Patch Notes

War Robots 4.8 Update Notes

by WR_Tofsla - 11.03.2019

In Short

  • Black Market rebalance
  • Reduced upgrade timers (again!)
  • New Ares paint jobs
  • FFA tweaks
  • Bug fixes and optimization tweaks

Update 4.8 is mostly focused on technical changes. We work on stability, moving some parts of the game to the new tech to build a foundation for future changes. 
Also, Lunar New Year visuals and music are gone — until the next year!

Also check

Kyle Rogers' Story


Devstream (01.03.19)

Black Market rebalance

We keep improving the Black Market to make it more clear and fair. This set of changes is the biggest one we ever introduced.
First, if you get something from the chests, it will either be universal resources (Silver, Gold, Keys) or items you can immediately start using.
We also got rid of Boosters. As handy as they are, that's not a very fun reward to get — so we removed them from all chests.

As before, all possible chest contents are listed in the game. Be sure to check them out!

Bronze Chest

Only resources
Whether you're a new or old player, everyone could use some Silver or Gold. Now when you open the lesser chest, you can be sure that you'll receive exactly that.
On all levels, this is your go-to option for turning keys into silver and gold. There's also a chance for key packs (10, 20, 100) which will help you progress towards the Super Chest — or just to a bigger reward.

Silver Chest

Resources and items
Bigger Silver (100k-200k) and Gold (30-100) packs, as well as middle-tier equipment. No components.

Gold Chest

More resources and even better items

No keys, no components. Only complete high tier items, as well as the biggest Silver (3M-10M) and Gold (1000-5000) packs.

Super Chest

Strongest, newest items
You get the Super Chest after opening the same number of regular Black Market chests as before.
But now every time you open the Super Chest, you receive something you can use right away. No Components, no resources — only full items, only top tier stuff.
Every time you open the Super Chest, you should get something big. That's the rule now.

Reduced upgrade timers (again!)

In 4.7 we reduced the amount of time you need to upgrade your items. Now guess what? We do that again.
Full list of changes:

Ares paint jobs

Magma, Obsidian, Amber

Free For All tweaks

Statistically, in Free For All matches take longer than in any other mode — at least, for 2-3 players that aren't knocked out during the first couple of minutes.

To prevent FFA shootouts from dragging, we reduce the amount of respawns a robot can have by increasing the token cost of 2nd, 3rd and 4th respawns.


Tokens to respawn




















Pantheon: coming to Workshop

  • March 5 — Nemesis
  • March 12 — Hades
  • March 19 — Ares

Bug fixes

  • Hellburner's ability sound now plays properly in sync with its animation
  • Lock-down Ammo effect doesn't trigger after module's duration is over
  • UI now supports Android devices with wide aspect ratio and display notches
  • Improved stability across all devices


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Papi2 months ago

Une fois de plus pixonic volé des utilisateurs avec des faux événement truqué. Vous aurez la chance de payer pour gagner le droit de vous battre contre les champions en MK2, j'ai payé 100 euros de jeton pour gagner deux Némésis a la suite et un Loki qui est le robot que personne ne veut utiliser telement il est Pourris, et si vous voulez faire le supercoffre vous pourrez gagné des robots que vous avez déjà payé ou qui ne vois servira jamais. S'il vous plaît ne donnez plus d'argent a pixonic, avec les pilotes qui arrivent pixonic veux faire payez un maximum de personnes, il ne faut surtout pas payer, gardé votre argent ou donner a des associations pour aidée les personnes qui on besoin, pixonic va vous volé et vous serez forcément déçus.... Et si vous voulez faire le supercoffre, j'ai fait 3 mois de supercoffre et de pub gratuit, j ' ai pas gagné une seule fois 100 clé, pour les coffres à 100 clé j'ai pas gagné d'arme ou de robot. S'IL VOIS PLAÎT ÉCOUTER MOI ET NE DONNEZ PLUS VOTRE ARGENT À PIXONIC, L'ASSISTANCE NE VOUS RÉPOND PAS SI VOUS AVEZ UN PROBLÈME, MAIS DITE LEUR QUE VOUS AVEZ UN PROBLÈME POUR FAIRE UN PAIEMENT IL VONT RÉPONDRE DANS L'HEURE POUR VOUS AIDÉ A FAIR VOTRE PAIEMENT ... MAIS PAS POUR RÉSOUDRE VOTRE PROBLÈME SUR LE JEUX.

Gabriel Navas3 months ago



Problemchild19043 months ago

Really starting to hate this game. As I said before that active activation button for the modules should be on the left side where there's nothing it's wide open one button the joystick but yet there's three on the right side in close proximity of each other so we waste power cells right so will buy them want to buy no fucking power cells. I don't think I'll even be getting premium again you guys are a rip-off

Problemchild19043 months ago

I'm getting tired being matched with leagues to higher than mine. Masters and Champs I am an expert and I'm getting fucking sick of it. About ready to leave this game and he scandalous bastards . what's the fucken league system for. Is the league system to match you with higher leagues than what you are in. It's not right and I'm getting sick of it

Leonard Martins3 months ago

and even slutting with us the roulette just gives me Silver I never won a good prize and look I've already opened 3mil chests at once. not to mention that I need five robots from my team to knock down an enemy robot, now tell me there how can this be possible ??

