Patch Notes

War Robots 4.4 Update Notes. This Corrosion

by War Robots - 22.10.2018

In a nutshell

  • New mechanic: damage over time
  • New weapons: Sting, Viper and Wasp. Burn your way through the battlefield!
  • New map: Castle. Fight within medieval walls!
  • New paint jobs: Inquisitor, Falcon and Bulwark
  • Tweak: now you can see how much rank points each clan member earned
  • Tweak: Black Market screen now shows what’s inside every chest

New weapons: Wasp, Sting, Viper

Wasp, Sting and Viper all deal additional damage spread over time. Even when you stop shooting, your target continues receiving damage until the effect wears off.

Sting is a light kinetic gun. Sting empties the whole clip of needle-shaped bullets almost immediately and reloads quickly.

Wasp is a massive mid-range kinetic gun firing large shells. Although it is relatively slow, Wasp can dish out tons of damage if used correctly, especially in duel situations.

Viper is a Heavy energy autocannon for sustained fights. Its range and spread make it the most effective on close distances.


New map: Castle

Don't trip over!

Black Market

Clarity Update

Now you can check what can be inside every chest before opening it.

Silver Chest

All 250 component packs are out. This should give you a better chance to fish out complete items

Gold Chest

Chances tweaked to bring you less Royale Token drops, but more Gold drops. Also, we added some 6000 component packs, including components for Wasp, Stinger and Viper.

Super Chest

Here we added a significant chance to receive full pieces of equipment instead of components.

Other changes and bug fixes

  • [QoL] Clan screen now shows how much rank points each clan member earned
  • [QoL] You can skip chest opening animation in Black Market
  • Fixed a bug causing 12-player Free-For-All matches to happen
  • Fixed typos in Rayker info: Suppression description stated 90% damage reduction instead of 75%. Apologies for the misinformation!
  • Fixed a bug causing Spiral to deal abnormal damage in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when opening multiple Supply Drops


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MyHeadHurts8 months ago

Still stinks and here is why. You nerfed Spectre but not Mercury, who now has become Spectre before Spectre was castrated. So you now are forcing players to ditch their hard earned money spent on Spectre to buy Mercury??? Here is an idea - PUT SPECTRE BACK ON SAME PLAYING FIELD!!!!!!! I am asking Google Play about refund on all money spent on Spectre since you reneged on giving me what I paid for. It is called FRAUD. You said "pay this and you will get that"....but you lied. You took from us what we paid for with so called economy adjustment. It is FRAUD. PUT BACK SPECTRE TO WHAT I PAID FOR!!!!


Request more future Out Of Line Of Sight Weapons. We would like a Black Light Lazer which can shoot through buildings. We would also like Satellite weapons or drone bombing drops. We still would like one time use nuclear options leaving a paralyzing corrosion zone for a while. And of course manual sword, spear, and ax weapons that cause significant damage and harpoons opponents through and through.


HOLD THE BEACON mode and WAR PATH mode are two modes suggested to me for the game from players. “Hold the beacon” would be to have one beacon point for each team in which a player can grab and take closer and closer to their home starting point- like capture the flag. “War Path” would be about needing to bring your whole alive team to the other sides home and staying alive there depleting their timer. “SWARM” was the other suggested name.


So I’m ready for a AWARD TOURNAMENT mode! We all are. More than just special events. Many other games have them. Individual and group taskings with special rewards! Trophies for your clan as well as you for your accomplishments. Broken Robot Headwall for any Champion leaguers you take down! (I think this should apply to skirmish as well) This has been the talk lately. Just think about would be a good place to help promote advancement and keep players. It could be a once a month thing. Maybe a way to help promote your clan for new members, put the names of the clans in the fight on digital holo banners in the ring! Could have special bots and weapons required to play for certain tournaments. Face it, the olympics are coming in 2020. Makes people competitive. We work hard and earn our bots... let us be rewarded for having bots to the level we made them. Just some interesting thoughts passed on to me.

Fatality 0078 months ago

What is sad is that almost every post is someone angry at something and the community has very specific points that need to be and should be addressed in the game. Yet pixonic has not changed anything that really needs attention (although I give them credit for the spectre, orkan or shocktrain nerf). I don't know why they don't but I ask pixonic to do three things that are fair and do need to be done. 1) Fix the economy, make gold, silver and components more easily available. This means reducing cost and time needed to make the components. 2) Don't add ANYTHING NEW that involves a weapon or a bot. 3) finally realize that War Robots is just a game. Reduce prices of bots but not too much so that it is pure chaos on the battlefield. Pixonic I ask you this as someone who has seen this game from it's earliest stages and has a clear caring mind.

Screw The Pooch8 months ago

To say matchmaking is a disaster in this game is an understatement. The changes implemented almost 2 years has been the embodiment of the word FAIL from the players point of view.

The feedback from the community has been clear from the outset, go back to the old system.

Regardless of what Pixinic has said, and said multiple times about "big changes coming", nothing has been done.

And nothing will be done.

You see, any change to matchmaking creating fair matchups would need to be made based upon potential damage and resistance to damage of a lineup. This would allow player skill to come more into play.

Example if I have 5 cossick at level 5 with level 2 punisher t and you have 5 cossick at level 2 with level 5 punisher t we should get matched.

Equal firepower and robot damage absorption should be matched based upon cumulative hangar score.

But the reality is Pixinic likes the current system as it is because it forces mismatches. The one described above does not. No mismatches, no frustration. No mismatch, More reliance on skill, less need to buy upgrades, new robots and guns. Imagine a lineup of all cossicks at any level in champions or masters league.

Pixinic can't either, which is why they've chosen the crappy array of patches in an attempt to stop tanking instead of overhauling matchmaking.

Priority 1: Revenue generation
Priority 2: player gaming experience

It hasn't occurred to Pixinic that 2 doesn't need to be sacrificed for 1 or they just don't case. Well, they won't care until the point has been reached that the player base has dwindled so much that matches up and down the various leagues can't be quickly filled with players. At which point it will be too late for Pixo to do anything.

