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War Robots 4.3 Balance Update Notes

by WR_Tofsla - 26.09.2018

In War Robots 4.3, we're doing a big Balance Update. Approaching this, we drew on some of your comments:

  1. Powerful and slow robots don't feel strong enough
  2. Some top-tier robots are too good at everything
  3. Medium guns are significantly better than heavy guns
  4. Battles in higher leagues are not varied enough

We have strived to fix each of these points in this update. The main changes are described in this four-minute video.

If you want to know absolutely everything about the rebalance, keep reading! The changes are categorized by the type of equipment that they affect.

Note: all numbers are for level 12 Mk1 robots and weapons.

Let's start with the changes in heavy robots.

Vanguard Robots

As of late, slow and powerful robots with heavy weaponry have lost their charm. Their defense no longer seems impenetrable, and the damage from a couple of heavy guns was not much more than medium ones. Low speed is just an inconvenience.

In this update, we want to once again make room on the battlefield for robots like Fury, Lancelot, and Bulwark. To this end, we're introducing the following changes:

1. We're increasing the mobility of a variety of heavy robots

Previously, robots' mobility was determined by their weight. But this was back when the only super mobile robots were Griffin and Rogatka. Since then, the game has evolved, and now a robot's mobility is determined not by its base speed, but by its additional abilities. In this situation, robots without abilities that provide additional mobility simply cannot keep up with the fight. And we want to fix that.

2. We're increasing the durability of a variety of robots, plus the strength of defensive items (Ecu and Ancile)

This will allow heavy robots to remain in the battle longer.

3. We're increasing the power of most heavy weaponry

The majority of robots with heavy weapons have a total of 1-2 heavy slots and low mobility. We are compensating for this with the damage that they can inflict on an opponent if the opponent risks a frontal attack.

We'll talk about the biggest changes in more detail.


  • HP 140000 → 155000
  • Speed 45 → 50 km/h
  • Medium slots on wings have been changed to heavy
  • Standard weapons: 3x Thunder

This update is the perfect way to return Falcon to its original design and give it two more heavy slots.

Falcon offers a style of gameplay that is unique in War Robots. It comes with high risk and high reward. Its ability, in contrast to many other robots, makes it vulnerable, yet gives it great power. This robot is excellent for thrill-seekers.

Note: after the update, medium guns equipped on Falcon will end up in storage, and standard Thunders will appear in their place.


  • HP 175000 → 190000
  • Speed 40 → 45 km/h
  • Phys. Shield 128000 → 153000
  • Aegis 82000 → 114000
  • Aegis Cooldown 33 sec. → 22 sec.

The changes to Bulwark look radical, but it was far from the best of the strong robots. The Aegis shield didn't turn out to be quite as effective as we expected. It defends against any type of damage, but this advantage is a double-edged sword. This shield even receives shots that would have flown by!

For Lancelot with Ancile incoming damage is distributed across two shields. In contrary, Aegis receives all the damage by itself and gets depleted too quickly. In addition, Ancile recovers continuously, but Aegis only recovers when it's off.

In view of this, we are increasing the durability of Aegis and decreasing its recovery time.

The remaining changes are related to the general theme of this update: increasing durability and mobility for vanguard robots.


  • Ability Recharge 20 sec. → 14 sec.
  • Center Shield 102000 → 143000 (combined durability 306000 → 347000)
  • HP 170000 → 182000

Lancelot had issues with its special shield construction. It is divided into three independent plates, but the main damage is usually concentrated on the center one. As soon as that broke, the two remaining shields didn't provide very good defense. So we increased the durability of the center shield almost by half.

We increased Lancelot's mobility using not its base speed, but its ability recharge, in order to emphasize its nature.

Other Changes: Robots

  • Carnаge HP 114000 → 121000, Shield 62000 → 74000
  • Fury Speed 33 → 38 km/h
  • Natasha Speed 33 → 36 km/h
  • Rhino HP 172000 → 187000, Shield 241000 → 271000
  • Fujin Shield 134000 → 152000

Other Changes: Heavy Weaponry and Shields

  • Ember Damage 490 → 525
  • Exodus Damage 4275 → 4690
  • Dragoon Damage 8500 → 8750
  • Redeemer Damage 8500 → 9675
  • Avenger Damage 885 → 835
  • Ecu Durability 178000 → 197000
  • Ancile Durability 95000 → 109000

Universal Robots

Included in this category are Spectre, Haechi, and Bulgasari. They inflict a lot of damage and have good defense and mobility. We retained their characteristics, but now they must be put into action more carefully.


  • Speed 55 → 50 km/h
  • Ability Recharge 18 sec. → 22 sec.
  • Stealth Duration 5 sec. → 2 sec.

Spectre has 4 medium slots. This allows it to inflict a lot of damage while under stealth protection.

When used well, Spectre ought to be effective due to the element of surprise, not endless invisibility. We wanted to reduce the stealth duration so that Spectre must monitor the situation more carefully and evaluate whether it will be able to get away before jumping into a crowd.


  • HP 150000 → 143000
  • Shield 68000 → 59000
  • Ability Recharge 12 sec. → 15 sec.

By changing Haechi, we were motivated by similar considerations: to get the most out of this robot, the pilot must handle both its shield and its mobility masterfully.


  • HP 190000 → 175000
  • Shield 304000 → 217000

The durability of Bulgasari's shield is comparable with Lancelot with much greater mobility. We originally did not intend for the side shield to work for defending and shooting at the same time, but Bulgasari pilots started to get around this limitation by choosing weapons with instant damage (Orkan, Shocktrain).

We want Bulgasari to retain its defensive potential, but in doing so, it can't recklessly push forward through concentrated fire. We are weakening its shield to place greater emphasis on skillful maneuvering.

"Assassin" Robots

This category includes Mercury and Hellburner. These robots require special skill: although their strength isn't obvious, in capable hands they can create chaos in enemy ranks. In the update, we wanted to highlight this by strengthening their abilities.

  • Mercury Stealth duration 3 sec. → 5 sec., ability damage 44750 → 53250, ability recharge 18 sec. → 15 sec.
  • Hellburner Ability Damage 51750 → 59750

In addition, Mercury's stealth duration was not long enough. In contrast to its brothers Spectre and Inquisitor, Mercury must end its flight early. This reduces the time that its stealth is active while simultaneously leaving it defenseless in the middle of enemies.

Mercury simply did not have the ability to hide, so we strengthened its stealth.

Medium Weapons

To crush heavy Lancelots on your own, you need heavy guns... at least, that's how it was always intended. But recently medium guns had also begun to handle this job fairly well, including through Spectre, Haechi, and Bulgasari.

With these changes, medium guns are still effective, but not enough to instantly dispose of any opponent in an equal battle. When battling heavy robots, you'll need either special skill or the help of your partners.

Shocktrain and Scourge

  • Shocktrain Damage 2215 → 1920, Bounce Range 150 → 100m
  • Scourge Damage 5040 → 4725

First, we are decreasing the stats of Shocktrain and Scourge. Until now, they have completely dominated high-level builds thanks to their universality, high damage, and minimal risk when used.

Shocktrain is an especially interesting case. By design, this is a weapon of mass destruction, but until now it was too good on its own, even without considering the damage from chain lightning.

Orkan and Taran

  • Orkan delay between shots 0.1 sec. → 0.12 sec., damage 1890 → 1670
  • Taran damage 2560 → 2250

Orkan and Taran have long been among the most popular guns in the game, but that's no surprise: they inflict a whole lot of damage very quickly. We wanted using both these guns to require more skill and a better assessment of the situation on the battlefield.

But although we are weakening them, the changes are not as radical as they may seem.

For example:

  • In one fire, Orkan launches 38 missiles (taking reloading-on-the-go into account)

38 missiles х 1890 damage х 4 guns = 287000 damage

That's enough to destroy the following in 3 seconds:

  • 1.5 Fury
  • 1.25 Leo
  • 3 Schutze

(add ignoring physical shields to this!)

After the update, 4 Orkan will inflict 253000 damage in 4.5 seconds. This will still be enough to kill Leo or Fury (but only 2.5 Schutze). But now you'll have to aim more accurately, and they'll have a little more time to react.

There's also good news: this all means nothing if you don't seize the moment to attack an enemy who's been left defenseless.

Support Weapons

Longer-range weapons — both Molots, Pulsar, Tempest, and Nashorn — inflict more damage so they can make a more meaningful contribution to the fight from a safe distance and support teammates.

  • Molot damage 704 → 775
  • Molot T damage 1070 → 1175
  • Tempest damage 1710 → 1940
  • Nashorn damage 10038 → 11545
  • Pulsar damage 1385 → 1550

Ballista and Arbalest

  • Arbalest damage 6960 → 5400, reload time 10 sec. → 5 sec.
  • Ballista damage 10000 → 7800, reload time 10 sec. → 5 sec.

For a while, Ballista and Arbalest occupied a position between Gekko and Trebuchet without the advantages of either one. Now we're bringing these guns closer to the Kang Dae, which has a proven track record. The damage per shot has been reduced, but the guns shoot significantly more often.

Close-Range Weapons

Shotguns for medium slots have one problem: the robots that they are suited for either don't get close to the target quickly enough, or don't survive long enough. To compensate for this, we are increasing the damage of the medium guns Corona and Storm.

  • Storm damage 9712 → 10680
  • Corona damage 7700 → 8850

The light guns Spark, Gust, and Shredder have been rebalanced to make them well-matched alternatives.

  • Gust damage 5500 → 4725
  • Spark damage 3400 → 3850
  • Shredder damage 935 → 1005

Lock-down shotguns have become more powerful. Their numbers look scary, but actually they have an unusual shooting profile, and it's more difficult to use them to get the most out of them.