Nameless fighter4 months ago

Have a little bug about battle modes..There is only Domination available

FUKKK PIX4 months ago

I see Spectre still play FFA!? Why play in Spectre, no chance to win! Girl bots - Invader & Ares, Ao Jun kill Spectre in few second. (no offence to girl player, Ares have pretty blue magic wands, all girl like magic wand. Invader is spider bot - you know spiders have no penissssss! for nice boys with 2-inch punisher ha ha ha).

FFA no good for Spectre, Haechi, Inquisitor. To old now. No skill player kill them easy. Pix stop them playing in FFA please. it only disappoint them - game over in 2 minute. all skill player left game now, only easy kill bots play FFA. some in my clan complain, leave game upset, disappoint game finish in 2 minute. i tell them, get good bot, no skill need, easy kill.

i see many negative comment. don't take game serious. game in China toilet now. old player just stay low, under 5000 cup.
leave FFA to new champ in girl bots ha ha ha. so many girl player now - very good.

pix nothing to resolve, game ok. just old spectre in ffa - sorry for him. can you fix game and stop old bot in ffa?

Problemchild19044 months ago

Leo needs a speed buff not hp. The button to activate the Active Module should be on the left side of the Screen

A William Moore4 months ago

I have been playing for a while now but lately there has been a major problem with lag, While playing the robot is to ,slow and dose its own thing, e.g shooting by itself to moving by itself. Also while using boosts which is a waste of time as the game tries to find players then up to 20 minutes goes by and i only end up with 10 minutes of game time before boosts run out, This seams to be an ongoing problem. Some times it says searching for players and never finds any opponents Please are you able to help to resolve any of these problems. Thank you from DREMILLIOUS. NS5RKR.

Terry Adrian4 months ago

I agree with some of the changes but I don't think it's the right move nerfing Orkans or Avengers. These are some of the only weapons available to free to play players that are capable of actually putting them in the fight. It seems you only want all of the premium weapons to be powerful so players will want to acquire them and to hell with those that can't afford such luxuries. I don't speak for myself either, I've been playing for over four years now and have everything I could want. I see what you are doing to this game and the free players and I just can't ignore it because it's cruel. You give them no chance of being competitive without paying. That, by definition, is pay to win.

FUKKK PIX4 months ago

Oh, too many negative comment. Ha Ha Ha, this good game now, easy kill with magic wands! Ares, easy, killllll everything, no skill! Hmmm, too many spider bot (ha ha ha). Spiders have no penisssss, ha ha ha...all girl playing game now. Spider everywhere. Maybe nice boy with 2 inch punisher ha ha ha. really, girl bot - no ball in hand bag ha ha ha.

ok, Ares (airhead) bot no skill, ok, but easy. no like hard game, stop negative comment. it easy now. just kill everyone with magic wand now. Oh, flying rice burner - noone can win when flying flame thrower (Ao Jun) arrive ha ha ha more easy (no skill) kill :-)

Old bot with big ball in bag finish now. get new easy kill bot, you be happy, laughing. No 'rebalance' by Pix-my-nose, just killer bots.

tank you Pix for easy job, no years of play for skill, just fly and kill, nobody touch, easy, predicable game now.

backtothefront4 months ago

MAXPOW3R, I think when they set up these chests, they just sit back and laugh at the 'suckers' that buy into their fraud roulette. It will never change, they will never change.

All they did when they changed up the black market is change up what sort of crap is in what chest. The same thing invariably get the lowest value items, routinely, in whatever chest you crack open. It's rigged. Tvis is old news.

I stopped opening chests about a year ago. Even before I stopped, I knew it was rigged, but I had the false belief that I was actually getting ahead with whatever it was that I got from them.

You don't get ahead. You are better off just battling and bashing through, upping your ability/skill and watching the endless droves of idiots that chase Pixo's carrots dangled from a stick.

However, these days the droves of idiots are dwindling. You see the same people in battle repeatedly now. Pixo's BS has caught up to them. It's like they're addicted to swindling.

MAXPOW3R4 months ago

Seriously why on God’s green earth would you include Adisappointing prizes in the Super Chest at all? I just ‘’won’ an Exodus and nearly threw up. Who would WANT THAT? with resale value of a couple million silver? Why would you want anyone to feel that kind of disappointment after attaining something like that

Oleksiy Cvetkov4 months ago

Apollo Noel, идиотина подумай мозгами почему люди играют не увсех людей есть сильные компьютеры и телефоны вот и играют в эту дерьмовую игру

Oleksiy Cvetkov4 months ago

разработчики подскажите как играть игрокам на роботах и оружии 8-10 уровня против противника мк2-12 уровня и как играть против кланов рандомом вы например бы сомной поганяли б на машине ставка 100 000 тысяч долларов я на фэрари а вы на тоете королле 1996 года выпуска и кто по вашему победит конечно жэ я на фэрари исправляйте баланс игры люди уходят с игры я раньше загружался в бой 10-20 секунд щяс по 2 минуты жду

backtothefront4 months ago

Apollo Noel, STFU shill.