Problemchild19048 months ago

Real pissed off right now but I'll get into that in a minute. I'll say the new premium is a good thing. Should bring you Millions on top of the millions you're making, which is cool, in my opinion. Hopefully the stupid weapons like the one that locks you in place, and you become a Target dummy. And the one that rusts you. And the new robots with fucked up abilities. That are ruining the game taking the fun out of it. You'll stop and start fixing the things like, the one I'm pissed off about right now it's been going on for over a year and I've mentioned it to you Developers. It's the jump button, it's the rush button, it's the dash button, it's the shield activation button, and many other things. That's the phrase you Russians like to use huh. Many other things or many other ones. That covers a whole bunch of avenues doesn't It. Anyways, this is a mobile game correct. Meaning mobile phone. Well they're not that big right. They are compared to the old flip phones. But there not a tablet. I have ask a couple times throughout the last year. If the menu button in the top right corner, could be moved to the left. Probably get rid of that radar thing all together. I don't think anybody uses it. And and put the jump button up in that area. But keep it out of the thumb swiping area. When you're turning your said Robot. But on a tablet thinking about those people who use those ,it's probably in the right spot because I'm sure as the screen grows you get more clearance in between the fire button for the weapons and the jump button.With modern technology and computers being what they are.My guess is the program/app should know the difference between a tablet and a smartphone and adjust accordingly. So EVERY fucking DAY. I dash sideways by accident. I've dashed off the carrier by accident. And when it is the jump button, I've accidentally jumped into the enemy, deactivated the shield on the Gareth while attacking an enemy. And ,NO MATTER how hard i try to steer the Robot from the middle of the Screen, Which is lame and uncomfortable. I still in the heat of moment,,,,SWIPE my thumb into that button. S0 do you Developer's think you could look into to this.Ive also ask about the controls sticking on my Android Samsung j7 Prime, the joystick will get stuck. And the robot just stops in place. So you dash out and stop ,and as you go to fire and you cannot and you're sitting there like your locked down, imagine that. And as you speed bag the joystick with your thumb to try to get your robot that's getting blown to pieces to move ,it's fucked. And shoot at the same time. And usually by the time you get it to go. you make it about three steps and they finish you off. Do you think this is something you could also look into it's been going on for eight or nine months. You know stop designing robots that are in my opinion not needed . And there's more than enough weapons. And start fixing some of these bugs that we the players ,have all been telling you about. Thank you don't fight over the money and have a good day

Typhoon _hunter8 months ago

Pixonic is releasing the item in excess.
This is no different from "extortion" which winds up money from players.
Pixonic will need to change the development speed of weapons and robots and change it to a mechanism that allows players to pay money for decoration.

backtothefront8 months ago

Vastah Van der Blastah, So now how's it that you write this...(you piece of used bathroom sanitary product), but you jump on my post, which calls out the ills of the new weaponry??

I know why it is. You suck at this game. You are getting your was kicked. Doesn't matter what you roll into battle with. You are consistently the lowest earner on your team and regardless of how much money you spend on Pixos promises, you never change your plight on the battle field.

I get it, that must be frustrating. But I'd surmise that life in general must be frustrating for an ass monkey like yourself, because the difficulty you are having in this game is due to (directly due to) a severe lack of intelligence. Anyone that has been playing this game for even a week and hasn't picked up on the painfully obviousness of things being rigged from top to bottom needs to get their heads checked. But yet here you are, stating it like you just cracked the code.

Welcome to party. You're late. And you still don't completely get it. The punch spiked with Exlax is over in the corner where you can go gang out with the other knobs.

And you have the nerve to call anyone else a skulking rat. Take a look in the mirror, census fodder.

backtothefront8 months ago

Vastah Van der Blastah, Looks like I struck a nerve with you too, prancer. Nothing says bitch ass like a pilot that chooses such weapons as the ones you're defending and then claims that the guy that takes these stupid things out with Griffins is a corner shooter.

Make no mistake, they made these weapons for the prancing, man-purse rocking pussies, like yourself. So you could inflate your ego when you actually get a kill...while you have still deluded yourself to the seriously weak way in which you've attained that kill. You had to use a weapon to hold a slow bot in place so you could actually hit it. You're pathetic bud. Period. No amount of your thug ass wigger talk is going to change that.

You are just a piece if shit that has chosen to take opportunities for the easy handout/cut corners in a game that requires skill and intelligence (or I should say require...Pix won't make money off the likes of gutter filth like you if they require it. It would be too hard). There's no doubt that you're a fucking nut riddled turd in life as well. Its linear. And its been proven psychologically. A piece of shit behind a screen is a piece of shit in real life too.

Oh, and I ain't old, and my wife is hot. My son is a sponsored snowboarder at 10 yrs old. Things are good because I earn then the old fashioned way. By developing skill. This game is like chess for me. I enjoy the challenge of dealing with a the new pussy garbage everyone just clamours to get. If I copped out and just went for the training wheels weaoons that you defend like a typical chimp, I'd have a hard time looking in the mirror. And I don't need them. I have more gold and silver saved (because I dont waste it, I just battle got the fun of it).

Good luck you ass monkey.

Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

Good going Pixonic!
1) nerf most used bots and weapons
2) introduce new ways to get parts (hereafter called "smokescreen)
3) increase upgrade costs and time, because parts are now soo easy to get
4) decrease number of components freely obtainable, increase workshop costs and time

Extra incentive for players to buy gold and silver. All the reasons Pixonic has given over the last few months are sneaky ways to get more revenue. Players however have caught on and don't like to be treated as garbage.

Extra notes
- same meta, only more mercury, lock weapons and dragoon(+carriers)
- nothing done about matchmaker (what could be done that doesn't decrease income??)
- silence from helpdesk, but swear 1 time and you get a reply in minutes.
- sneaky changes to royale and swindle players out of gold.