  • Halo damage 5500 → 6050
  • Glory damage 18150 → 19650

Other Changes


  • Hover HP 175000 → 190000, Speed 50 → 60
  • Weyland HP 200000 → 235000, Speed 42 → 45, Repair 1150 → 1425
  • Mender HP 140000 → 155000, Repair 51000 → 55500


  • Magnum damage 2040 → 2460
  • Pinata damage 1460 → 1335
  • Aphid damage 19040 → 18100
  • Vortex damage 28440 → 32700     
  • Hydra delay between shots 0.8 sec. → 1.1 sec.


Did you read this all the way to the end? Amazing!

And now, go try out the new balance in action — and tell us about your experiences. We will be closely monitoring the updated equipment and fine-tuning stats according to your feedback and our statistics.

See you on the battlefield!


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2057clones3 months ago

that mercury is bootiful

Anthony Weixeldorfer7 months ago

The balance was done fairly well aside from the amound of dmg the kang dae can do for a long reload. I dont see a upside for that specific weapon at all anymore. The reload for a shot that dosnt do much dmg and may not even hit its target makes it wildly impractical and statistically useless in a fight. The new balance aside from that rly did help alot tho the game feels alot smoother and strategic not like u can run into the battle guns blazing and win so thanks for the huge fix.

Moody Stinger 8 months ago

Well Scourge, Orkin an Taran were my only fighting chance against new robots an the only weapons at lvl.11. So back ro the drawing board.
Pilot id. MNEEE9 Android.

Typhoon _hunter8 months ago

Some weapons and robots do not have to appear in work shop 2.0.
Instead, we will create a task that will receive the component. That way, I think that "the number of people who battle properly" will increase to the desire of component.

You should also make paint that you can purchase only during the event.Especially Japanese is highly motivated to purchase limited items, so it can be a source of income for pix at parts not related to game balance.
That does not broaden the disparity between people who use a lot of money, people who spend money only for cheap offers, people who spend money on products with only under 50 dollars, skilled people who do not use money, beginners . Nonetheless, I believe that pix can increase income.

Dwayne Boone8 months ago

So you spend hundreds of $ on weapons in robots and then they change what you purchase after they have your money? "Thank you for spending $300 on three Shocktrains but we'll be reducing their power...suckers!" Smfh!

Megatron 9 months ago

I can't stand the clan rankings. How am I suppose to play with my clanmates when we are all from different countries and timezones. We can't all play at the same time to boost our rankings. This is such bullshit. I will never boost my ranks this way.

Leng9 months ago

As far as "updated balance" goes, I am in a low diamond league now (ranking 2316 at the moment) and in every single match the game puts me in there is at least one champion league player who does double the damage and kills than 2 or 3 of his teammates combined. Guess which team usually wins the match. I wonder where the balance is in this. Nearly every match you see people drop out early, often it goes to 2 vs 5 or 3 vs 6 after a few minutes. Very balanced indeed. Not to mention the ones like me who have no Spectre that goes stealthy all the time or weapons that lock your target down, no, me and players with similar lineup are reduced to mere practice targets for the ones who spend money to get all the latest gear. My stuff that I have been upgrading for months does not stand a chance. Awesome balance, really.
Well - I do look forward to black friday which is in 4 weeks because then I will buy a new computer able to play all the latest stuff, and then I wont be bothering with this imbalanced excuse of a game and its outdated graphics anymore but play some real games instead. Again, no money for you from my side, LoL.

Leng9 months ago

So now for 3 days there has been no more bonus task "order 600 components and receive 500k Silver as reward". I guess that was upsetting the game economy, too and had to be "balanced" out of the game, right?
LoL WR has become such a rip off.

Steve9 months ago

Please make the hours less on work shop wait

OVERLORD9 months ago

Increase the amount of silver on every match. Its too hard to grab silver on this game today

Al9 months ago

I'm a newish player with mid range bots in diamond league but always seem to be fighting level 12 players is this right?

Leng9 months ago

Doombringer, "let's not make this pay to win." In case you have not noticed, it has been for quite a while now. Or do you think players really have gotten several M2 L12 Spectres with 4 Mk2 L12 shocktrains, Mk2 L12 Haechis with (of course) Mk2 L12 Orkan (3 of them!) just by playing? Wake up.

Leng9 months ago

Well, this so called balance update has turned WR plain and simple into the most unbalanced game I have ever played. Congratulations. You will not get a single Cent from my wallet. (hint for Pixonic WR team: play your own game on the public server to see what is wrong with it!)

Germancaptain9 months ago

Orkan !!!!

Ok, the Orkan was overpowerd.
but please increase the refueling time for the orkan.
It does Need to maney time.
Thank you from Germany

Nightfury9 months ago

Saucinus Maximus, Haha, actually I like that they increased the times for robots, it was RIDICULOUS. I got raven, pursuer, a shredder, a dragoon, and two ions in the short time WS2.0 was at its peak. Other players were doing the same, and so everyone had low level OP bots and the game was ridiculous. Well, battles were. sometimes the spectre in front of you would take two dragoon hits to kill and sometimes it would take 30. You would never know! So glad this change happened, hopefully things will calm down now. Also, why does it seem like the only people on here just rant all the time?

Cube19 months ago

3 of my weapons (lvl12) have disappeared from my account and these robbing bastards from pixonic won't help. I'm finished with this shit. Bye, over and out of here. Fuck Pixonic!

Dagowood190410 months ago

You know what’s up with the Hover Robot ,Why is it ,That when it is ascending .And a player has there Sights dead center on it , and once it gets to a certain hight ,and suddenly the target box drops down and targets another Robot . Evan though you had it square in the center of your sights. And it sure is not because its to steep of an angel.and then you can not reacquire it. But when you’re in the spaceship and a Robot is on the outside of the haul above you. My Robot is all over it. The head of the thing is snapping up, And at an insanely steep angle. Seams almost vertical. That’s how I know that it’s not to steep when my Robots stops tracking it and the crosshairs and target box drop away !!!! It’s not right , and it’s something that you should fix right away

Dagowood190410 months ago

Hellyea, Yea I noticed evan before this last update.what i also noticed,is when I’m on the test sever doing less damage and fewer kills and i get more silver. Go figure. I got two rampage & two godlike & 14 kills in the same battle and still didn’t do over a million in the F-CK could be!

hmm...10 months ago

i was in the middle of making an ember. i had half the components and then, suddenly, it takes 3 days for me to make 100 components. it takes too long so I give up, but what should I do with the rest of my components? THEY ARE USELESS NOW. THANKS A LOT WAR ROBOTS

Wrplayer10 months ago

SIDEROBOT, I bought compartments for it and I'm starting to regret...

Hellyea10 months ago

Myself and several of our clan have noticed with last update we haven't been making as much silver either. Anyone else notice that ?

Doombringer10 months ago

Honestly after playing the game a bit I do like the rebalence. I have played many games where nerfing is the way of rebalence. At least here they try to give back to the players. However the longer build times in workshop is a bit too long. May be you could pull back some. You already have some exclusive pay to get content, let's not make this pay to win. Over all I really like this game it takes me back to old mechwarrior. Keep going guys.

Koalabear10 months ago

Well, I sent them a message that I will not spend any more money on the game if they did this. I hope others did the same. There have been a couple of the usual gold/silver for 1.19 or 2.49 offers that I didn't take, so so far, I'm hold true to that. I also told them that when BoT comes out fully, I would switch over to that. Again, hopefully others have been doing the same.

Forget boycotting by not playing. Just play, enjoy the game, and just don't spend any more. To other P2P people like me out there, just stop, no matter how good the deal seems. Play what you have and enjoy it, while slowly grinding for whatever new content will fit your playstyle or catches your fancy.

Read more:

Wrplayer10 months ago

Remember, all these nerfs and buffs apply to MK1 Level 12. They did not show us the value of the other levels.

Frizzo The Nizzo10 months ago

I'm surprised with this new update all of these rebalances will help me out, with the exception of the workshop rework!

Artur Ustayan10 months ago

I guess we are all gonna play this game once a week, just to get workshop going. Unbelievable. Разрабы совсем охренели

Dagowood190410 months ago

20 plus hours for 100 fucking components what a joke. You guys did the math on this shit way before this was in an accident fucking drama. So what’s up are you guys going to honor your word PIXONIC.

Dagowood190410 months ago

So since I was voice typing that there’s a lot of words out of place I didn’t get to proofread it before I accidentally press the post button so what’s going to happen are you going to get back to me your promise that the components if they were launch before the deadline of your stupid new longer component build times which is a bunch of stupid shit what’s wrong with you people man. Does it make you happy to fuck people over. I think it does. This is all just a joke to you. The worlds biggest Mobile Game Soap Opera Ever . I THINK YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE COMPANY TO ( “LIE,SONIC !

Dagowood190410 months ago

So since I was voice typing that there’s a lot of words out of place I didn’t get to proofread it before I accidentally press the post button so what’s going to happen are you going to get back to me your promise that the components if they were launch before the deadline of your stupid new longer component build times which is a bunch of stupid shit what’s wrong with you people man. Does it make you happy to fuck people over. I think it does. This is all just a joke to you. The worlds biggest Mobile Game Soap Opera Ever . I THINK YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE COMPANY TO ( “LIE,SONIC !

Dagowood190410 months ago

I accidentally press the post button when I was trying to reach change the word correct the word Ballista from Balisters. So unless you want to your word and fix the times so they can complete their just gonna sit there idol because I ain’t fucking wasting a fucking month a whole fucking month or change to build one weapon fuck that it’s bullshit you go from one hour to 20 hours per 100 components the fuck is wrong with you people one hour to 20 hours for 100 components you’ll see nothing wrong with that I hope to take this fucking game off of play store I’m gonna contact google and do the best I can to get you fucker shut down your rip offs . You got my email address contact me .