Said from a player that doesn't complain about matchmaking, or workshop, or even pay for bots/weapons.

You skip over what irritates those of us that just go out and battle...

Things like the purposeful placement of the health booster button, or the fucking inane target lock system (that only makes dealing with tough 'multiple robots in front of you' situations practically impossible). The introduction of lock-down weapons - so that clowns like yourself - can actually succeed in this game. (Seriously, what would half you goons do if you didn't have stealth or lock-down weapons to target slower bots? You'd suck even worse is what you'd do. The only time you guys get me is when I'm dealing with 3 of you at once. That's pretty pathetic, considering I run old, slow bots with no special protections. It's indicative of the lack of skill that is subsidized by over-powered bots and abilities in this game. )

Pix makes money off the likes of folks like you that, without doubt, suck up every idiotic gimmick they come up with so you can win some battles with ridiculous and improbable scenarios...and then actually think that you won said battles by virtue of your ability.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see what sort of implementations Pixonic actually does with their slight of hand developing.

What an unapologetic brown-noser such as yourself doesn't realize is that guys like me, that have been playing the same bots for a LONG time, are pretty clued in to changes of the effectiveness of said bots. A toot such as yourself, whom chases gimmick after gimmick wouldn't notice that because you're too busy chasing a fucking carrot dangled in front of you.

Again, STFU.

Problemchild19044 months ago

Mimikyu94, Last I checked I earned every single thing I have. No one gave me any thing. Do you think brown nosing is going to get you anywhere.

Problemchild19044 months ago

It's a bunch of bullshit. Lately I've been spending money on this game. Buying gold & premium. But all premium doses is drain your silver and you can't pay for the upgrade. With all these crazy weapons and robots put out so fast last year. Its getting to be to much . There's some 50 different types of weapons now & more than 40 robots. And every one is right the upgrade times are not what they say. And it was you guys who Fucked up the Economy with your Scandalous shit last year. I'm really starting to hate this game. Right now I'm getting my kicked & I checked the other players and sure enough.Im expert 3. But 5 of the other players are masters 1 & 2 . Some with 4 hanger decks. Each one with some mk2 gear. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LEAGUE SYSTEM FOR?. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU HAVE THE MOTHER FUCKER IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO USE IT. YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKED UP. AND BECAUSE WHERE YOU'VE GOT THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE THE MODULES. IM OUT OF POWER CELLS. ATLEAST HALF OF THEM ARE USED FOR NOTHING. SINCE THE BUTTON'S IN THE SWIPE PATH TO TURN THE ROBOT. THEY GET BURNED UP BY HITTING THE BUTTON ACCIDENTALLY WHEN TURNING THE ROBOT. BUT THE WHOLE OTHER SIDE OF THE SCREEN IS WIDE OPEN. AND THE BUTTON SHOULD BE THERE AND THEY KNOW IT. Why is right were we will hit it. You guys are Fucked up. And then theres the getting Fucked out of your kill credit issues. Anyway more time waisted writing this .........

Gmoney4 months ago

woshidaveyboy, Agreed, the databases are not current and do not match across OS Splatforms! Fix it!

Gmoney4 months ago

Gmoney, Edit- the 1 at L9 cost to go to L10 is 7.5mil and 1.5+ days, just to clarify that it is less than and correct compared to the other L8 to L9 wanting 13mil and 3+ days. I have paid into the system for gold sales in the past, never premium though and have no intent to even pay on the sales anymore until this is fixed. Databases across all platforms for their game do not match. I have a friend plays on Apple tablet and he does not see the issues I see on Amazon gamecircle tablet platform.
Please fix this mismatch! G$

Gmoney4 months ago

Apollo Noel, Not a hater here. On Amazon it seems that the game is mismanaged. v4.8 is supposed to decrease timing to upgrade. Here is my case that was dismissed today as having 1 scourge older than July 2018 and the other newer. Not possbile since I didnt play until Sept 2018.
2 scourges, both at L8, showed 6mil upgrade, ok upgraded 1 fine. I then go to upgrade the other and NOW it shows the time is doubled to 3 day and the cost is 13 mil, not correct. The one that is now L9 shows a day and half at 7.5mil, seems right. Now I have a L8 scourge that they expect 13mil to go to L9? Nope. I even provided the screen shot showing the mismatched times and costs. Wow.
Being so $ driven and is now a very poorly managed game, it was better when I started last year. Brian Jaeger is the support person that even though I provided my game ID, didnt even look to see when I started, didnt look at the screenshots I provided, just gave the canned incorrect response. Sad I now have mismatched weapons unless I save forever to match them up.
So simple to fix the database to be correct, instead disrespect to the customer .
So Noel, if you blindly do amount of silver will ever suffice when the numbers randomly change as they see fit!