Stan Vasiliev and Manny have touched tips for BattleRec account

TheFifthFallacy8 months ago

Redcom1988, Nah, Pixinic enjoys fucking people over. They'll keep it the same. Also, does it really take that long to put in a feature/program that converts numbers into other numbers?

TheFifthFallacy8 months ago

Anyone notice how getting silver has become nearly impossible?

Panzer8 months ago

In a nut shell , goodbye war robots, I wish I could say I’ll miss you, but I been doing that for 4 or 5 months at least, I miss the old you, no offense but the new you sux.

Final transmission; Panzer out!

P.S. got only respect for the player base, but someone will still hate most likely, save your energy for someone who will be back to read it, as I will not.


Panzer8 months ago

This game has turned to pure garbage, which is a shame as there are some great peeps playing it, in the clan I’m part of and just in general. I’m moving on to something less money grabbing, I mean you can’t even get new weapons updated before they drop new ones and lock down and corrosive weapons?!?!? I mean come on. No offense to any of y’all that like those weapons, to each his own. Those Greek bots coming next though, they just seem ridiculous. Silver cost and to much b.s. content has just taken the fun out of it for me at least. Good luck to you guys that keep at it, maybe if enough players leave to make a dent they will make some actually improvements for a change. I turn the game on now and stare at the screen and think about bots that need 32 mil in silver to go from 9 to 10 and just cut it off, such a shame too, this was this best game around hands down just a few months ago, oh well, nothing last forever.

Peace everyone and goodluck

Vastah Van der Blastah8 months ago

backtothefront, No one is forcing you to play grandpa. Your game-show voice reminds me of a black and white tv douche with no money in his pocket, envious of the old times when turds like you managed to win a game or two. Eyeballing the fine young ladies on wealthier men's arms.

Don't get me wrong I get your point.. your sourness just doesn't get it across..
So sit tight in your old skool bot hating on the players while you should've hated the game, moved on and died in a ditch face down in shit.

I mean.. why do you even care? You in your own words is such a bad ass who laughs in the face of lockdown and stealth and overcomes them. How are you bothered by them? Pray tell you didn't get caught cornershooting like a gimp and then ate the full payload, you little skulking rat

Problemchild19048 months ago


Joseph Silliman8 months ago

Please work on match making!! U keep adding bots an maps, but match making is what really needs to be looked at. Please fix the match making, this is a great game but in the last year it's gone down hill.

backtothefront8 months ago

Kevin Kimble, It's not a fair match Kevin, that's the point. Thats what they're selling. Thats what they're enticing the gullible and those that have no honor/class with...those that will do anything for a win.

But it's not that hard to beat these guys. Go into battle EXPECTING these things and fight accordingly. That means take your time walking into range, using cover the entire time. Study red behaviors. Pounce when you see a moment, ie. a cocky stealth bot has jumped at a teammate within range of your weapons. Take the pos out. Period. Most of these guys you will come across have no skill. Just the ability to hide (stealth) and leveled up weapons. You could probably take these guys out with unleveled weapons if you play smart.

If a pilot just plays and foregos all the crutch weaponry and gimmicks, they will get good at fighting.

backtothefront8 months ago

(~RDC) Pilot Mg-1, Strike a nerve? Describe you? Sour grapes if I was getting my clock cleaned, but that's not the case. Maybe more pathetic gimmicks will help you more. In the meantime, I'm doing just fine with basic bots and weapons. Better than you, I'd surmise.

Spend more money, that should help you.

Piss off, prancer.

Problemchild19048 months ago

Simple FACTS, too much too fast. Too many, new robots, too many, new weapons. Just a month-and-a-half ago or so. Pixonic announced that they were going to balance the game. So they nerfed and buffed different robots and weapons. This was after the increased the upgrade times for robots and weapons. Then came out the workshop. Which was cool. At first. But with the extra long upgrade times. Not to mention the cost of silver to upgrade which was quadrupled. So if you did get a new weapon from the workshop it was going to take a long time to upgrade it and cost a lot of silver. So you would be playing night and day. So then pixonic went and change the workshop to take longer to build a weapon if it was one day it went to 3 days it was 2 days it went to 5 days for 100 components in a 10,000 component robot. So now you have long upgrade times. High cost of silver to upgrade. And now long times to build weapons. So then we go back to the balancing of the game. Nerfing and buffing robots and weapons. Let's give the fury 3 km an hour more speed. But hey Leo can just Chugalug along huh. And before this they introduce the new lockdown weapons. To lock down the fast Dash robots. But hey, the slow robots like Leo, Griffin and fury to name a few. They're really screwed Leo, Griffin , Fury, Butch, Lancelot with the new lockdown weapons , Target dummy weapons I call them. Okay so we just balanced , supposedly balanced the game by nerfing and buffing. And we got the long upgrade times and the cost of silver to upgrade. This is all to make weapons easier to get weapons and robots. And then the workshop was cool and it was screwed. And now about a month later we've got the new unbalanced Robots coming out.Hades and I don't know what the other one's name is but they can or at least one of them can repair itself collect the power from your weapons to shoot it back at you and all this good stuff. And then there's the one weapons that make you rust corrode one of them sounds like a car alarm. Where was I going with this. You're taking the fun out of the game. Again you're taking the fun out of this game. I don't want a spectre. And The Inquisitor I don't care for that either I don't like to hide and then jump stealth in land it's stupid if you ask me but then nobody's asking me right. And this other player adding all these suggestions on special abilities stop already alright, anyways it's all screwed up. The lockdown weapons suck. And the stealth robot suck. And the new robots are just going to fuck it up more. This is voice typed I'm going to proof read it a little bit so there may be some words out of place. Pixonic you've done a lot of good but you sure have fucked up a lot too I do appreciate all of the weapons and stuff that I've won and work my ass off for.My request is ,the jump button that is also,the shield & the rush button etc. This a mobile Game ? The Average device is small.try PLAYING it on and iPhone or your average Android. And the jump ability button gets swiped into while turning the robot. all of the time no matter how hard I try to swipe from the middle of the screen.. I hit that button and jump out in the middle of the gunfire. Or I activate the shield on the Gareth or unactivated at the wrong time. Would it be possible to make that movable. Or put it in the top right corner. Maybe have a selecting button for a tablet or smartphone. That way on a tablet it could be where it is normally because it would be too far away if it was up at the corner, and move the menu button to the left on a regular cell phone. The Buttons to get back into the battle or too small and our hard to activate. And on the carrier map to Beacon should be in a straight line. Anyways thanks it's a long post