Dagowood190410 months ago

# Pixonic,As you said, that if something was in production in the workshop and had been launched before you your little deadline of 9 AM HTC time that it would finish in the original workshop times not like these new long times like the fucking upgrade times. Well I just happen to have a Ballista Weapon already I production .which took 1 hour and i cant remember how many as im playing the Game I get a notification that my production parts or whatever already however it is worded. So I go and click those six components and I click restart again and then I look a few minutes later after check the Robot list. And GUESS WHAT,,,,CAN YOU JUST TAKE ONE GUESS OF WHAT I AM LOOKING AT,,,,,COME NOW,,,,,WHAT DO YOU F—KING HAPPENED???? THE (TIME) IT TAKES TO COMPLETE THE COMPONENT IS NOW 19 HOURS AND 56 MINUTES !!! IT IS NOW 3:32 AM IN CALIFORNIA. SO WHY DID THE FUCKING COMPONENT TIME CHANGE ????????? YOU SAID IF SOMETHING WAS LAUNCHED BEFORE YOUR NEW PUNK ASS COMPONENT TIME INCREASE WAS IN EFFECT THAT IT WOULD FINISH UNDER THE OLD TIME . WELL ITS NOT.SO NOW WHAT DO I GOT TO DO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE??????This is totally wrong you’re totally wrong for changing the fucking times it’s bullshit you just keep playing fucking games. They have great times are too long and now it’s too long to build fucking shit in the workshop fuck the workshop workshop means shit now it’s garbage do you get it it’s fucking garbage it’s way too long to fucking Build something you could ruin a wet dream couldn’t you. As it was it was gonna take two months to upgrade the son of a bitch I’m pissed every day the more more I sure do hate this game I’m sure a lot of the players are too it’s bullshit you guys put something in then you change it. You guys are dirty pool playing people my gonna get a response on this or what because she’s gonna sit idle any fucking build nothing in your fucking workshop . It’s just too fucking long don’t you get it. With all these new fucking weapons you keep putting pumping into his game nothing is balanced now it’s the new corrosive what a bunch of stupid shit. I’m pissed off you got my email address only want to answer this for me what the fuck. Oh not to worry if something was launched blah blah blah Harvey said it he would finish out of the old times you know that this whole workshop readjustment thing is a bunch of bullshit you know it was gonna work out like it did. Just like the shark trans they been getting fucking pun. I’m pissed off you got my email address only want to answer this for me what the fuck. Oh not to worry if something was launched blah blah blah Harvey said it he would finish one of the old times you know that this whole workshop readjustment thing is a bunch of bullshit you know was gonna work The way it did. You guys of been designing it for months you put those low times down there you know how fast it was going to get a simple you’re far from stupid. Maybe ignorant but far from stupid you did this shit just to give everybody a little taste dangling the carrot and then you pulled away. Well those blisters

TYRANTATHON 10 months ago

I appreciate the constant updates! They mean nothing to me if I'm unable to attain them without Deep Pockets or a lot of time!

Saucinus Maximus10 months ago

All this is great!

Pix for god's sake leave Workshop 2.0 alone

Saucinus Maximus10 months ago

All this is great!

Pix for god's sake leave Workshop 2.0 alone

FCKEMUP 10 months ago

Hey all and all change everything back and just make new stuff stonger and increase only on the old stuff not decrease, make all the bots faster but 10 mph+ bots r super slow. Lets speed the game up. Its simple. Oh and put a 6 sec lock on all long range OVER 600m. U wanna make it fair? Love you;)~

DEATHPointforUSvk10 months ago

Hey what about making spider bots usable ???
You are trying to change meta with suppression bots while their movement completely sucks
They get stucked at every corner as all spider bots in the game
Too I doubt that sometimes you screw up also your teammates with that annoying legs lol
Make all spider bots able to easily climb the walls
It may help them to find better place to shoot
And invader will be able to jumb farer

WarOfHeaven10 months ago

I like the changes overall!
Not so really sure about weyland buffs as it is literally becoming immortal.
Also the shocktrain bounce distance nerf (not the damage). I have two lvl 6 shocktrains but the bounce seems way to short that there are hardly any bounce. Mabey keep it at 150 or atleast 130 please? I do agree with the damage nerf but the bounce is a main characteristic of its kind. Shocktrain particularly needs to be upgraded to see its true potential but the bounce nerf seems alittle off; ..please dont nerf the damage again doe ;(..
Everything else is all 👍 Please dont change things so drastocally or include so many features so quickly please, no need to rush for cash~ :)
The ipcomming work shop is alittle let down though :( accidents like those are pretty crucial for us

☾✰ƁƛፐፐƛŁ ǤƛƵİ ☾✰10 months ago

Dear Pixonic Managers;
With the latest updates you have made the game miserable. Thanks to the game that we played with pleasure, it turned into a trade and as a result, players playing for many years started deleting their accounts one by one. if you want to avoid this, restore the game.

☾✰ƁƛፐፐƛŁ ǤƛƵİ ☾✰10 months ago

Dear Pixonic Managers;
With the latest updates you have made the game miserable. Thanks to the game that we played with pleasure, it turned into a trade and as a result, players playing for many years started deleting their accounts one by one. if you want to avoid this, restore the game.

TERM1NATOR 500010 months ago

R0ck_0n, I know right! Well the Falcon is really powerful now, so I wouldn’t complain if it did get a slight resistance nerf, but beforehand it was to weak. So eventually they’ll find the right balance for it, but it’s still in early stages of the buff. I'm sure they’ll change it eventually though.

TERM1NATOR 500010 months ago

DEATHPointforUSvk, You make a good point. I think that would make Lancelot fighting a little easier, but the main point was to make Lancelot powerful again. But, I agree, it is really hard to fight a Lancelot, which, personally I think is quite cool because it makes them more intimidating. But what I'm really saying, is yes you do make a good point, and a nerf/buff might’ve been a better alternative.

ElevenStar658710 months ago

I love this games... best game forever

~JØHNxWICK10 months ago

A better re-balancing:

Reducing weapon damage and bot stats isn’t a fair re-balancing. A proper re-balancing would also include reducing cost for upgrading....

We are required to pay the same Silver and Gold for weapons and bots before they were nerfed, now honestly where’s the common sense in that ??
Nerfing a bot and weapon should also affect the pricing ie: Less for less or more for more!!! Isn’t that fair enough ??

It is understandable that you are to make money, but there are more factors to rebalancing, as I am sure you do know.

These bots and weapons have loss their abilities and potential. Please if you are to drop stats, consider dropping the cost/s for these weapons as bots.


Francis Li10 months ago

'Deadeye', The sad thing is , W.S. 2.0 will also be stupidly slow for you to acquire new bots and gear , good luck all. By October 1st this game will be messed up

woodscrapswork10 months ago

Hey Pixonic dudes (if y'all actually read these)

I clearly understand that you wish to make $...duh, what else would the point be of forming any company or corporation?
Primarily, with the update, ya got wallet warriors squealing "unfair" among other things. Beyond that, the comments are everywhere.
What commentary I'm not seeing is any direct address to the issue of gold aquisition.

How much does it matter if I, a relatively new player, or anyone else can get most any bot or weapon , new or old? It takes 6 weeks to 6 or 8 months per item to lvl it up. If we use it before it is upgraded significantly, we are penalized at the end of every battle.

If you're 6 or older and played more than a week or two, you know it's all about gold (Au). If I nail my tasks every day I get 60 or 70. Also, I earn up to 10 in a battle that goes perfectly. Finally, I have the 10 key chests with a 16% chance of 7 or 10 gold. In a 24 hr day without keys from battle I can open 32 of 'em and average about 50 more gold.

On a slow day at the office where I can kill bots for an hour or 2 total, have a couple great battles and a few decent ones, maybe I can average close to 200 total gold earned or won in a day.

In the big picture, thats like changing the speed limit from 55 to 60 when Im driving to the moon. It still sucks...alot.
The ways around it are to be a farmer and get 10 Au every match (and everyone hate em) or spend ridiculous sums of real $ to get minimal sums of pretend gold.

Pix dudes, y'all have a cool game. No doubt about it. It would be MUCH cooler if gold were more attainable without purchase. Your long-term retention of players would be greater. And with that in mind (more players sticking around longer)........

Here's a poor memory of an old quote.

Serve the elite and live with the masses or Serve the masses and live with the elite.

There will always be a small percentage (elite) willing to pay a high price, but better would be a much larger percentage of the masses willing to pay a reasonable price for Au. Then there will be some tightwads like me that rarely if ever spend anything but time on a game.

Think on it Pix dudes...a much larger % of a larger retained group of much happier gamers spending less $ per puchase, but purchasing more often. Y'all could double or triple your revenues and most of us would love you for it...even the tightwads like me.

Stop trying to sell thousands of Ferraris, start selling trillions of rolls of toilet paper...(almost) EVERYONE WILL BUY IT!

Fix the funnel on the sucks... alot.... bunches of suckiness...

Thanks in advance

SIDEROBOT10 months ago

DEATHPointforUSvk, I agree you... they buff the shields and bots and they nerf the orkan... they make the make the orkan a shit... I spend a lot of silvers just to upgrade a weapon that in the future it will become a shit

Priyanshu singh10 months ago

When components conversation comes in work shops

Priyanshu singh10 months ago

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
Give me a 5000 gold
I'd 6ZIS91
Platform Android

Reness10 months ago

Hay que denunciarlos , por estafa, nos venden algo con condiciones que nosotros aceptamos y luego lo cambian unilateralmente, de q sirve el esfuerzo e inversión no sólo de dinero si no de tiempo, en querer tener un buen hangar para que ahora no sirva, si quieren q saquen nuevos bots, los pilotos que quieran lo comprarán, pero no a costo de inutilizar lo que tanto costo conseguir, quien va ha jugar con robots lentos y débiles que tanto costaron, así no da ganas de Seguir invirtiendo más en este juego.

Real RZ10 months ago

rip haechi :(

Tostada10 months ago

Thanks for listening! This is by far the best thing to happen to the game in years. Thank you. Love all the new tech. Love the new roles we can choose to play. And I can finally play what ever mode I'm in the mood for. I just don't understand why you need to tweak WS2.0 I really felt the times and cost we're already to long and too much. This is a great disappointment. Especially for new players that still need to aquire the basic tech. I'll be alright because I already have more then I need and it's all top tier. But the new players will surely suffer and quit.