Voodles4 months ago

The invader's legs-getting-stuck problem needs to be next!

Francesco Tursi4 months ago

good evening, I also wanted to point out the big problems of movement that the invader has in small spaces

Apollo Noel4 months ago

This is for all the rude Pixonic haters; if you hate the game so much stop playing! Is the game challenging at times? Yes, matchmaking is roller coaster but ultimately keeps you moving forward. Besides who wants to play an easy game? Are weapons and bots ridiculously expensive to actually buy? Of course, so don't buy them! Does it take long to build them in workshop? Yes, but it is possible. And if you're a developer you want people to stick around right? This is a free game but it's also a business. Ultimately Pixonic wants to get paid. Do you think Pixonic developers volunteer their time to bring you a free game just for fun? So again, if you think it's so unfair or ridiculous in any way stop playing! Or go develop your own game that is perfect for you and players around the world...tall order right? It's not to say that criticisms or suggestions shouldn't be voiced however learn to do so in a constructive and respectful manner.

Apollo Noel4 months ago

Loving the new update. Game Stability has improved dramatically! Black Market rebalance is definitely better. And faster upgrade times are always welcomed. Good job!

woshidaveyboy4 months ago

woshidaveyboy, -- this shows old data (9 6,000,000 11,088 55,440 2 days, 2 hours) -- have you updated your database?

woshidaveyboy4 months ago

About the position of the button to activate healing, etc. ... nobody is talking about it anymore, but you promised that the button would be moved for this version. Where it is... I can't concentrate all the time to miss the button. My thumb will naturally hit it. The button should be moved. Further, I don't even concentrate on using the button. I have given up. The button will activate healing, even when I haven't received a single shot. Please, please... move the button. If you don't, that part of the game is useless to me, and gives others who handle the button a tactical advantage.

woshidaveyboy4 months ago

I'm trying to do an upgrade on my Thunder from Level 8 to Level 9. The new chart after the 4.8 version said that the upgrade time changed from 24 hours to 20 hours. The chart at agrees with that, and says the cost should be $3m, but in game (Android version), my upgrade on the Thunder shows at $6m and 2d 2h. Can you please check this and see if it is an anomaly (and is incorrect) or if your upgrade advice is incorrect?

backtothefront4 months ago

Punkah, That makes zero sense. This 'is' damage that I did to opponents.

If I'm understanding you right, if you're thumb swipes that idiotic button, the damage you do while you've got the green hula hoop is not counting towards your actual damage being dealt? Or even if you're standing next to a weyland/mender?

If that's the case, then yes, Pix is still screwing (in this way).

Punkah4 months ago

backtothefront, Dude, nothing is wrong, nor pixo is screwing you (this way). Since the introduction of healing, the damage you heal (using mender/weyland or even healing yourself modules) counts as damage you’ve done on your battle stats. Thats the way theyve found to promote the using of healing bots (and later modules), the more you the more silver you get. But since “damage healed” it is not “real” damage, it wont account for your highest damage ever (or tasks). Only damage done to opponents

backtothefront4 months ago

Alright fellow pilots...

Keep an eye on your earnings. I've noted two discrepancies in the past couple days where Pix is shortchanging. The first that I noticed was my highest damage to date in a battle where I did 1.3 million and change in damage. It was not and still has not been recorded in my stats.

Today, in my first battle of the day, I did 800k+ in damage and when I went to look at my tasks (one of which was to 2.5 million in damage) it showed a low 700k.

Clearly Pix's tabulating is skewed.

Pay attention. I'm sure this is happening on multiple levels, from when you directly hit a bot and don't get shit, to you being hit when in all fairness you shouldn't have. (Jumping away from aphids/vortexes well in advance, seeing them miss you, yet still taking full damage as one example of many).

I'm skeptical if this is some sort of error, or Pix doing their thing. A snake doesn't change its colors.

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

I would honestly like think more keys need to be given out with how the chests % are and wth is any one gonna do with the 12k silver they get from that chest you said you did it so you could start using the earnings immediately but made thins slower and worse

Juan Sebastian Montes4 months ago

When they are going to put the interface so that the user chooses the game mode on the STEAM platform as it appears on Android devices?

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

Match making is bs I just got into gold 1 yesterday but I’m going against diamond 3 -expert 2 and I just keep losing massive amounts of points this is getting really old considering I win 1 out 3 games now and it’s just fucking my score over and my team can ever get past quarter way on the map

DASHITZ4 months ago

Well, fact is you folks at don't know what you're doing technically. A friend who has a very old account showed me the upgrade time for a thunder he had at level was the old time of 18 hours. Then he bought a new thunder and showed me the upgrade time for upgrade from level 5 and it was the new time of 8 hours.

