Patch Notes

War Robots 5.0 Update Notes

by War Robots - 19.04.2019

Anniversary Event (coming soon!)

Upgrade Overdrive

During the event, ALL equipment upgrades require 25% less silver. Great time to give your hangar a makeover!

Special Delivery

Complete event tasks, get tokens and win new equipment. Each day you receive 3 new tasks. If you complete all three, you get enough to open one crate.

The crates themselves are pretty hefty. Here's what you can get:

  • Full robots: Ragnarok Squad, Eldritch Ares, Imperial Hades, Infinity Nemesis
  • Ragnarok Squad components (500-2500)
  • Blaze, Marquess, Calamity components (1000 or full weapon)
  • Au: 300 - 1000
  • Power Cells: 1500

Arena Season

For five consecutive weekends Arena mode will take over the Skirmish place. It is a competitive mode where skill and only skill matters. Everyone contributes some gold to the prize pool and fights for the top prize in a completely even free-for-all match.

All contestants have same hangars and same starting conditions. If you're good at War Robots, it is a great time to prove it!

Special Editions: Ares and Hades

During the event, you can get Eldritch Ares and Imperial Hades from the Special Delivery crates. Later on they will be added to the Super Chest.

Robots: Ragnarok Squad

Shapeshifter robots Loki, Tyr and Fenrir will  first available in Special Delivery crates during the event

Weapons: Blaze, Marquess, Calamity

Original, non-dragon versions of these weapons will first be available in Special Delivery crates during the event

Balance Changes

Note: all stats are listed for level 12 Mk 1


[Buff] Rayker
Projectiles per ability use 1 → 5
Damage per projectile 2562 → 3050 (15250 if you hit all 5)

As last rebalance has allowed Rayker to fit better into the support sniper role, it still was too hard to utilize when you're fighting on your own. Now more damage will give you more opportunities to be effective on your own. And splitting that extra across 5 projectiles will give a larger opportunity window for your teammates to react.

[Nerf] Mercury
Ability cooldown 15 s → 18 s

[Nerf] Invader
Durability 325k → 305k
Movement Speed 40 kph → 44 kph
Ability cooldown 13 s → 16 s

With buffs to Mercury and Invader last time many agreed we went a bit overboard. While that might be fine on its own, Lock-down Ammo change (see below) has cemented our decision to take some of their power away.

[Buff] Blitz
Durability 130k → 145k
Damage per projectile 610 → 1150
Aegis durability 50k → 65k
Movement speed (base) 45 kph → 55 kph

Blitz is one of those “almost there” robots that are fun and rewarding to pilot, but pale in comparison to other options. So we are giving Blitz a bit of everything. New numbers won’t change its gameplay drastically, but will hopefully allow it to compete better.

[Buff] Nemesis
Durability 170k → 180k
Damage taken converted into ability damage 30% → 50%

[Buff] Hades
Retribution weapon lock-on and projectile speed improved
Ability damage (base) 15500 → 17500

While Ares has, undeniably, dominated the rest of the Pantheon, Nemesis and Hades found quite a bit of success. Not as much though, as they had some significant drawbacks.

Nemesis’ shield has a much lower cooldown and allows for a more reactive gameplay. However, due to the lower duration it is harder to use the shield for extra offensive power. We are increasing the amount of absorbed damage that is converted into Retribution damage.

In Hades’ case, its weapon just didn’t feel great enough, so tuned its parameters to make it more responsible.

[Buff] Weyland
Mode switch speed increased
Durability 235k → 250k
Repair radius 75 m → 100 m
Repair per tick 1450 → 1550

When you’re Weyland, keeping up with your teammates is often a pain: you just turned your Repair mode on — and they are already far out of your range.

We have made the mode switch faster and increased the Repair radius to ease Weyland pilots’ pain. Someone had to take care of the doctor.

[Tweak] Mender
Number of pulses: 3 → 4
Repair per pulse: 18500 → 15250
Full ability duration: + 1 s

This change should encourage Menders to stick even closer to their teammates. With longer speed/defence boosts along with extra repairs for hitting all 4 pulses, that should seem like an even better idea.

Weapons and Modules

[Buff] Wasp
Projectiles per second 1 → 1.18, damage 3650 → 3950, damage over time 400 → 500

[Buff] Pulsar
Projectiles per second 3.7 → 4.5, damage 1550 → 1750

[Tweak] Redeemer
Ammo capacity 12 → 18
Projectiles per shot  2 → 3
Delay between projectiles 0.2 s → 0.15 s
Delay between shots 1.5 s → 1.3 s
Damage per projectile 10160 → 7250

These changes are mostly tied to how weapons feel. Wasp, Pulsar and Redeemer were slighly underwhelming in that department due to their lower pace of shooting. We have rebalanced them focusing exactly on that, also making them slightly more powerful.

[Buff] Corona
Projectiles per second 1.4 → 2
Reload time 1.4 s → 1 s

Corona and Halo now shoot and reloadin the same rhythm. That should make combining on robots like Griffin or Ares them feel more natural.

[Buff] Lock-down Ammo
Now gives 100% chance of Lock-down for 5 sec (robots still cannot be affected by the same effect twice in a row)

This change opens many incredible possibilities: Invader, Mercury and Hellburner locking down everyone in the radius, using one Avenger magazine to Lock-down the whole team and so on. Unlocking the maximum potential of Lock-down Ammo still requires some good practice — but now you don’t have to rely on luck.

Other changes

  • [Buff] Strider. Ability cooldown: 12 s → 10 s
  • [Buff] Leo. Durability 226k → 244k
  • [Buff] Galahad. Durability 120k → 140k
  • [Buff] Raijin. Shield durability 150k → 170k
  • [Buff] Shocktrain. Maximum charges 7 → 6, damage per charge 1920 → 2015
  • [Buff] Shredder. Lock-down chance 26% → 34%
  • [Buff] Ion. Damage 13600 → 14050
  • [Buff] Glory. Damage 19650 → 21750
  • [Nerf] Trident. Splash radius 19 m → 12 m
  • [Nerf] Avenger. Bullet spread increased (+5%)

Paint Jobs and Special Editions

Eldritch Ares, Imperial Hades, Infinity Nemesis
(first available in Special Delivery)

Arctic Haechi, Redline Hellburner
(available with the release)

Usability and bug fixes

  • [Matchmaking] Fixed an issue causing teams of several 2-3 people squads to get matched against solo players
  • [UI] Added in-combat interface options menu. You can now select whether or not you want to see your teammates' durability bars mid-game
  • [Weapons] Fixed an issue with Glory sometimes not dealing damage when it should
  • [Robots] Hover shouldn’t get stuck between buildings near beacon E anymore
  • [Robots] Fury doesn’t get stuck on slopes on Castle
  • [Modules] Added sounds for Repair Kit and Lock-down Ammo modules activation
  • [PC] Fixed several issues/exploits for Steam/Gameroom version
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