Angusfang10 months ago

I have only been playing for 6 months but was enjoying the game tremendously. But I don't understand the new changes. I didn't like them but thought I would play devils advocate and been playing the game non stop with what o have, griff,Leo,doc,carnage. Mainly my griffs I have had my fare sher of quick deaths in the past but I have no idea what is going on my griffs are a lot of time leterly dead in 3 to 5 seconds. I am going to keep playing for now to make sure its not me. But wish someone could explain better what happened. So sad I loved this game now lost.

Angusfang10 months ago

I don't understand my griff and Leo can't do hardly anything now. Leo stays in battle a little longer but weapons I have don't do shot now. And my griff can't hold his own at all. They talk about you just have to adjust to game play. I was adjusted just fine before. Sure some time I got my ads kicked be a specter I just learned to stay away tell I got help. Now all the bots I have seam to be worthless. Can't seam to do much damage. Oh and God forgive running into heavy bot with too shields just got to run. Duck this sucks bummer.

chelo10 months ago

I spend a lot of money buying Spectre and Haechi, go and f*ck your self Pixonic.

'Deadeye'10 months ago

Alejandro Vasquez, You could always use WS 2.0 to get the rest of the points. Have paitence and it will be yours in no time at all.

'Deadeye'10 months ago

PRINCESS-AZULA!!, The fact that you paid for that crap is funny. Get over the fact that you can’t be #1 with that CANCER anymore. Just GET GUD SCRUB!

alintagjr10 months ago

Hello PAYXONIC, i do hope that after this so called REBALANCE SHIT takes its place for everybody to adopt. (cause lowering the SAME weapons being used by the older bots e.g Griffin,Rhino,Fujin,) they still stand 40% chance on killing SPECTRE/INQUISITOR/HAECHI/BULGASARI who has special ability. nevertheless, at least please pay some attention on the UPGRADE TIME/PRICE and MISMATCHED on the game. it will really help all of us to enjoy the game more and prolonged our playing time....

DerDoe10 months ago

DerDoe, Was soll das?!

Ich habe diese Waffen seit einen Jahr das waren die ersten Waffen die ich überhaupt hatte und jetzt sind sie weg nur wegen einen Update und ich bekomme nicht mal Antwort da es für games-Room Spieler keine Möglichkeit gibt zu schreiben WAS SOLL DAS !!!

DerDoe10 months ago

DerDoe, echt Games-Room Spieler bekommen nur eine generierte Antwort!
Das ist Totale Frechheit!

DerDoe10 months ago

Und ich habe Waffen nicht mehr ich will meine Taran und meine Magnum wieder haben, was ist das für eine Politik die ihr mit Zahlenden Kunden habt.
Ich würde nicht mal schreiben wenn es nicht dringend wäre, ich kann meinen Bulgarsai nicht bewaffnen da seinen Waffen weg sind! meine 3 Taran sind nur mehr 2 und das ist schlecht und es ist eine Frechheit mir nicht normal zu Antworten!

Ich bestehle auf die Rückgabe dieser Waffen.

Taran 11
Magnum 9

MEINE ID - 7ZA4I8 SturmWaffe

MrSandvich Costiniano10 months ago

I kinda felt bad for Pinata and Orkan since they were my best rocket launchers for my Griffin. This was since it was the best build for my Griffin in Beacon Rush. Even Rogatka Orkans.. ;-;

I wish Rogatka and Griffin would get a buff so that I can use then effectively in leagues. If I'd pray to God for you, I hope you're happy.

If that came in update 4.4, I would've MK2 them in handy. At lest Destrier is my favorite robot. I hope there will be a Skirmish mode out of Destrier just like his Thunder build thing I requested to you, Stan, Tofsla, and one of you developers of this game. Thanks for everything.

DEATHPointforUSvk10 months ago

Dragons&Ravens, I don't have any of these but I think that the thing is dmg output of Spectre and also height of Spectre
You know Spectre in stealth was like imunity
While Inquisitor is still very easy to hit even in stealth
Pursuer has only 3 light weapons so really you can't compare dmg of 3 l weapons with 4 medium
Although I will soon make my first Spectre
And I will go RDB cuz now I have leveled tulumbases at the doc
And mid range Spectre RDB will be still OP
So it's only about adapting :)

DEATHPointforUSvk10 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, I don't complain about haechi .. if you take into consideration just haechi ... They destroyed orkans so badly ... You are not able to break ancilot shield
In my opinion orkans need nerf/buff at the same time let me explain it
Now orkans have nerfed dmg and fire rate
1150 dmg at lvl 8 0.12 sec fire rate
Well now it completely sucks if you take into consideration buff of all shields
You are simply not able to break in with all your firepower
I would like to have nerf/buff
Old orkans had 0.10 fire rate
Now 0.12
I want to have same dmg per rocket
Fire rate 0.11
And 40 rockets in the clip
That is 10% buff if you compare it with old orkans
But unload time will be much longer
Which simply will let orkans not be
Instakill weapons but still it will let you fight against ancilots
It will be in everyone's favor old robots will have more time to breathe
Orkans won't be so useless as now do
What do you think about?

Gaming CBP10 months ago

PRINCESS-AZULA!!, Do you even know that shocktrain and Spectre are RUINING the game, you little Spectre fanboy? And are you afraid of amount of money that is for replacing Spectre to other robots?
(Kill my bad English)

Gaming CBP10 months ago

But, why the hell did you buff Dragoon and Ember? They are too unbalanced compared to other heavy weapons.

Gaming CBP10 months ago

Thanks Pixonic! I was afraid of getting destroyed by orkan Spectre.
Also, my tempest Raijin became a bit more powerful as a mid-range sniper.
But don't add unbalanced robots anymore. Don't cross the line. :(
(Sorry for my f**king bad English BTW)

alintagjr10 months ago


The Madman10 months ago

Please buff the Raijin. It is such a slow piece of junk when it's ability is used and since it only has 2 heavy slots. Needs slight speed or either damage boost buff.

Chepa10 months ago

You have to correct the data table of the page. The levels are disordered.

R0ck_0n10 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, especially the hover.. god knows he needed a real buff. Falcon is just a bit too strong in my opinion, probably need to reduce it's resistance to 60%

R0ck_0n10 months ago

PRINCESS-AZULA!!, shocktrain specter crybaby detected. you skilless dogs get what you deserve

cry more filthy bitch HAHAHA

TERM1NATOR 500010 months ago

I also love the new changes to Falcon, Mender, and Hover! They're much more fun now! I also like how the Inquisitor is more powerful than the Spectre now, I think that's how it was supposed to be at first but the firepower quickly overshadowed the Inquisitor's. It would be like if Cossack was more deadly than Griffin! The Mender was already amazing, but now, it's even better at supporting teammates!

TERM1NATOR 500010 months ago

Percys Bane, You know, I agree too, it's still strategy-based no matter what people say. Before I say anything all of my component robots have been obtained by farming (and WS 2.0), so I'm not badly effected by the change, but I think the Haechi nerf is a good thing, now I have to make more tactical decisions rather than dash and win. Believe it or not when I was playing my Haechi yesterday it didn't insta-kill the Lancelot I had encountered, in fact, I actually needed the help of a teammate to win the fight! This is how it’s supposed to be. Heavy robots actually pose a threat now! You need Heavy weapons to kill Heavy bots (or some team work)!

PRINCESS-AZULA!!10 months ago

do something to the upgrade times because they suck to max a spectre shocktrain you need oh.. ABOUT A YEAR!!!!!! AND YOU JUST WAISTED TONES OF MY TIME UPGRADING!!! MAKE THEM LESS OR I WILL PROBABLY LEAVE GAME AND I WILL NEVER PAY A PENNY TO YOU!!

PRINCESS-AZULA!!10 months ago


PRINCESS-AZULA!!10 months ago

DrDraake, I agree my trebuchet fury does the least damage in a match. The trebuchet needs to be more powerful

PRINCESS-AZULA!!10 months ago


wolfborg1010 months ago

en parte estoy feliz porque los robots pesados tienen mas movilidad y mejoraron unos y armas pesadas lo que no me gusto fue que le bajaran el daño a la orkan y la taran ahora mis robots equipados con esas armas como inquisitor y gareth van a sufrir si antes hacia bien daño ahora no hare nada porque hicieron esos cambion muchisimas gracias ahora tendre que cambiar mi hangar perdi mucho tiempo mejorando lo que tenia

Balthasar10 months ago

no way damage on dragoon should of gone up

Alejandro Vasquez10 months ago

I don't like the way they changed the Battle rewards. it use to have the corona which i was close to getting but they now have the new four legged robot which i don't really want. I would appreciate if if you changed it back.

zeuss7810 months ago


Gregory Roberts10 months ago

Please don't keep changing things. As the saying goes " If it an't broken don't fix it "

NUKER37110 months ago

Funny that i have a gi patton with 4 level 7 noricums, and yet they cant do a lick of good against the high hp bots. They each do a small amount, but even with 4 of them i dont do that much damage... pls fix.

NUKER37110 months ago

The zenits are too op because they lock on to the bots signature, which forces you to run directly to them with a swift robot or risk taking heavy damage. The noricum is good because you have to actually aim with them.

Percys Bane10 months ago

Krazy Paw Paw, They aren't obsolete at all, they just require more skill. I myself have a kumiho and bulgasari, and they still work practically just as well as they did before, they just need a little more skill

Percys Bane10 months ago

Sammy Farted, Congratulations, you now require skill to play! I'm sorry that you don't have enough of it, or so your post indicates...

Percys Bane10 months ago

Sanjay Mylanathan, Your statement is ridiculous... It's not 200 comps for 5 days, it's 2400 for 5 days if you use all your workshop slots on the 400 components setting. 2400 components in 5 days means YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE SPECTRE IN JUST OVER 20 DAYS AND THAT'S ONE HECK OF A LOT BETTER THAN PAY TO WIN. Please pay attention to how the workshop ACTUALLY works before making statements like this...