So I thought I would check the upgrade time for one of my old robots. A fujin at level 6. According to the chart the old time was 30 hours and the new time is 24.

So what is it for my fujin to upgrade to level 7? One day and 19 hours (43 hours total)

Well done mail. Ru, you've really got this game development stuff mastered.

Anghel Guerrero4 months ago

por fvor señore de war robot desde que actulize el juego 4.8 el juego noresponde kisiera que me ayudaran por favor

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

Getting stuck on building should really get fixed when in the middle of a shoot out it often Fs your over trynna walk off or jump on and you get stuck on the side

Brandon Hitchings4 months ago

Getting stuck on building should really get fixed when in the middle of a shoot out it often Fs your over trynna walk off or jump on and you get stuck on the side

Jinhernandez4 months ago

Yeah that's great that I have is shorter upgrade times and I appreciate the efforts but u guys are flipping crazy with the prices $100 for a bit and 2 weapons WTF! Also why give us shorter upgrade times and give us 50% less GOLD! And seriously u didn't fix the biggest problem everyone has in here which is your bogus matchmaking system. I'm seriously considering leaving this PAY-To-WIN! game

Stephen Collom4 months ago

The game is bad, and it ain’t getting any better. I love the way you put again in brackets like you are doing us a favour when it’s you that have made upgrade times the longest in mobile phone history. It saddens me the game has so much potential but is run by idiots,

HEATHEN CAT4 months ago

Judging by how long it takes for matches to start now compared to a year ago I'd say Walking War Robots has just about been screwed up too much for players to actually enjoy it anymore. So much so that even new players are understandibly turned off by the crazy as nuts abilities and utterly unfair variety of boosters that completely unbalance any type of competitive gameplay.

The game was once right on the verge of becoming a very popular competitive team sport. Blatant and openly advertised over-monetization, fantastical weapons and robot abilities, the crazy casino like "bonus" activities, and the addition of game competition destroying "boosters", all of it together over time has nearly nailed the coffin shut on what should have been a wildly popular e-sport by this time.

Congratulations, and PIXONIC, on shooting yourselves in the feet and legs as you took a near masterpiece of game programming and chipped away at it until you created a useless pile of bytes. You should be so very proud of yourselves for not just destroying the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of players but depriving hundreds of thousands more from ever experiencing the true competitive gameplay of what was once Walking War Robots. You all deserve a very, very special reward but unfortunately federal law prevents me from sending you your very deserved pile of fresh steaming cat turds.

Peter Shaw4 months ago

I know this game ist defenetly not dead but I hope it‘ll die very very soon and you guys from Paysonic have to lose your job!
Loved you WWR and I love the commeunity!
By the way sorry for my bad english im from germany.
And by the way no.2 nobody in my clan is playing this Shit anymore.

D3VIL794 months ago

The invader has serious problems climbing the ramps, is it possible to solve?

Bloodbreath4 months ago

Votopl, Weak sauce.

If your posts valuable you don’t need to spam. We can create a conversation about the Raijin shield not but not on all the repeat posts. I haven’t experienced the Raijins physical shields failing. Are you on android or ios?

Bloodbreath4 months ago

@PIXONIC - Move the chat box to not cover your far-left robots level in the hanger. Thanks for staying on top of balances.


Am I Evil4 months ago

The last 36 times with bronze chests I have had 10k silver 23 times ,12k silver 11 times ,7 gold 1 time a Pinata 1 time so the rebalance will be taken with a pinch of salt.
And the only reason for reducing upgrade times is to make you buy more silver with cash as the amount after last upgrade has diminished each battle by around 50%

Sylvain Audet4 months ago

physcial shield does not work on the rhino as well

Sylvain Audet4 months ago

Is it just me or physical Shield no longer protect the robots from damage like before ? Tried Rhino and Raijin and received full damage from all weapons including energy weapons , not just area damage that on purpose ?

Votopl4 months ago

The physical shield does not work in the raij

Votopl4 months ago

The physical shield does not work in the raij

Will Barajas4 months ago

so is this spreadsheet still up to date?

Votopl4 months ago

The physical shield does not work in the raij

Votopl4 months ago

The physical shield does not work in the raij

Votopl4 months ago

The physical shield does not work in the raij

Herb4 months ago

I worry about the new medium ember and dragoon they plan on releasing. I see another age of spectres everywhere on the field coming once again.