Chad Miller9 months ago

Developers: A pain point for players is matching and rating. And this has nothing to do with your profit margin. It has everything to do with player satisfaction. So please, change the battle outcome ratings to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6. This scale more accurately reflects current matching and... discourages tanking.

Kevin Kimble9 months ago

One robot locks you down while the robot behind you has stealth, an ember, and explosion when it lands. How is this a fair match? Asking for a friend.

Deceitful Rogue9 months ago

Ok. For start, i like your game, it is good in many things, but there is one thing that really needs improvment - Matchmaking. I am in Gold league and i have average level of weapons on lvl 7 and of robots lvl5. Now against me there are guys from diamond league with lvl 12 or mk2 robots and weapons. I started to upgrade my equipment and robots in gold league(i know pretty late) so me getting in it was matter of skill. But now i have no chance against other players. Please, read this Pixonic and change it. Thx again for making this.

Amentoe9 months ago

SOLVE THESE BUGS IN STEAM VERSION PLEASE /// Trebuchet does not damage a Gareth with many shots (no shield on the front), the shot goes through the body without causing damage, it's a shame /// Glory does not kill, Damage a little, much less than a Dragon of the same level, checked in my Butch, one in each arm and less than 500mts. /// Thanks for the reduction of times on Halloween, but make them permanent! ---- M9T56I STEAM

ghostgoat7469 months ago

avenger needs a buff because right now its only just better than punisher t. i under stood why it was deguffed because of the falcon would of made it to op but now i would rather use punisher t wich are cheaper than vengers and you can get them instantly unlike avenger were you pay a few million silver wait a few weeks for a punisher t that goes on light slot. great game though i like the new workshop times it helps give me silver to upgrade my bots

half life79 months ago

Nejvic semi libi VIPER.Na skirmich delal brutalni skody.

half life79 months ago

Ten (DOT) efect se mi fakt moc libi.Je to super kdyz muze i po vystrelu delat skody.

Mleendox9 months ago

so if i pay 1.23M for 400 shocktrain componants and wait 6days for them, then pay the same amount of cash and wait the same amount of days for a spectre... does this mean that the price for a full robot is the same price just one weapon???

ok so now lets say I wanna make an all-shocktrain spectre... all the waepons on that robot cost 4x as much as the robot itself???

@#$&!?%9 months ago

It's been a fun 2 years for me, lately I have been playing PUBG more than robots. Thanks Pix for making this game. Some suggestions (some were already mentioned on this thread)

1. Create a counter robot and/or ability to stealth. Lower leagues don't have an overkill of hangers filled with stealth bots. In higher league play most of the dominate hangers are filled with at least 3 stealth bots and then a mixture of more stealth or dash.
2. Hope Pix moves forward with meta/modules but not if this is available to all bots. This should be used more to balance bots rather than adding more to existing OP bots/weapons.
3. I didn't think healing bots were a good idea but do appreciate the heals during battle. Nicely done.
4. I don't really care about the economy, though in todays world of instant gratification I see why players dislike it.
5. Squads should not be able to profit from playing non-squads. I mentioned this in different post and someone suggested that this would be the end of squads, I say "so be it". The only outcome of this is more silver and higher ratings for players that win with out the other team having a chance.
6. Don't penalize the ratings for non-squads that lose against squads.
7. Create more indirect firing weapons (non line-of-sight) this will help counter campers (and stealthiers). There are plenty of LOS weapons in the game but not enough indirect weapons.
8. Create more utility versus firepower. Add items such as; smoke screens, flares, radar jamming, flash devices (turns the device screen white which slowly fades away), EMP (knocks out energy weapons).
9. Rework "lock-down" to; slow the bots max speed, prevent jump and remove a dash charge but not prevent the bot from moving.
10. Rework "damage suppression" to; remove charge(s) for energy weapons (# of charges can vary) . Leave Kinetic weapons alone.
11. Stop adding robots with barriers that block everything. With that said add different types of Ancil shields armaments; 100% energy and 50% energy/kinetic.

Dante Reed9 months ago

SIRION, Oui à peu près, il sera capable de toucher plusieurs cibles et son rayon.Cela peut aussi causer des dégâts aux robots furtifs. Ce pourrait être une arme intéressante pour traiter les robots furtifs et les tableaux de bord, car elle n’a pas besoin de verrouiller.
Désolé pour le mauvais français, ce n'est pas ma langue maternelle. J'utilise Google Translate pour écrire ceci.

Screw The Pooch9 months ago

FYI PILOTS, here is two tanking strategies (out of a dozen available) which players still use.

Level 1 cossacks: A player changes their hangar to all, level 1 cossacks and weapons. Then charge into battle and do as little damage as you can. Because of the terrible matchmaking and league system your robots are quickly destroyed. Very quickly too. I've seen cossacks killed in less than 2minutes. Works best in team death match. USUALLY -17 to - 22 in league points

Minimal defense mode. Go into a, match, with your usual lineup. Select your robot and go, toward the highest concentration of enemy. Fire off only 1 burst and the the enemy quickly destroys you. Seen players use this and usually - 13 to - 22 in league points.

I've seen a lot of other methods effectively used too. As has Pixonic. The can't do anything about it.