Percys Bane10 months ago

Mick Marauder, I agree 100%. I've ALWAYS hated the players who complain about the game being unbalanced, even when dash bots came out! There are always counters and strategies, and to me it's all about adapting. When the dash bots came out, I took my silver bots and weapons (I've never spent a dime on war robots in the year+ I've owned it) and formed strategies to fight the dashes. I farmed for an inquisitor, bulgasari, and kumiho and multiple components weps before this latest workshop came out allowing me to make more weps easily. The game always comes around in the end and to me, the "imbalances" are the best part.

Mick Marauder10 months ago

This rebalance was way overdue and I don't care if it's another play by pixonic to make more money or not it needed to happen. Tired of the cry babies who were able to dominate everybody else using their skillless Weapons like a bunch of pussies and all of a sudden now they don't have that extreme Advantage anymore. Life's a bitch isn't it? Learn to adapt or quit the game. I'm sure a lot of other players got tired of being crushed match after match with no hope of ever moving up in the ranks because the matchmaking was so bad and they had to face morons in the game who play 1 or 2 Bots maxed out and getting killed off too quickly. You don't keep customers or as especially new customers if they don't enjoy the experience. Too many players in this game have dominated for too long ruining the game for everybody else so like I said in my opening statement this was way overdue. Good job pixonic because you've given a lot of players a chance to compete.

William LaPene10 months ago

Maybe something to consider...How about a medium or small Ancille….That way I could put it on my Griffin or other bots and have some protection when I use the jump.... just a thought.....

DrDraake10 months ago

hmm..., This is a very good point.

Why do the snipers fire so slowly and lack the ability to really pose as a primary threat?

A Nashorn will do 11,545 worth of damage with a single shot then you need to puts around for 9 seconds waiting for it to reload. You can have a Fury with 3 Nashorns dealing 34,635 damage every 9 seconds.

The updated Falcon has 155,000 HP
I have to have 5 direct hits to kill a Falcon and that will take me at minimum 50 seconds. There has been daily tasks to kill 3 robots in the first 45 seconds.

In one of the videos put out by War Robots it actually talked about people might see snipers as problem but check the stats after the battle they usually have the least amount of damage dealt.

Why would anyone want to play this way?

The Sniper weapons need a MASSIVE increase in power!

Thank you
War Robots ID: 0YAKZX

DrDraake Out.... *Drop the Mic*

Bazatron 10 months ago

Where is the updates promised for the Trident? I have been holding out, waiting for these new promised updates to make Trident more powerful and be able to shoot 1 missile at a time. I have been pouring my resources into this weapon with the anticipation it will get better, and it really needs to get a lot better?

Dragons&Ravens10 months ago

I take it all back but not Spectre. It’s one shot robot now and then you die. Ability is pretty useless with just three seconds. I find it funny that inquistor and pursuers stealth hasn’t been lowered. Pursuers has speed with devasting weapons and has super speed. So I believe it’s stealth should be lowered. Inquistor has super damage and I think giving it so much stealth time is not right either since it does huge damage with its weapons.

hmm...10 months ago

i think the problem with these robots was that they deal too much damage up close. if you use a sniper, there are too much obstacles. i think that they should make the trebuchet and other long range weapons fire a bit faster, and make obstacles shorter in some maps. the most powerful weapons were the close range ones. orcans is one of them. so why are they making the robots worse instead? this makes no sense.

Killer Morbid10 months ago

Pilot ID: 96RRHI
Platform: Android Mobile Phone

Hi.The new update.
3 of my Robots got weaker because of weapon changes.But o.k. I have to deal with that.
What I do not like is that important weapon informations are now missing. In the detailed weapon information there have to be infos like -how many 'bullets' are in the weapon magazine, or -how fast can tve wrapon shoot .. and so on .Why don't you put infos like on the weapon changes sheet in the detailed weapon information? For me important infos.
O.K. ... cheers and thanx for reading .. Stefan (Killer Morbid).

I AM BEOWULF10 months ago

alintagjr, What kind of a hole spends time crying about people crying, good grief! Sorry i forgot to show I mean it by capitalizing, but to lazy to go back an redo it

I AM BEOWULF10 months ago

Am I the only one noticing the weapons you have, got zapped, and the ones you need to buy got boosted? All after thay raised the amount gold you need to spend to build. They stole the gold. I love this game, but IOI, I mean Pixonic flat stole from its customers. Good grief.

DrDraake10 months ago

*New Text Message* Hey guys! Look over here...Behind you. Way in the BACK! it’s me, Drake!!! Your buddy? I'm at the concert like 40 rows back I just picked up the $10 lawn seats while you’re sitting in the first row, center stage! What was it like $1,000+ per ticket? Wow... Come visit next time you’re going to the bathroom. Ok Bye... *End Text Message*

Just read all the comments on here, I've watched all the YouTube videos put out by Pixonic/random War Robot players, and read just about every guide/tutorial/wiki/etc...

Everyone is bitching about Pixonic nerfing:
*For users like myself who had no idea what NERFING meant till a google search last night, "lowering the stats".

Robots: Spectre, Haechi, and Bulgasari
Weapons: Orkan, Shocktrain, and Scourge

There are more but this is enough to start...

"Note: all numbers are for level 12 Mk1 robots and weapons."

Let’s start with my personal favorite setup and best robot in my ONE hanger that I struggle to fill up all 5 robot slots because I don't have enough weapons to make a dent to other robots in the Champion League. HaHa, just kidding I'm only in Silver League 1.

Do any of you guys remember what it was like back in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues? Let me fill you in...

My Level 6 Griffin - New Stats
110,000 HP
Two level 6 Orkans - Dealing a massive 950 damage per rocket (38 round Burst Damage: 36,100)
Two level 5 Pinata - Dealing a massive 690 damage per rocket (19 round Burst Damage: 13,110)
Total Damage: 98,420

My Level 6 Griffin - Old Stats
110,000 HP
Two level 6 Orkans - Dealing a massive 942 damage per rocket (38 round Burst Damage: 35,796)
Two level 5 Pinata - Dealing a massive 760 damage per rocket (19 round Burst Damage: 14,440)
Total Damage: 100,472

The difference of about 2,052 HP

My other breadwinner is my Level 6 Leo
Level 6 Punishers - 2
Level 5 Punisher - 1
Level 5 Avenger - 1
Speed - 32 km/h!!
Total Damage: 167,200 *With 100% Accuracy 200 Meters or Less

I know you guys in the "top leagues" are looking at these bots and your like "Damn DrDraake! Can we use your robots in our hangers and you can use ours?" I would say no way... these robots are my Fav! I love having to use my ninja skills to kill robots and not just turn on Stealth mode and blast someone out of the sky with 4 Orkans in 4.5 seconds.... WAY TO LONG!!! I used to do it in 3.8 seconds! WTF....

Mom!!!! My Spectre only goes 50 km/h, not 55km/h like it did yesterday when I bought it... Mom!! I am only in Stealth for 2 seconds now and I want my 5 seconds of stealth back! *Stomp Feet* Mom!!! Fix my broken toy!!!

My Workshop is only a level 17. Let me put this into perspective.

I have 4 open slots to build weapons/robots and majority of these items that would make this list of things that were "balanced" in this 4.3 update I can only build 100 spare parts at a time. The items I would LOVE to have equipped on my robots would be the Tempest, Storm, Spark, Shredder, Vortex, or any of the other AWESOME weapons that take 1 Day 12 hours to get 100 spare parts when you need 10,000 spare parts to get the item. LET’S DO SOME MATH!!!

Build a Spectre/Pulsar/Shredder/Exodus/Dragoon/etc... in Workshop
10,000 Spare Parts Needed ÷ 100 Single Order of Spare Parts = 100 Orders Needed

1.5 Days to Order 100 Spare Parts ×100 Orders Needed = 150 Days till Completion

150 Days till Completion ÷ 30 Days in a Month = 5 Months to Build

5 Freaking months.... Anyone see a problem with this?

How about this for a scenario... the lower your rank/level/league the easier it is to build robots and weapons. As you move up times get longer and longer...Just like they do with upgrades. There will always be the people who pay to play, don't get me wrong. They will always want to be the best at whatever it is they are doing. For instance....

"Rylan Horseman


I am not cheap by any means, but I still am a good Jew. I am not going to throw $100's or $1,000's away on every weapon or robot out there. I spent money to pick up a few robots that I thought were good and for the first few leagues they were. *Cough*Gareth, and Doc *Cough* After my first week playing they were obsolete.

Moral of the story...

Pixonic: Going back to the 4.3 post about the updates. Do not forget about your people in your lower leagues. The top league guys spend a ton of money quickly when new things come out. But there are 1000 people in the lower leagues spending small amounts for every 1 person in the higher leagues spending money. I will bet a shiny new penny that total dollars spent by people in gold league or below is 5 times as much as total dollars spent by people in diamond league or higher.

PS. Make sure to put out a chart of all the weapons with damage at each level. I depend on the War Robots Wiki page and who knows if it is up to date?

War Robots Gaming Community: Yes, it sucks that your precious robots and weapons are not as good as they were yesterday. Think about it this way.... Can you still run as fast as you did when you were a teenager?

Everyone: Please check out my hanger sometime and I welcome any advice you can provide on a better setup. Thank you
War Robots ID: 0YAKZX

DrDraake Out.... *Drop the Mic*

Koght10 months ago

If this isn't a major update...
I have to say, it feels like all the nerfs and buffs are deserved. Special heads up to the falcon rework, it seems very cool and I think I will consider playing this baby now :D
I'm sad that the gust got nerfed, but then I understand it. There is a problem, although, in nerfing so many things at once ; for example, I had finally got my triple scourge bulga to replace my lancelot, and well... Bye bulga and welcome back storm ancile lancelot. Feels bad for the 50+Ms invested in this build.