Lahav (Blade)4 months ago

Oooo, flying rice burner! evereewhereeeee! fry ass's ha ha ha. china man love rusky, tank u for flying cracker, not real bot, this now not war robot, now 'china rule everywhere' with rice burner in ding sky. this like china real, XiJP style, shoot everyone in back, ha ha ha love Winnie-the-Pooh!!!

no balance bot, just toy cracker, not real bot, fly, spit fire, no victory, just fry ass. love fry ass, smell like Winnie-the-Pooh ha ha ha. special rice for china. we no soccer, just ping pong, play with XiJPball ha ha ha.

china dominate, world ping pong oh and Chī shǐ, yesssssss. we love XiJ style, Chī shǐ.

dis funny game, no skill, just flying fryer everywhere Ohhh, and numb-nuts, greek fuc-fuc bot ha ha ha! now china man fly on cracker, dream true, fry, fry, dream like now Xiàng xiǎo nánhái yīyàng - XiJP style ha ha ha

no skill no more, just fryer, easy kill, no skill, china man, no skill, just ping pong, Chī shǐ

really, Wúliáo game now, Zǒng shì yīyàng, Méiyǒu jìqiǎo, only XiJP style....

Yǒngyuǎn dōu shì yīyàng de :-)

backtothefront4 months ago

VAVA, You know they aren't going to do that. They're not gonna move the module button. How many times have you accidentally hit it? Even when you are already at full health, it uses more.

And guess what? You will run out, and then it's pay up time.

This is Pixo in a nutshell.

JackK784 months ago

You also forget to mention that you decrease silver reward from battle approx. by 50 %. First place in victory battle, highest kills, more than million dmg and only approx. 250 thousands of silver? Are you kidding us??? Before update i commonly get around 500 thousands of silver.

Stermyster 4 months ago

VAVA, I have no idea why they add a clan ranking system. It’s probably just for the clan daily quest and not fighting against other clan that are close to your rank clan. Tbh, in most video games, when you play a game against a full platoon. It’s pretty much gg for you unless they suck or they have weaker equipment than you. I have no idea how they can remove that full squad problem. The only thing that I got in my mind is that, when you are in a full squad, it will increase the chance that you will fight against a nother full squad. But, this will probably end up into complaining.

VAVA4 months ago

Stermyster , Top clans squads must be fight eachother It is a clan rank system why rhey dont use it for matchmaking

VAVA4 months ago

It is so simple, top clans squads must be fight eachother, the matchmaking sucks . Why you have a rank clan and dont use it to matchmaking the battles? And i dont see changes in rhe module activation icon, its so close to fire icon, change the place of the module acrivation icon!

Abdul Bulbul4 months ago

Abdul vulval 112040491pwpeueuuwukqlnbxf

Farshad Amini4 months ago

Why do you not understand !?
The problem is upgrade cost, not the time…, we will run out of silver even faster!

Stermyster 4 months ago

DASHITZ, I do understand that the match making system is bad. I’m in champion league and it happen a lot of time that I’m fighting against players or a full squad that has a full hangar of meta bots(Ares,Mercury,Invaders,Au Juns, Hellburners..etc) Mk 2 lvl 12 and my hangar is ok(ish) for champion. All of my stuff are between lvl 9 to lvl 11 mk1. I know that the Ares will get nerf because it can kill anything without risk but I don’t think the other Pantheon bots will receive a nerf. The balancing problem was here since day one and they should really fix it. The thing Is it will be hard to balance between F2P and P2W players in lower leagues. Tankers are also a problem but theres less tankers than before and Pixonic are currently working on a report system. So maybe it will help to stop them or punish them.

Gene4 months ago

Reducing upgrade times without giving us an increase in the silver payout is rather ridiculous .....we will run out of silver even faster!

Gene4 months ago

Reducing upgrade times without giving us an increase in the silver payout is rather ridiculous .....we will run out of silver even faster!

salimali424 months ago

Good news regarding the return of the game to what it was before
But did not address the resources (silver and gold) required for modernization
And also not to address the problem of compatibility at the levels of the two teams
When is this done?

Adrian01094 months ago

Doombringer, Hellburner's death explosion does nothing now, it's terrible. I can tolerate the 5 sec reload, but I need that death explosion back

DASHITZ4 months ago

Stermyster , Yea, everyone will have an Ares and Hades within a couple months.

Then they will be nerfed and those with will complain and those without will cheer.

Same story that's played out about a dozen times now.

Who cares. Gameplay is crap because matchmaking is crap. Tanker's, leavers, Diamond league players matched against Silver league.

What a fine mess this game has become.

DASHITZ4 months ago

proguy21435, Golem, Boa and Shutze are no longer available for purchase. Pixo claimed they no longer fit into the "gameplay". Then they keep a worthless P.O.S. like Vityaz in the game.

DASHITZ4 months ago

Alexander0210, Why are you putting your player id on the comment? There isn't a contest here idiot!

DASHITZ4 months ago

Mimikyu94, How can you level up your equipment faster when you don't have the silver to do so?

That was Josiris' point and I agree 100%. It would be better to keep the upgrade times long and reduce the cost.

But the money-grubbers won't do that because people won't buy silver with cash money if they are accumulating it like in the past.

The way the game is setup now, you can either upgrade your current equipment or you can buy components for new equipment, but you can't do both and accumulate any silver.