Screw The Pooch9 months ago



Such a terrible terrible system. Then they try to fix it so players can't tank games with their pathetic patches instead of fixing the core logic issues.

Case in point is preventing a player from changing a robot. Once upon a time you could change to another robot anytime in a game. But tankers were killing their robots so they could quickly finish a battle. So Pixonoc decides to put a 90 minimum play timer on each robot.

Nice, except when you are playing beacon rush and want to change your almost destroyed robot to a new one to prevent an enemy robot from capturing a beacon. NICE JOB PIXONOC. YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS


Screw The Pooch9 months ago

It's the same old story for this game, it's predictable. Release a new map every 8 or so months. Release new overpowered weapons every months and new kverpowered robots every 2-3 months

Then, even though everyone complained about the equipment being overpowered on the test server, wait a few months for the suckers, um, players to buy these OP POS (so you can make your revenue) before you then decide to nerd the equipment.

Repeat cycle.


Kossay Amine9 months ago

Pensez vous que c'est normal que presque à chaque fois j'ouvre un coffre de 100 clés, j'ai une belle surprise de 100k d'argent.
Merci d'être un peu juste avec moi, suffit d'avoir une chance pourrie dans la vie réelle.

ArkMK29 months ago

Fatality 007, You can still buy Lancelot for 5k gold, just click GET in the Storage screen (access the storage screen from the Black Market)

SIRION9 months ago

Dante Reed, comme une sorte de fusil à pompe mais en énergétique et comme un flux en faisseaux continue et différents des des Corona etc inutiles contre des robots invisible ? si c'est ça ça a de l'avenir si c'est pris en compte

Lim9 months ago

Maybe pixonic can make old robots immune to weapon destroyed and leg damaged. This will not make the game imbalance.

Lim9 months ago

Maybe pixonic can make old robots immune to weapon destroyed and leg damaged. This will not make the game imbalance.

Mleendox9 months ago

When will PIXONIC start doing what is neccessary?!!!
The haloween stuff looks ok but it doesn't really matter if my overall progress in the game is slowed by the ridiculous economy prices and long upgrade times.

Fatality 0079 months ago

BMD, Bad news. If anyone watches Manni Gaming a WR YouTube channel he posted a video talking about the new robots that were coming out. He said WR had Greek mythology based names for robots and were seriously OP. (they are going to be out on the test server tomorrow). One would have a shield for 8 sec. that was invincible during the 8 sec. of shield and if you damaged the shield then a special kinetic weapon would get stronger as it fired. This is two abilities that are alarming as it is but wait there's more..... After the 8 sec. shield and gun being activated the robot will heal itself. That is just ONE of the robots. There are two more with equally OP-ness. This is going to be insane if it gets into the real servers instead of the test servers.

Dante Reed9 months ago

You know I like to gripe about the things pixonic does, but I give you guys some credit you put a lot of effort into adding new things in the game. Speaking of new things I have an idea for a new weapon how about the Eye of Horus a heavy weapon with 400m range which acts like a spotlight of does damage to all objects and it's beam and get stronger the closer the enemy is. It's kind of like a flux but instead of a long range narrow beam it's a broad short-range beam which does more damage the closer you are

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Redcom1988, However, it is a good rebalance to the spiral, hydra, and chimera to make it more viable in higher leagues, and on top of that it would make a nice counter to stealth. Shredder and pulsar do relatively low damage compared to other weapons, however they can lock-down their opponents. I think it would make sense for homing rockets to counter stealth. They deal little damage in the first place, and a spectre/inquisitor/etc can easily dodge it if they plan ahead. Plus it adds a bit of skill to stealth bots, rather than just letting them pass by and shrugging off the damage. For those of you who think this will be overpowered, don't worry. It won't harm or affect lower league pilots as they don't access to stealth bots yet (except maybe stalker).
This would add a new stealth-disabling ability. When hit, stealth bots can still use the ability (so the effect isn't overpowered) but their stealth will be disabled. This would definitely bring more skill in stealth bots, especially spectre and pursuer.
What do you guys think this new ability should be called?

Demon Hunter 8.29 months ago

I think having weapon damage statistics would be very helpful for players. Players would be able to see how much damage each of their individual weapons are dealing. When players are trying to figure out which build is best for a robot OR which robot is best suited to a particular task, it helps to know how effective the bot/build is. For example, I use a Rhino with 2 Spark and a Scourge. In the fourth slot, I go back and forth between a Storm and an Orkan because I have a hard time telling which does more damage with the particular strategy I play the Rhino with. Is it better to drop shields at 300m and utilize splash damage? Or should I run right up in the enemy's face and dump the shotgun in them? Hard to tell when the other weapons are helping out and/or other team members are helping out.

I think having the stats would give players a better sense of engagement with the game which would keep them coming back for more! Plus being more effective makes for more fun and again, more game engagement for you at Pixonic (which is good for business).

 I have an idea for how it could look. There could be a small four-bar graphic in the bottom middle of the screen for each individual weapon. Each bar would fill up to a maximum of say, 50K damage in a colour like yellow. Once the weapon has dealt 50K damage, the bar would empty and start to fill up again but with a different colour, say orange. This too would continue until the 50K damage threshold was reached and the colour would finally be deep red signifying that the weapon has been super effective. There would of course be numbers showing total damage in the bar itself, just like the health bar. This bar could even be an option players could turn on and off via the options menu if you think some players would be distracted by it.

 If you don't want to include the damage info in the match itself, then certainly it would be great to see damage stats for each individual weapon on the post match screen. However, that info would be lost once you left the screen so consider having it always accessible. Even having an "average weapon damage per last 10 battles" statistic would be useful.

iDawg9 months ago

First off I kinda like the Halloween theme music. Nice and catchy, esp with earphones or 2.1 system.

Good work on revamping the bronze/silver chest to include complete items instead of components. I've been playing on WR on Android for quite a while already but I started a new fbGR account just to play on PC a couple of weeks back. I realise that newcomers to the game will appreciate complete item giveaways rather than few miserable comps as their workshop will do no justice until they have unlocked all 6 slots months later.