But then again, good nerfs, good buffs. I just wonder why you didn't nerf pin, this weapon is really unbalanced, low-skilled and high-reward...

Maybe try to implement future changes more progressively ! Good job anyway, in the long run the game will improve for sure.
See you in the battlefield guys

Matthew Himbert10 months ago

Love the new updated... now I can Start using my old bots that I had upgraded before all these new bots started ruining everything, and since they are older bots I already had it won't take forever to upgrade them since i had them before the 4.0 update. Oh ya gotta love keeping the old bad boys in the garage! and weapons

Matthew Himbert10 months ago

Randeepa, Bro, most bots were not intended to be one shot kills with weapons. Its about strategy. Why should a Haechi with max orkans be allowed to destroy a Heavy Bot with upgraded ancile Shield one in one shooting? The heavy bot should always have the advantage as far as HP goes. Thats how heavy bots are man. Deal with it. Orkans didn't lost that much damage in this nerf and they take a slightly bit more time to fire off, its not bad at all and still does a lot of damage... just deal with it.

alintagjr10 months ago


KJ69610 months ago

Well done pixonic, now my gusts are so weak that i hard to kill someone fast enough before i die 😧😧

Randeepa10 months ago

take down the ancel shield power pixonic,now u guys reduce the power of the orakan now its not much stronger and u guys gives lot of power to the ancel shield,now if anyone use lanslort with ancel shield no one can kill it using orakan heachi,that is my point,I tested it with my friends lel 12 lanslort with lel 12-ancel shield using my lel 12-orakan,now I can do onely break his shield onely,after that my all rocket is finish but he has still full hp lanslort with full reloded taran,if he want to shooting using his taran when im firing its no problem for him, because after finishing his taran he can relode it again within 5 sec this is,he can do big big damage everytime for me but I cant do nothing even I cant do any damage for his hp because my orakan is powerless and he has big ancel shield and lot of hp more than before,pixonic this is lot of unfair for heachi uses think about this things,give us to heachi power and orakan fire power again,actually this update is creazy u guys unblancing the game,

alintagjr10 months ago


R0ck_0n10 months ago

Romeo_6, what makes u think they wanna give it a go? hahaha....
Their precious one shot/jump, one kill braindead tactic now requires them to use the other quarter of their brains to play decently. They won't be able to handle it

Romeo_610 months ago

I personally think the re-balancing exercise is quite fair. We should give it a try to see how well the exercise works and propose any further tweaking in the numbers.

I see many commentators here are just whining incessantly about their favorite robots and weapons being nerfed and some even threaten to leave the game without actually giving it a try. These people are mostly credit card gamers with lots of spare cash (or they have deep pocket parents who pamper them with material things) who simply able to buy themselves to pummel other more serious players who value skills over pure power. This is not the way to play this game and turn WR into a "money wins all", an elitist game.

A good fighting game should have more variety of choice which do not give any particular equipment an unfair advantage. Equipment should be used to suit a particular combat scenario, a player's play preference and preferred tactics. It should be a game of skill, tactic and strategy and those who excel in these fields should be above the rest of the players and deserve to win. Not an average Joe with deep pockets who can afford to uplevel everything to maximum power to crush their enemies because they have more money to spare. If these players want to leave the game, by all means go. They are the real spoilers of the game and serious gamers don't need them.

The one thing Pixonic should really look seriously into is the tanking issue. Gamers here encounter them almost every day and they steal the fun from serious gamers. Until this issue can be effectively dealt with it will continue to be WR's black dot. It is a very difficult and at times delicate problem to deal with as it can arouse the anger of these irresponsible individuals who do not see their selfish action as wrong. Players who encounter tankers in their game should take the initiative to report them to Pixonic to have them removed from regular combat. Those anti-tankers should cooperate to reduce this menace and not expecting Pixonic to deal with the issue alone. These tankers are after all, players like you and me.

Bullsh**10 months ago

Even though some of the changes are fair, generally pixonic has proven over the years that they only care about money money money. So in reality, the changes are just to force you buy the new robots and weapons. Once you spend your nice money on the endless upgrades, version 4.4 will appear downgrading again the old equipment and boosting the new products for sale. I am always laughing with their prices. Which idiots gave 100 dollars for specter? Did you learn your lesson now? Stop spending money here. They are just greedy for more.

Gene10 months ago

I think with the upgrade to 4.3, you've done a great disservice especially to pilots like me who aren't so new but not in the Champions League yet. When you sold us the idea of the ultimate bots (Dash bots & Spectre), made us drool with weapons like STs, Scourges we ploughed straight towards the aim of having hangars full of them. The orkan was a welcome surprise in that it wasn't expensive and could be obtained rather cheaply and its effect was devastating. But still, for alot of us the ultimate was the Spectre STs or just Dash bots with orkans.

Your recent "rebalance" has effectively rendered my "top bots" useless practically since I haven't leveled them up to even Lvl 12, my STs are at level 6 (should i bother with upgrading them anymore?) and my level 10 orkans are so slow it's laughable. Using my Lvl 9 Spectre isn't fun anymore as it feels sluggish and oh so vulnerable. To begin with it wasn't even a tank in the first place! Anyway, I think you've alienated pilots like us because we're in a limbo now. What do we do now? Acquire new bots? Hop on the Falcon and Bulwark bandwagon? Start acquiring new weapons of the lock down variety? Newbies who haven't got Spectres won't cry. Champions league players with Lvl 12 mk 2 hangars won't cry because they have hangars with multiple "spare" Falcons, bulwarks that they were levelling up anyway since they have already Lvl 12 MK 2 bots anyway.

If there's one thing you could do - restore back the orkan, give back 1 - 2 seconds of Stealth back to the Spectre or restore the speed of the Spectre to 55 km/hr. You've taken so much away without giving back. Even the Haichi - seriously a 20 s dash recycling rate is too slow! If this is part of a revenue exercise in the guise of "rebalancing" i hope you know you've gotten it wrong. Alot of us are fed up and there's talk of "rebalancing" on our end by pilots in the horizon.........

pilot_adiel10 months ago

algunos cambios estan super bien como por ejemplo spectre y shocktrain pero hay muchas armas que desde mi punto de vista estaban bien y ahora le subieron mas como por ejemplo dragoon y exudus son armas muy OP entonces para que mas poder no entiendo lo mismo pasa con la vortex ya estaba bien como estaba un spectre con 4 vortex va explotar todo a su paso creo que mejor debieron subir la aphid y no la vortex hicieron lo contrario lo demas creo q esta bien balaceado

R0ck_0n10 months ago

Fully unloading 4 medium weapon slots (e.g. orkans) able to kill a full MKII raijin(toughest bot in game) while in STEALTH is not enough for these people. They also want the 5seconds of STEALTH so they can get away scott-free with no consequences for doing bad landings in the open.
Same with spectrains, they want to deal 2/3 of your HP from 500m away and still have that 5 fking seconds to fly away in the wind...
There is a reason why the top leagues are filled with 70% specters and 20% bulgasari/haechi and 10% just for fun bots. Bias pricks.

R0ck_0n10 months ago

Spending money is the players' CHOICE you retards. Pixonic didn't put a gun to your head did they? You want the CURRENT best and willing to pay for it, GO AHEAD. Who promised you your OP shit can't be balanced?

These losers whining are just bitching about how much they spent on their braindead specters/shocktrains which were ridiculously overpowered in the first place. They knowingly spend their money on something they KNOW is overpowered and now they cry when it becomes nerfed.

Just look at the comments, all they can argue is how much they spent LOL what a joke. These monkeys have no interest in fair game and balance.

Guardian177510 months ago

falcon is too overpowered nerf it

Guardian177510 months ago

falcon is too overpowered nerf it

Sneaktrain184038 months ago

even this is horrible its better than 4.5 update

Fito 55510 months ago

Hi sorry, I hope not to offend but I spent a lot of money on the spectre and other weapons to have become a garbage, if his intention was to do that better would only have improved the heavy weapons and improved the bots had not touched the medium weapons I think they made a mistake in that I think that users like you will be thinking the same, knowing that our money went to the trash with their changes in weapons!

VacantPandora310 months ago


VacantPandora310 months ago


Delta19410 months ago

Delta194, I'll be honest, the update is bad. Not terrible nor good, I understand that you want to give older bots and a handful of the newer ones like the Bulwark a better purpose, and I love it. But you really didn't have to nerf the Spectre, Haechi, and Bulgasari that much. In fact, I only reason I love using them is because they are so fun to use, even if they not as powerful as the ones used in Champion League. But yet there is always that one bot that's going to take over the entire battlefield. Cough Cough Falcon. Think about those players in the Middle/Higher Leagues, like me, who have spent thousands of time and effort to get the stuff they desire before you added update 4.3. Is it still WORTH it to upgrade them for more than a month, or even getting them in the first place? That is my question for you Pixonic.

Biopuppeteer10 months ago

So I read the whole thing twice. I didn't see something that came to mind so I went to test it. With the storage update, it combines weapons of same type and level, but with no identifier of pre- or post-economy change. I had about 4-5 Thunder from PreE but now I have all 10 in one stack with PostE upgrade times. Just to test my theory, I checked my Ballista, one PreE level 5 and PreE level 2, two PostE level 1 I made just last week. I double checked upgrade times just to be sure. I rushed one PostE level 1 to level 2, then unequipped the control PreE level 2. Sure enough, they stacked and now have upgrade with new time. That's pretty dirty, especially on weapons that changed time and cost significantly. I hope this is a bug and they fix it, because I don't think that adheres well to what they told us about being able to keep PreE times and costs on weapons and bots we already had.

Michael Rinaldi10 months ago

NOTE -- Clicking the TASK button crashes my iPad at least 50% of the time. It's very noticeable lately, and usually requires a full device restart to clear up.

