V.I.S.2 months ago

Papi, I had to translate your comment ro English:
"Once again, an update that will only benefit the wealthiest players, modules and pilot skills are even more cheat than previous updates, 40 power cells paid for the new modules ????? No, but are you serious about doing that ??? You spit in the face of the players the only thing that interests Pixonic is our wallet ... And for the pilots it is necessary to pay gold for the recruits, to pay gold to have a competence and to pay 500 gold every time you ride 10lvl, ha yes ... Gold or yellow pilots costs 2500 .... And you find that perfectly normal ???? Thank you .. once again you disgusted me, I more want to see this game evolve, thank you for spoiling the best PvP games on mobile ..."

Excusez mon français

So the legendary pilots cost 2500 Au and the promote them to level 70 with 7 skills it will cost around 20 000 gold:

level 11 = 500 Au
level 21 = 1000 Au
level 31 = no data but I guess 2500?
level 41 = no data but I guess 3500?
level 51 = no data but I guess 5000?
level 61 = 7500 Au

20,000 Au (Nice round number for promoting a maxed pilot)

Papi2 months ago

Une fois de plus, une mise a jour qui va profiter seulement au joueur les plus fortunés, des module et des compétences de Pilote encore plus cheat que avent la mise a jour, 40 orbe a payé pour les nouveaux modules ????? Non mais vous êtes sérieux de faire ça ??? Vous cracher au visage des joueurs la seul chose qui vous intéressent chez nous c'est notre porte monnaie... Et pour les pilotes il faut payer de l'or pour les recruté, payer de l'or pour avoir une compétence et payer 500 or a chaque fois que vous monté 10lvl, ha oui... Les pilotes or ou jaune coûte 2500.... Et vous trouverez cela parfaitement normal ???? Merci.. une fois de plus vous me dégoûté, j'ai plus envie de voir ce jeux évoluer, merci d'avoir gâcher le meilleur jeux PvP sur mobile...

J.A.R.V.I.S.2 months ago

Eloheim, @Eloheim Pixonic will create a special module for 5000 gold that when equipped can penetrate ARES's purple shield. Just wait for it and you will see. ;)

And you will need to buy 5 of them in order to kill the Areses.

Eloheim2 months ago

Why would you allow Anticontrol to effect suppression!? That nerfs an entire line of robots,. Its ok that it prevents lockdown, that part makes sense, but by negating ths suppression effect you guys have destroyed a group of robots that were otherwise balanced. How about doing something about the Ares and the Absorber shield?????? The game is so unbalanced right now that the only robot worth running is the Ares. I run three of them, and its not by choice but necessity.

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