On the gold chest I have to comment tho. Take away the 500 / 1000 comps draw. I feel that this is so undervalued for a gold chest.

I can almost say the same of the current Halloween Skirmish event. Few comps is of very little value and incentive to new players with underdeveloped workshop. Offer something more attractive.

I'm commenting from a newcomer's perspective.

backtothefront9 months ago

Leng, Leng, Pixo doesn't care. They are undoubtedly creating weapons to compensate for their lack of genital endowment. I am positive of it. And only those pilots suffering from the same misfortune in genetics are excited about the constant new bot and weapon developments (which are tamtamount to walking around with a balled up tube sock stuffed in your pants)

These dumb bots and weapons really kill the game. If it weren't so easy to still kill them using basic battle tactics, I'd quit. The more these stupid shit gimmicks become the meta, the more I lose respect for fellow pilots.

Just lame.

backtothefront9 months ago

In classic game-show voice....

"Update 4.4...Now with more prancers with lock down weapons and Pixonic gimmicks for battle superiority than you can shake a stick at!! Can't win a battle or even hit an opponent? Haven't figured out simple trajectory physics? We'll we here at Pixonic have the robot and weapon for you!!!! Just lock them down! And what's more, you can hide behind cover and then use stealth to jump out and lock-em down!!!! Sure, you're a pussy, but who cares??!! You sucked before (and still do) but now you can actually hang in the game!! Now your Spectre finally has a chance against Griffins and other old outdated robots!!

Seriously. You guys are pussies. Hope you didn't spend too much money. Notbing says pathetic like you pilots running this stupid gear.
Looking forward to continually killing your bots. You may get some hits and maybe a kill because your teammates are helping you but you are gonna get your was kicked in comparison anyway. Even if your team wins, it most likely had nothing to do with you. Hang your head in shame, and know you'll never get that girl either....

misko9 months ago

why is renaming so expensive (500Au) ? i entered some serbian characters and they aren't showing up corectly.

Harrison9 months ago


Leng9 months ago

BMD, Yep, since we urgently need more robots that take like a year to produce and upgrade if you do not want to spend real money on them. Seriously, how many more do you need? I hope "what is next" is a real, working balancing update and not more ways of money grabbing - one can dream, right?

Wrplayer9 months ago

Everything new is pay to win.

BMD9 months ago

I know it's a bit early to be asking but what's next? New robots maybe?

#dontmesswithme9 months ago

i agree with a few of these comments. there are problems in-game that need to be fixed. but i am kinda excited about this corrosion effect tho...

Leng9 months ago

Yay another update with weapons that nobody needs. We have ENOUGH guns and robots! The matchmaking still sucks, feels like it has become even worse if that was possible. 6 defeats in a row now, I always came in top 3, half my team does nothing or leaves and the enemy team is stomping everyone - very balanced. How about you fix THAT??

Сергей Прохоров9 months ago

PROHOR. GASTELLO/I'D 43CEG5.игра супер просто огонь .мне нравится много кто играет. Есть просьба можно было бы что телефон на андройде играл с айфоном во взводе. У друга просто айфон..спасибо вам. Игра супер обновления огонь

Mleendox9 months ago

When will PIXONIC start doing what is neccessary?!!!
The haloween stuff looks ok but it doesn't really matter if my overall progress in the game is slowed by the ridiculous economy prices and long upgrade times.

Anthony Stewart9 months ago


Oscar9 months ago

why i upgrade my Zeus to lever 8 took about 3 days ?
but the upgrade spec at this website show only took 12 hours ?

Pyrotech4429 months ago

Sanjay Mylanathan, Most events are announced a few days before they start. Just wait a day or so and the event should take place.

Delta1949 months ago

Great job with the Black Market

Fatality 0079 months ago

It is kinda sad that the game is going this way. Been playing this game when it just was brand new and starting to build a reputation. Hope pix fixes the economy.

Fatality 0079 months ago

The specter has finally been balanced. Now don't think I am crazy but the specter is not invincible when in stealth and it can be stopped with orkans which have splash damage. Plus it cannot run away from you b/c of the speed reduction as well. Although the specter has been balanced (somewhat) the economy has not. I believe that $100 for a video game to get a robot that isn't invincible, OP or something of the sort is not right. Also the in game economy is broken, gold is close to worthless now and the increased cost in silver to build components with waiting times need to be reduced. I think WR needs to make silver more readily available and the times reduced to somewhere in between the first time the workshop was introduced and where it is now. Gold should be an alternative to components. EX. Lancelot should either be bought with 5000 gold or 10000 components, or however much 5000 gold is right now (50). This should make gold have a good purpose in the game again. WR gets it's money, people can get higher end bots everyone wins. Hope this is taken into consideration.

Sanjay Mylanathan9 months ago

Is it just me or is the new skirmish and upgrade time thing not here yet? I dont have any challenges either but that might be because i had 5 daily challenges. Or does this event start in a few days?

Vladimir Klvana9 months ago

What about converting component at workshop?

Monika Arya9 months ago

And also love the new map, great work done. The people that make , program gameplay are first class. Hope to stay long enough to enjoy castle, but frustration is increasing .

Monika Arya9 months ago

Just did one gold chest. Rewards there i saw persuer 1000 components and then ember 500 components only, ups. Gold chest use to give lot more. For now stopping gold chests.....
With every economic change more frustration comes. New players are being choked so much here.