Yair10 months ago

No entiendo mucho en esta actualización, porque le tuvieron que bajar a bulgasari bulgasari esta bien por algo es bot pesado y es por componentes lo cual a mucha gente le costó dinero real, la orkan igual estaba bien por que la tuvieron que bajar o quieren dejarla fuera para que sigan ganando dinero he pixonic?, considero que la Shocktrain este bin que la bajen ya que esta arma es muy campera pero Scourge es pasable, pixonic la mayoría de todo lo que nerfearon esta en mi Hangar y así me están jodiendo en pocas palabras, haechi no se si es buena esta nerfeacion pero creo que esta es pasable, encerio gaste mucho esfuerzos en estas cosas para vengan y la nerfeen? Encerio algo que si deberían de arreglar sería la economía en la Plata cuesta caro y más que ahora las estén bajando, la gust estaba bien no tenían porque bajarla, pixonic espero arreglos algunas cosas porque así el juego y todo lo que he hecho por conseguir lo que tengo para que luego los nerfees, no me agrada la idea, así a este paso no se si dejar war robot.

Garunix99910 months ago

Here’s a much better way to rebalance the OP bots. Remove one medium weapon from the haechi, bulgasari, and spectre. Thats all. Just that would have been great

Garunix99910 months ago

Galahad? Gareth? Raijin? Thunder? Trident? Where are you?

satans trousers10 months ago

This sucks, I spent £hundreds on bots and weapons and you nerf them. Why would I buy more if you're just going to nerf them too?

Richard Cramer10 months ago

You know what best update ever with the rebalancing you have done. Still waiting on a thunder buff but I can wait. Matches in expert league at least seem less SpecTrains and SpecOrkans on the battlefield and when I do face them easier to handle not getting one shot killed on more so love it. Falcon became my new Brawling. Side note you need to put the new rooting shotguns in WS2.0 still as you said it would be there after this update then again I may be being I patient and update not gone fully live yet so will double check tomorrow. One Big thing I recommend is put the old economy back to how it was in MK1 weapons only keep it how it is for MK2 and I think you will make myself and others more happy so we can stand an chance to all get to lvl 12 MK1 without to much hassle. Also noticed you ruined my Falcon idea from test server where I could have two ancil shield on back slots I would put it back to how it was and allow use to run 3 on all slots if people wanted that's just a suggestion. Also why I'm on about ancil shields can you make it so butch can equip at least one in the future would definitely open up people playing and using more heavy bots in the future as at the moment people only use Butch as a sniper being able to put a shield or two on him would make myself and others use him as a brawler if we wanted to. One last thing now you have focused on heavy bots how about giving the lite Bots some love in next update some of us still use them as beacon runners even if we do have dash bots. Last but not least Doc needs some love maybe at least a reduction of switching times.

Moleboheng Moloi10 months ago

people are still complaining about the stupid economy but you haven't done anything about it.

Dragons&Ravens10 months ago

Being a Taran and Orkan user I don’t mix the nerf, but 3 thing I didn’t like about these changes: 1. If you nerf Spectre so much at least you should have increased its health a little. It’s too low for such a big nerf. 2. Buffing tempest was pretty bad idea. With just one of these can kill a lancelot easily. It does huge damage and now you made the it a monster that will kill any robots easily. 3. Avenger is a good gun but nerfing is going to make it really bad. Because of its low range gun will suck now. it does very little damage against even small robots, killing robots with shield is impossible. Now with the nerfing you can’t even kill a low health robot now.

Dante Reed10 months ago

I agree with some of the balance changes but not all of them. In particular I don't agree with the gust, aphid, pinata, and avenger nerf. I believe the Avenger was fine as is, the pinata was mediocre at best and you will be lucky to hit anything that moves faster than 30 kph with the aphid, but the gust nerf irks me the most. My maxed out level 12 Mark II Gus did 6600 damage that has been reduced to 5670, nearly a thousand damage points less. The gust was one of the few light weapons that packed a punch and though it was powerful the trade-off was you have get within 200 meters and expose yourself to damage in order to do maximum damage. I believe the Halo was responsible for the gust nerf because maxed out they did around the same damage so why spend 270,400,000 silver and 90 days to max out a Halo when you can get a gust maxed out with 127,880,000 silver in 34 days. I believe you Nerf the gust to incentivize people to acquire the Halo. that may be the reason we haven't received a thunder buff yet because you don't want the cheaper easier to acquire Thunder to do the same amount of damage the glory does. I hope my theory is incorrect because this would suggest that SOME of the balance changes where made to incentivize people to acquire the new products that you released, which would be a pretty sleazy move.

Weber10 months ago

All they need to do now is make it so rockets actually have to hit you


Thanks for the improvement on most Robots and Weapons. Also I don’t like the way you ruined Spectre cause I’ve been bustin my balls trying get that dam robot for ever and now you make a big wimpy robot, it was perfect the way it was cause it gave a lot of players a fighting chance during battles and I have already put an incredible amount of time and currency into these components even before the Work Shop upgrade. The weapons are the same way. Guys, just do things with the maps and layouts of the game but PLEASE STOP changing the robots and weapons, yes some of us want them stronger so we can at least last a full Battle, win or lose, but make them stronger or more equal especially the older stuff like robots Garth or Destrier and what the hell is going on with Schutz? I keep reading talk about Schutz but were is it?Changes to the much older items is great but not weakening the newer stuff just cause you make something better and it can only be obtained by actual Credit Cards of cash. In one video you say with the new Work Shop we can build whatever we want now. Except the weapons aren’t all the and neither are the robots. If as you say in this video of the 4.3 improvement, these new changes have become the new norm but the Corona and all the other new robots aren’t available in the Work Shop and that should be done immediately as well, like these other changes have. Stop making weapons and robots worse, just leave them alone. We have waisted a lot of Gold and Silver to upgrade these and then you come along and make it all a waist. Where is that compensation cause you guys are so much worse than a Used Car Saleman when it comes to the amount given for items we sell back to you. Make it all an even money exchange. You pay s what we have to pay for it. Stop screwing up the weapons and robots and just rework the maps or build even more maps with mind blowing features. Please and a BIG THANK YOU

A beautiful rajin10 months ago

Rylan Horseman, You do realize a large portion of the community has been asking for this right? They haven't undone the economy Change (which they should) and every one was asking for that to happen, plus these "nerfs" aren't major, just play and adapt

A beautiful rajin10 months ago

Chronox, You do realize that you can buy a storm/storm components for gold now right, it's hard to spot it but if you select buy on the storm it says how much it will cost and adjust for components all ready aquired

Apok66610 months ago

All the new bot abilities have actually been indirectly the same ability: opponents can't shoot back.
The new bot ability is directly opponents can't shoot back & the new weapon ability is opponents can't move so players who can't afford to real money buy the new equipment will subjected being stuck in place in battles unable to use their weapons for the sake of "Whales" who will be "tanking" in greater numbers because what could be easier than clubbing newer players with lower level equipment when they can't move/shoot back at you and people.
Between that & the Specter this game is broken for rich people.

ChrisLycan10 months ago

What about my Golem? Where's the old design? And what about the resistance buffs? We need it now.

Stargazer3310 months ago

Why have we lost the round count on the weapon descriptions? We need all the details: rounds, hp per round, distance, reload time. Why are these details missing from so many descriptions, like in Royale?

Kevin10 months ago

Pix- good job on the balance. It’s not easy and you cannot please everyone. I’m happy that you addressed some issues which we have all seen. I know the game is a work in progress, and y’all will continue to work to achieve a balance as you gain data from games played. Also, good job on the latest video Stan, as well as everyone who worked on it. Keep it up!

Chronox10 months ago

What about Thunder? Where's the 50% damage buff on the Thunder as promised? Are you only going to buff Storm just because it's a component weapon and you can make more money out of it? As others have also mentioned, the Thunder is the most effective thing to go with the Carnage and so with the Carnage buff as well as the other heavy component weapons buff, are you expecting us to replace Thunders with those so that you can earn more money again?

What a scam.

Dirge10 months ago

Wow theres a reason invested time and money into orkans cause they kicked ass my level 9 orkanks do as much as a level 7 or around that and the cost to upgrade hasnt changed! This update nerfed a few weapons i like so yeah this update sucks in my opinion the game was fine next time try to get a consensus or something before you change stuff!

Sir Irish10 months ago

Looking Good 👍
Wish I had more gold though 😏

(= Shana =)10 months ago

Nun das schwächen vom Spectre verstehe ich. Die Orkan auch aber die Punta ist nicht optimal und hätte man in Ruhe lassen können . Der wayland müsste eigentlich immer auf seine 80 % HP wert healen können, daher wie ihr schon korrekt festgestellt habt, Bewegungsmelder Freiheit mehr wählt als stärke . Der mender wiederum nicht auf seine 80 % muß durch seine uneingeschränktheit viel Schäden an ihm vorbei kommt und er im Alleingang schon ein besseres resistens Schadensverhältnis hat als einige anderen Bots würde ich es ihn reduzieren lassen bis runter auf 50% seiner max HP. Weil es sonst kein Nachteil ist das er weniger HP hat daher er im Vergleich zum wayland immer besser weg kommt daher der wayland unnötigen Schäden frisst durch seine stationierung. Man kann sagen das ist das selbe Problem wie mit dem bulwark und seinem aegis Schild mit dem Unterschied es lädt sich wenigstens auf. Und bevor es jetzt heißt er währe mit aciles sonst unbesiegbar kann ich nur sagen, stimmt nicht weil er dann Zuwenig Schäden macht um eine Gruppe von 2 Bots aufzuhalten was ja eurer Meinung der ein der Sache war und ohne ist er zu anfällig für die starken nicht Energie Waffen / starke Waffen weil der besonderen zu langsam ist. Mal abgesehen davon daß ihn durch seine stationierung 2 Flux mit gekko Spielern schon getötet ist ohne auch nur im Ansatz was zu machen. Desweiteren ist er viel anfälliger für atilerie also alles in allem hat er für seinen Preis zu viele Probleme dazu bekommen.

gorgonzola10 months ago

Some stuff is OK, like shocktrain and dragoon nerf, and also spectre nerf. However, WFT is with storm?!? That weapon did more damage than Thunder BEFORE this buff, and now it is Thunder is laughable. WTF pixonic? You boosted Carnage, and for what? Only weapons that are good on that thing are Thunders, and both of those are useless crap of a weapon that is mildly usable up close. Point blank double thunder Carnage MK2 can't destroy a Haechi with two Orkans.

volkviv10 months ago

А так то правильно нерфите все старое вооружение, а то новое никто качать по полгода не будет)) клоуны, чтоб вам зарплату понерфили))
Вы сами себя душите, денег вваливать в игру смысла вообще нет, купить то, что качать полгода?
А первые 3 месяца я потратил 1400$.
Теперь только 10$ в месяц))

volkviv10 months ago

It's Disbalans
Molot 775+50%=1165=MolotT
Spark 3850 +50%=5775??? Scourge= 4725

Pilot Melga10 months ago

Having played a few games since the update, to be honest I notice very little difference. Still Spectres all over the place blasting the crap out of everything and anything, still getting games completely ruined by still OP shocktrains, especially from hiding and cowardly Spectre pilots. Changes have not gone far enough and won’t change anything.