This is intentional. EVERY decision MAIL.RU makes about this game is to generate revenue and not improve the game for the players. EVERY ONE.

Best example is the matchmaking system and leagues. This new system has been broken since day one. But MAIL.RU will not change it because they want matches which aren't balanced to entice players to upgrade their equipment.

Next best example was the constant bait and switch with new equipment. Remember how overpowered some of the robots and equipment were on the test server and nearly EVERYONE told the developers. The equipment was release anyway because they knew players would buy it. Once the revenue from the new equipment dried up it got "rebalanced". Yea, that made a lot of players happy, but not the ones who purchased the equipment.

Best keep in mind that this company doesn't care about the player's gaming experience at all. Only generating revenue.

DASHITZ4 months ago

Really couldn't care about the improvements.

Step in the right direction? Yes.

But the gameplay is absolutely terrible. It has been bad in the past but it's getting much worse in the last few months.

You folks at MAIL.RU are kidding yourselves if you think the games are better balanced!

Nearly every game I have tankers. In the games there aren't tankers I'm going up against Diamond III players and I'm in Silver 1.

Can't accumulate silver because of the mismatches.

Gameplay SUCKS and this is why I hardly play any more. Apparently I'm not the only one cutting back on play time, since it takes up to 2 minutes to get into a match!

Kevin Hernandez4 months ago

There's a big BUG with the rhino you made it shield usless against energy weapons, hydra etc. Please fix it.

Gotcha4 months ago

Sounds legit 🤘🏼

Joggers Park4 months ago

I think there is a falcon bug, where the damage resistance does not go back up even after the "Fangs Out" ability ends. I have noticed this under the following conditions -

1. Falcon is attacked by a robot when "Fangs Out" ability is active.
2. The duration of "Fangs Out" ability is over.
3. The same robot attacks again after "Fangs Out", still the 66% resistance does not go up.
4. I have noticed this only in case where the Falcon is attacked by Embers but it may be true for other weapons as well.

Josiris4 months ago

Mimikyu94, I’m grateful. But the third reduction in upgrade time isn’t needed. Instead, they can use this reduction on the upgrade cost. Having lesser time in-between to grind for silver, how are u going to keep up with the expensive upgrade cost? Upgrade timing can be easily reduced by VIP premium (cut half the time) and ads to shave off a hour for every 3 games. But your ads can only gain an average of 10k to 12k silver for opening free bronze chest. It’s hard to keep up in champ league where by the monster out there are full MK2 items and many of us are just an average of lvl 9 and 10 hangars.

Wisdom7774 months ago

Maxx Metal, Here.. here x 1000
Up grades are to high or give more silver away 375000 a day is chicken feed. I just dont play anymore and those in my clan i see havent played in months. The game is dead.

Wisdom7774 months ago

Need way more silver give away. I dont play anymore like i used to and i am certainly not paying for it . And stod adding new things the game is too complicated now and too many
thing you need to remember. Too many glitches spectre having jump power after 10 seconds and robots able to shot around corners when i have the same weapons and i carnt youd think i was playing agaisnt a pixonic computer and not a person. He he he.

Michael_Kappas4 months ago

All this sounds pretty damn good. The Black Market needed some kind of a change, else it should have been removed. When it comes to the FFA duration, I'd say that it also has to do with what the players are like. More skilled pilots against not so powerful ones would result in a 7min FFA. Nonetheless, that is not always the case. And that is where the new tweak comes in (nicely done). The Ares paint jobs are simply fabulous. I have already bought one and considering to buy magma as well. I like how the prices are different, as more options are given to players (with a lot or not as much gold). However, a friend of mine over at Metal Maniacs told us that the new UI is sth he cannot stand. What he suggested was that that would either be optional or wouldn't be there in the first place. Personally, I do not encounter such an issue as I do not own a wide aspect ratio device.

Michael_Kappas4 months ago

All this sounds pretty damn good. The Black Market needed some kind of a change, else it should have been removed. When it comes to the FFA duration, I'd say that it also has to do with what the players are like. More skilled pilots against not so powerful ones would result in a 7min FFA. Nonetheless, that is not always the case. And that is where the new tweak comes in (nicely done). The Ares paint jobs are simply fabulous. I have already bought one and considering to buy magma as well. I like how the prices are different, as more options are given to players (with a lot or not as much gold). However, a friend of mine over at Metal Maniacs told us that the new UI is sth he cannot stand. What he suggested was that that would either be optional or wouldn't be there in the first place. Personally, I do not encounter such an issue as I do not own a wide aspect ratio device.

Hemu4 months ago

Sounds good 👍👍👍...keep it up.
Platform: Android

Chamma4 months ago

Is this upgrade time applicable for MK2 weapons too?

Monte Ross4 months ago

Everything about the newest update sounds good.