Redcom19889 months ago

Redcom1988, Sorry for my horrible english, England (nor america) isn't my country of origin

Redcom19889 months ago

Most of these comments are about stealth and how its way too over-powered. I do agree that stealth mode is quite over-powered but maybe making the player able to move their targetting up and down manually so that they can actually hit them in stealth, this method makes it so that stealth is still viable but people can still hit them not making it too over-powered

Redcom19889 months ago

@#$&!?%, But, making people in squads unable to join random matches with non squads would make matchmaking really long.. it might even take more than 3 minutes in queue if that happens and squads not being rewarded for winning a match against non squads would just make squads useless

Redcom19889 months ago

bufduf, Maybe it would be good if they make it have 1 more rocket, make its fire rate faster and a slight increase on damage (about 10%) so that it doesn't deal too much damage per rocket

Redcom19889 months ago

bufduf, I don't think its too weak, For brawling yeah its weak but the bot isn't made for brawling its made for long range support

Redcom19889 months ago

bufduf, Hydra, Spiral and Chimeras aren't weapons you're supposed to use in master league and up

Wrplayer9 months ago

Hmm sounds too good to be true

bufduf9 months ago

And Pix, the spiral/hydra/chimeras could be modified as the homing weapons with stealth neutralization potential just as halo/corona/glory have potential to ground bots. Stealth bots hit with stealth neutralization could still move of course. You gatta admit, no one is using homing weapons anymore otherwise. No one... they’re currently too weak with no perks like ground or corrosive weapons. What gives? You wouldn’t even need to make a new weapon! Think of this, PIX!!!!!:)

Pira Boss9 months ago

Tumdurgal, Trolololololol I got 6000 comps from the almighty gold chest before the nerf

bufduf9 months ago

bufduf, For example, Pixonic the rayker is too weak to be a cool enough bot to invest in. Why not change it up and make it be the specter fearing bot specifically designed to chase down stealthers in a terror drone type rage (credit command and conquer: Red Alert) with immunity to stealth. That’s another option. At least make stealthers think and plan!

bufduf9 months ago

Garunix999, Pix! Hear our cry! Counter to stealth would have to be a radar support bot or maybe a homing weapon that just disables the stealth ability entirely for 30 seconds before they use it. That will teach all the boring stealthers that we want to play too! Stop hiding! Stealth is waaay too powerful without some kind of counter!

bufduf9 months ago

Redcom1988, Hahaha! Yes!! That Godforsaken trident is the most useless weapon in the entire game. Pix, why not just remove it? It’s like an undeveloped Exodus or Chimera without homing potential. I know it’s an old weapon but naturally new players will ask what it’s light and medium weapon equivalents are. The Pin and Tulumba? It operates nowhere near the same functionality. It needs a maaaajor damage increase per rocket especially if we’re supposed to be patient with it’s lame reload time and look. It looks like a tube of toothpaste. At the very least give it an 800m range and auto reload.

Tumdurgal9 months ago

Holy fucking nerf bats:

Gold (1000 keys)

Gold chest has it all: great amounts of currency, big chunks of components of the most desired items. Save up keys and get it all!

Possible loot:

● Au: 600-1500
● Royale Tokens: 125,000-150,000
● Most expensive Au robots
● Components (weapons): 500, 1000, 2000, 6000
● Components (robots): 500, 1000, 2000
Equipment (components) 53.98%
Robots (components) 26.65%
Au 14.30%
Royale Tokens 5.07%

1000 keys for 500 components? Bent over and fucked by Pix again.

Pseudowurm9 months ago

This is my one year anniversarey, and the game has changed dramatically since I started playing. I have seen the economy change a lot, and I agree with what most say, that the owners really like a profit. I can't blame them, they are a company, and those are to make money. I also agree with what most also say, that the game is a very great game. I think if the owners curbed their desire for profit just a wee bit it could help. I honestly no longer spend money on the game in large quantities becuase it is a high investment for low gain. Soon I will probably invest in a true game from another developer becuase it takes far too long to grow my inventory in here anymore. I literally did 75% of my growth on this game in the first 8 months, but recent economical changes have made the last 4 months slow progress to a crawl. I have a family of 4 and we all play this but it is impossible to level up anything anymore becuase it is atronomically expensive and slow, and we are all losing interest. We are ready to buy 3 more PC's and a new gaming platform than deal with this. We will do this once we save our money, money this company is not going to get. They surely arent worried about small fry like us since thery have league players and children who drop $200-300 regulalry, so really there wont be change.

I play on my phone, but I am a desktop gamer originally and play this on emulator often. I found a version of this on steam, and would love to see it adaptable for the desktop or transferrable, but there is not any plans or desires for it.

I appreciate the new workshop, but the new times are just too long

The reduced times are still too long for upgrades

what was wrong with 12 player FFA? that was fun!

the DoT weapons are cool

STEALTH IS JUST TOO MUCH TOO OFTEN! there must be a weapon that can counter it, not a new robot that disables it, but a stealth breaking weapon you can buy and disables it from being used. Far too many times I find that matches are just dumb when I get killed by a spectre that spawns at a beacon. No fun at all.

please make the map queueing more random, so that you can't play the same map withing 3 rounds, sometimes I'll play on the same map 3-4 times in a row, same thing with modes in random to prevent it being the same mode repeatedly.

please bring back king of the hill, and more modes

thank you for QoL on chests, and selectable modes!

For clan leaders can we have the ability to track activity since a certain time frame? when they joined the clan? last time logged in?

thanks for your time!

Cube19 months ago

Why not fix targeting??? For me this is the biggest problem in this never ending updated fuck up of a game. Really frustrating, trying to aim at one thing and your weapon targets something else out of range or hidden. Pixonic have distroyed this game slowly but surely with each update. Keep up the good work in fucking up a great game.