Ezekiel10 months ago

Medium guns are significantly better than heavy guns, and you went to decrease the damage of Avenger ?

Макс Фантом10 months ago

Ну,вот зачем Avenger надо было нерфить...😒

AVENGER10 months ago

Silent Dagger, Spectre can still kill Lancelot in one Jump; what will you say now? Nurf Lancelot and buff OP spectre more? Why you guys don't a fair game and only want easy way to slaughter others? Why love so much to win with cheat codes without having any skill?

AVENGER10 months ago

Sammy Farted, Do you believe having 5 Specter hanger make this game beautiful?
Or a Specter killing a full Bulwark without having any dent?
Please stop being so selfish & grow-up. Play this game, use your skills; you'll enjoy it far more than just slaughtering others with in-balanced robots and weapons.

No hate, love for all!!!

AVENGER10 months ago

Rylan Horseman, Do you believe having 5 Specter hanger make this game beautiful?
Or a Specter killing a full Bulwark without having any dent?
Please stop being so selfish & grow-up. Play this game, use your skills; you'll enjoy it far more than just slaughtering others with in-balanced robots and weapons.

No hate, love for all!!!

AVENGER10 months ago

Rylan Horseman, Do you believe having 5 Specter hanger make this game beautiful?
Or a Specter killing a full Bulwark without having any dent?
Please stop being so selfish & grow-up. Play this game, use your skills; you'll enjoy it far more than just slaughtering others with in-balanced robots and weapons.

No hate, love for all!!!

Krazy Paw Paw10 months ago

Rylan Horseman, Right on Rylan, same here. Finally after 3 years playing this game I feel I had a pretty descent hanger. When they came out with dash bots I had to start over trying to collect them. I finally have 1 Spectre, 1 Kumiho and 1 Bulgasari with Scourge to be somewhat competitive. I don’t even have Shoctrains to put on Spectre and now Pixonic has done it again with this “rebalance”. I spent all this time and money for bots and weapons that are basically obsolete. Not cool Pixonic!!

Lucas de Oliveira10 months ago

We excruciate ourselves in a days and days / silver and silver basis to upgrade Taran and Orkan, for at the you reduce the firepower of these phenomenal guns; if you like to disrespect the user, here is my display of respect: go f$#%¨&* yourselves, PIXONIC!!!!

AVENGER10 months ago

Re-balance was a must to make it playable for all pilots. In future please also don't create such monsters. I am happy finally you are taking some very good initiatives.

Buff needed:
Griffin and thunder really needs some love.

Do you believe having 5 Specter hanger make this game beautiful?
Or a Specter killing a full Bulwark without having any dent?
Please stop being so selfish & grow-up. Play this game, use your skills; you'll enjoy it far more than just slaughtering others with in-balanced robots and weapons.

No hate, love for all!!!

Devalex10 months ago

Nice update✌🏻✌🏻, Thunder,pin,tulumbas damage also needs buff, griffin,leo speed also need to increase,, too slow to use.

Arslan4610 months ago

This new update will only force players to quit playing this once long time ago great game.

Nimbus30210 months ago

War Robots ID- HFZI41
OS-Samsung J3-Emerge

Thanks again Pixonic- WR Team.

SIRION10 months ago

Salut ... I'm french...
je joue au jeu depuis une éternité et je vois grandir War Robot depuis ces débuts jusqu'à maintenant et je suis très impressionné!
malheureusement je joue le raijin, le fujin, le fury et le Lancelot avec des techniques plus ou moins adapté...
mais je trouve que les armes devrait avoir une portée comme dans la vraie vie ... du style le thunder serait un peux augmenté sur les dégâts à courte portée (utile à partir du niveau 8 dans les parties) et une grosse augmentation jusqu'à 500 mètre et que les balles continuent jusqu'à toucher un robot ou sortir de terrains que l'espacement des micro plombs soit mieux fait sur un plan tridimensionnelle pour pour permettre de réduire les dégâts sur la distance...
j'aimerais aussi que les robots comme haeshi soient réajustés en positif mais que l'on ait plus de moyens de le réduire au silence avec les autres robots...
Il serait aussi amusant de voir plus de raijin poussés par leurs coéquipiers (on le fait déjà mais on va pas vite) il serait alors amusant que des raijin en position stationnaires puissent servir de boucliers aux camarades de jeux et que l'on voit plus de stratégie pure et dure à la rambo...
je trouve que votre boulot est impressionnant, mais que je peux me plaindre car la perfection n'existe pas sur terre !(mais vous vous en rapprochez 😉)
continuez ainsi je vous soutiens !

The Ripper Z 10 months ago

Did anyone note that the energy shotguns are not available on the Workshop yet?
WR, you said after a month new weapons are available on Workshop but it's not
Where is halo corona and glory?
Is this a mistake in the update or are you just lying to your players again?

Nimbus30210 months ago

Alacrity8, Workshop level and the amount of components you want can determine the time duration.

Silent Dagger10 months ago

What the hell, Lancelot was already a brawler and now it's even stronger than fujin. Leo on the other hand needs help it was one of the oldest model. Plz take care of it, now a days no one in higher league use it because it's week as compared to others. Plz buff leo, it is first robot that mostly everyone had bought in this game. Plz consider Leo as well

Nimbus30210 months ago

Thanks wr team for the new update. I have been needing a new quad bot for a line-up I am making. Also, your increases and decreases on bots and weapons are definitely going to help my game play. Keep doing what your doing and I will stay on the battlefield.

endyu10 months ago

To be honest with you, I don't feel like playing this game anymore.

Alacrity810 months ago

Thank you for Nerfing the Shocktrain.
Can we get a No Shocktrain mode?
Minor Changes to Specter, Haechi, and Bulgasari seem good.
Why the heck did Falcon need an upgrade? It was already really powerful.
Why downgrade Gusts? The light shotguns were too powerful?
Your patch notes makes no mention of the Weapons Inventory changes.
It now looks like I have no equipment, as all same type weapons of same level are grouped together.
It no longer lists how many rounds a weapon has. This will make weapon selection much more challenging. Please add that back.
Others have mentioned longer component build times. I have not noticed this.
Is this dependent on Workshop Level?
Will Workshop Level be explained any time soon?
So far you get Silver for upgrading the level, but no indication of if the workshop acts differently at high levels.

VikingLord96010 months ago

This is a great update, Pixonic! I love all of it, but the only thing I’ll rave about is Falcon 😉. Before, I thought Falcon was terrible. The only thing I’d use it for would be for the durability when you have one heavy equipped. Now, because of the three heavy weapons, I REALLY am trying to get this robot! I think other players will be the same way... don’t get me wrong, Spectre is still a boss on the battlefield, but Falcon has definitely earned back its respect.

Busy4God10 months ago

You forgot to include the ammo capacity in the in game weapon descriptions

R0ck_0n10 months ago

Good job pixnoic! This sickening one jump/shot one kill stealth Meta was fking ridiculous. I really respect you guys for making these balancing changes as I know you are expecting to receive alot of flak from these "OH my OP specter is actually a FAIR bot Now BOOHOO!"

Now these skilless braindead retards with specters/shocktrains/orkan spam actually need SKILL to play? look at them whine!! love it!! thumbs up to u guys

Sammy Farted10 months ago

“Good” you make my spectre useless against Leo with ANCILE MK2 and the Lancelot! Better start peeling your brains off and take the scraps and reflect on your untrustworthy behaviour! Stupid people (you all) who did not spare a thought for champion league people and make them downgrade to diamond league. 4 secs change to 2 secs, 18 secs change to 22 secs, why does spectre have to suffer the misery under your “care”? I’m sure if the boys were alive they will crush you! Like downgrading an innocent person. Longer workshop time and invincible falcon, with useless spectre, I’m not playing till you fix this “problem” of yours! This is serious!

Rylan Horseman10 months ago


Patrick Shubert10 months ago

Thunder needs a buff too! Please and thank you

Rylan Horseman10 months ago


pash188310 months ago

I think this is the rebalance need it! lets see if we can keep up with the silver to try all this))

Kyriinn10 months ago

Sanjay Mylanathan, 2x? I was makin a treb, 100 pieces since my workshop wasnt high enough to make more than 100 at a time... it jumped from just over 1 hour to 20.

singhishkar10810 months ago

Was the Thunder not suppost to get a buff?

Nightfury10 months ago

Pavan Kaza, Pixonic nerfed the pinata simply to reflect the changes made to orkans.

Sanjay Mylanathan10 months ago

Why the f**k did you increase the goddammit build times by like 2x? Now producing just 200 fucking spectre or any similar bot take 5 days. F**king pay to win piece of shit. This is complete bullshit. Nice how it's not even in the fricking patch notes.

Pavan Kaza10 months ago

PINATA is OP Weapon ? what's your excuse for nerfing it ?

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