Stermyster 4 months ago

This actually an update that I’m happy to see. This update and the Lunar Event(except the event lottery and buffing the Invader) are good. Both of them have upgrade have upgrade time reduction and now, the Black market can be useful for F2P players. We still got balancing problems. The last stand, Lock-down weapon, Ares and now the Invaders are making a lot of problems in the champions league. I know that next week the Ares will be in the workshop but keep it mind that a few month after the Ares was in the workshop, EVERYONE will have one since this thing can one tap everything without risk. We will only see an infestation on Ares in the battlefield if they don’t receive a nerf. If you Rebalances you’re game, reducing the cost price on the Upgrade time and the Workshop/conversions and listening to the community of WR, I could make a lot of players happy

backtothefront4 months ago

There is no sound with Thunders now.

You can't hear Hovers when they take off anymore.

The beacons sure are pretty, but you can't tell by looking at them if they are white or blue, unless you are almost on top of it.

I'm sure there are more "optimizations" (ehem, new issues) that I haven't noticed yet.

The_Black_Dow4 months ago

Since the update some bugs simply made my raijins shield absolutely useless. It simply doesn't work anymore against nothing like Hydra rockets, plasma weapons, tempest, molot, etc.

Please fix this problem. I worry weather sell my raijins, cos it got useless

Maxx Metal4 months ago

I dont know a single guy who does not think that the item upgrades cost is insanely high!

proguy214354 months ago

Where is the golem,i don't see him on shop

4es_enuff4 months ago

4es_enuff, Also you can't say it's an improvement of upgrade times when you all messed it up in the first place. You can't take a victory lap for improving a problem you created.

4es_enuff4 months ago

There is something wrong with your upgrade chart. My tridents (new economy and old) are not anywhere close to the upgrade times you have in the chart. I think you have the tridents in the wrong section of the chart. Also lower upgrades times are welcome but not as important as lower upgrade COST is needed. please consider your players and fans more in the future.

MadCaties4 months ago

Dears after todays Update I can NOT identify colour of beam !!! I am not colour blind but have problem with certain colours ...and cannot see what colour it is ...on the ground yes ...BUT not Beam !

Hellyea4 months ago

How about you fix tridents ! I don't know how many times I've been shot and killed at 650 meters from tridents

Amer Mohamad Mansuor4 months ago

facebook gameroom .we have no choice between platforms losing entry to the battlefield directly and no free for all and no ads )": . please fix this problem .thanks

Doombringer4 months ago

You might want to look at upgrading hellburner or offering a refund for those of us who paid for it in workshop or paid out right. You nerfed the hell out of it and now I don't even see it in play. It was all but abandoned thanks to you (pixonc).

Alexander02104 months ago

Wow... Great news, especially the faster upgrades and improved black market. Thanks team War Robots. M67C9Y Android

JackK784 months ago

The game need rebalance. Faster upgrade is useless if you have not enough silver and without VIP and more hours of playing you are unable to earn enough silver for upgrade.
Also there are few OP robots without any counters. Ares is too strong, too fast and extremely hard to kill if you know, how to play it. It has strongest ability in the game and there is no counter. Only Hellburner or Mercury can bypass his shield, but there is less chance to get too close to use their abilities. 8 s immortal with 16 s cooldown and last stand makes Ares extremely dangerous. Do you know whats happen if everbody use it especially in full hangar? RIP War robots.

Dark m&l4 months ago

Es la mejor actualización hasta ahora

Parakh Agarwal4 months ago

please for god sake save this game. u have introduced mk3 and mk4. last stand plus ares plus lockdwn plus boosters is unkillable. now clans just spawn raid and finish others in 3 mins. its so imbalanced. clans are using the loophole of cheap gold gifting. please save this game.

Parakh Agarwal4 months ago

please for god sake save this game. u have introduced mk3 and mk4. last stand plus ares plus lockdwn plus boosters is unkillable. now clans just spawn raid and finish others in 3 mins. its so imbalanced. clans are using the loophole of cheap gold gifting. please save this game.

Kamakazi wr4 months ago

Lit, i like it. You're constant pay to win decusions have gotten on ny nerves but i feel like you've been getting ut together in terms of the economy

Mimikyu944 months ago

Josiris, I agree about the expensive upgrade costs but shouldn't you be grateful for the upgrade time reduction? Sure it costs expensive but at least you can level up your bots and weapons faster which in turn allows you to have stronger and tougher bots and weapons that will help you amass more silver for more upgrades. Pixonic already gave us what we wanted but not fully. We should still be thankful and for what they did and not complain about it.

Josiris4 months ago

Hmmm. Why keep reducing the upgrade timing when u can reduce the upgrade cost? It’s a fact that players cannot keep up with the reduction in upgrade timing due to the expensive upgrade cost and the little silver earned from various sources.

We appreciate positive changes. But the direction isn’t what majority of the players wanted. The upgrade cost for bots and weapons have increased 2 to 3 times before the original prices. There shouldn’t be a double standard when there are old and new economy change items.

At least reduce 40%-50% of the items that were jacked up. I’m sure players will deeply appreciate that decision.

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