Stermyster 9 months ago

@#$&!?%, To be honest with you, the best way to counter stealth bot is by using a Blitz. Since the Blitz’s ability can hit all of the stealth bot, i don’t know if it hits Stalkers but who is using it? It’s pretty much a dead today. If you want to make it better, use 4 shredders or 4 halos. The stealth bot will be immortalized, only deal 15% of its damage and it can’t hurt you since your ageis shield will soak all of its damage. It will take time sure, but it’s the best way to counter the stealth bots

Problemchild19049 months ago

I don't know what to say. You owners of this game are bunch of fucking punks. You change the upgrade times six weeks longer than already were when you made the announcement that you were going to make weapons and robots easier for us to get. But you skip days and some of them like the Haechi. You people are straight out fucked up. And these stupid weapons that lock you in place and now ones that rust you. So no matter what you're fucked. If you aren't getting placed and leagues two leagues below the one you're in or above ya below excuse me. That have MK II weapons and part of their hangar at least. You're fucked with the new Corrosion weapons huh or the fucking economy you people are fucking fucking fuck fuck fuck. If you're going to get somebody to do a video in English get somebody that speaks the shit so we can understand them. Your English sucks Stan. And War robots are starting to suck I fucking hate you guys. You're scum bags you didn't do shit for the economy you fucking piece of shit. My fuck my account off if that's what you want don't give a fuck anymore I'm playing this motherfucker for over a year and you people are fucked, Mind game playing punks. Fuck my account if I don't give a fuck . Have a good fucking Halloween bitch. That's what I got to say now fuck you in your neck. Fucking mad you're fucking Workshop don't do shit for us. You like the fucking power and control huh you fucking controlling game sit back and laugh you fucking punks. Signed pissed off

@#$&!?%9 months ago

@#$&!?%, Ever been in a game watching the "Spectre+Shocktrain Ballet" ... on both teams? ;)

@#$&!?%9 months ago

Redcom1988, Lock-down is a counter to dash, nothing counters stealth. Yes lock-down can help but with lock-down the bot can still stealth (the bot just doesn't jump) and there a plenty of obstacles on most of the maps where players can avoid damage prior to the jump+stealth+orkan cycle.

Redcom19889 months ago

Peruzzy, To get the prize i think you're supposed to comment on the youtube video

@#$&!?%9 months ago

Please create a counter to stealth, to many hangers in higher leagues are all stealth/dash and it makes the game boring.

Fix the game matching, non-squads should never play against squads or at least shouldn't be penalized for losing and squads shouldn't be rewarded for playing a non-squad team.

It seems "Random" game play isn't random at all and seems the majority of the games are Beacon Rush which favors the same players with hangers of stealth bots.

Please create a new league based on hanger rules. Make this an option under the player profile screen (turn on/off). The new league would place rules on hanger such as; only one stealth bot, only 4 of any weapon, only one dash | Spectre | Inquisitor, only one quick-draw ... you get the idea. Make the rewards for this league higher. Watching players with one strategy of jump+stealth+orkan is boring, very little strategy with a lot of reward (can't blame them but it is boring).

Andy Roushdy9 months ago

Nice but need more facilties in getting weapons

AVENGER9 months ago

I really appreciate the changes! But please focus on the biggest issues:
1) Decent economy.
2) Workshop conversion.

Redcom19889 months ago

I divided the component producing for the robots into 4 from the amount of Ag (silver) needed and the amount of time needed

1st rate : Gepard, Stalker
2nd rate : Carnage, Fujin, Raijin, Rhino, Butch, Fury, Doc, Galahad, Rogatka
3rd rate : Falcon, Lancelot, Hellburner, Mercury, Inquisitor, Kumiho, Raven, Strider, Hover
4th rate : Haechi, Bulgasari, Spectre, Bulwark, Pursuer, Weyland, Mender

400 1st rate robot components : 26.000/44.000 Ag, 5H 45M
400 2nd rate robot components : 110.000/220.000/310.000/350.000/440.000 Ag, 1d 16H
400 3rd rate robot components : 570.000/860.000/880.000 Ag, 5D 1H
400 4th rate robot components : 1.230.000 Ag, 6D 17H

Estimated time on update to the economy N/A
Estimated time on update on component conversion N/A

And these are my predictions on what is going to change in the new economy

Estimated changes on the economy :

Producing components would still take up the same amount of time
but with a lowered amount of Ag needed. Same with upgrading, same time needed for upgrade but lowered Ag needed to upgrade


Producing components would take lowered amount of the current time
and also lowered amount of Ag needed to produce the component. Same with upgrading, time needed for upgrade and Ag needed for upgrade is lowered

Redcom19889 months ago

Garunix999, Sir, The Spectre robot is supposed to have 4 medium weapons slots. If they were to change it to light slots then it would be pretty much useless.. Have you thought of how many people used money or used their time to get the components of the robots? Do you not care about others that already got it? You want to just nerf it to the ground so that people who actually got it using their time and playing a lot wasted all that time? But, i do agree with the trash economy and the useless trident

Redcom19889 months ago

When will we be able to convert components into other components? and how will it work?

Alex9 months ago

What the hell can I do
Workshop is fucking slow I have to wait for 5 days to just get only 400 orkan you promised us to fix this mess the time to create item in workshop make me crazy for God sake please bring it back to old version

Peruzzy9 months ago

where to post a comment to win a prize, here, or.....
GI4OY9 android

Aditya Gupta9 months ago

Fraud Pixonic limited upgrades time slash is another marketing gimmick as many players can only upgrade 2-3 items during this period unless we have to use golds. You guys are theives.

Super Alolulu9 months ago

when we can to convert components

Tumdurgal9 months ago

Nothing for the economy? With a decent workshop, we wouldn’t need to gamble on the black ripoff. Near 7 days for 400 dragoon...who’s smoking the drugs in the office?

More weapons we won’t see for months. 2 months to appear in workshop, a month or more to get the bits. Another month to get it to a useable level. 4 months minimum. I’ll stick to what I have.

A map that will probably come up 9 out of 10 times if Carrier and Rome’s introduction are anything to go by.

Garunix9999 months ago

Lol 12 player FFA bug? Never seen it or heard about it. How about you fix the ACTUAL issues in the game, like the trash economy, trident, and thunder buffs?

Oh, and don't forget the spectre bug thats been in the game forever, you know, the one where it has medium weapons instead of lights

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