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This week on test server. Damage resistances

Author - WR_Tofsla

Another weekend — another War Robots Test Server session.

Saturday (September 8): regular test

For this Saturday we prepared an updated Trident (details in the group) as well as Rayker, Blitz and Invader we announced last week. This time — with balance tweaks and proper visual effects.

Sunday (September 9): damage resistances!

Sunday is reserved for a huge experiment. Every robot will receive a new damage resistance stat. For each damage type (kinetic, explosive, energy) there's a separate resistance number. The higher it is, the less damage of that type a robot receives.

Weapons, in their turn, will get a resistance penetration stat. It allows the weapon to bypass part of the resistance and deal more damage to resistant targets.

Why we test this mechanic in a first place?

Old robots get a new job

Let's compare Golem and Inquisitor. Both have a similar amount of HP, similar slot composition — but Inquisitor also has its Descend ability, which leaves Golem no chance in a fair fight.

To balance this out, we give Golem bigger resists. With them, Golem can thrive in situations which were troublesome to it before.

Same for old guns

Resistance penetration gives us more ways to give weapons more individuality. Guns with high damage and low penetration quickly demolish quick robots with no resists. Weapons with medium damage but high penetration can consistently output damage against heavily armored targets.

More interesting choices in combat

With resists picking a robot is less about the arms race, and more about making a tactical decision.

For example, Hellburner's hull should withstand a lot of explosive damage to not get killed by its own bombs. Maybe this is not the strongest robot overall, but it can put up a great fight against Orkan bullies.

More teamwork

Working in team, you can effectively exploit strengths of your teammates and cover their weaknesses. They are more prominent when resists are around. See someone with weapons you are well protected against? Cover your allies — they'll be grateful!


We'll tell (and show!) you more about resistances in the upcoming weeks — but first, try them in action and tell us how it felt. Do they make War Robots better? What would you change?

In this sheet, we gathered the preliminary data on resistance/penetration stats of all equipment on the test server. Keep in mind that the system comes to the test server at a very early stage and a lot is still subject to change. Still, you can try it!

So, this Sunday. Test server. Let's do this.


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Natzy2 months ago

AngryBots, im so enjoying this but i think you have a b better point angry robots

⚒Texas✯Rage⚒™8 months ago

I really like the separate game mode test that is going on right now and I really hope it stays!

backtothefront8 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, The other 50% are just trying to grow out that little beard on their bottom lip, so they can use it like a nut duster.

backtothefront8 months ago

TERM1NATOR 5000, Yeah you know, because it would be pretty hard to punch a couple keys to throw a wrench in the gears of those that point out your two faced money grabbing tactics...

wtfthisisntpvp8 months ago

Pixonic, Why don't you just add a wizard robot whose special ability is to summon the legendary Gender Bender Bot who changes enemy weapons into lvl 1 Magnums?

This isn't an RPG, cool it on the skillz and stats. Pretty soon we won't be able to tell if we are playing WR or WoW.

Things More important than resistances:
-Player participation in upcoming changes. hold a vote. Ask players: do you want resistances or would you prefer we rebalance legacy bots/weapons first. IE things like: Buff the punisher, it literally disappeared from the game. and other obvious problems.

-You say your new approach is configuration. I can accept that. But, why are hangers still 7500 Au? Why did you remove Gold from WR Royale? DON'T YOU GET IT YET? ***EVERY*** CONFIGURATION SUCKS AT LVL 1-7. It takes TOO LONG. Give more gold. reduce upgrade lifetime. Then the ridiculous changes you make will impact investments less because players would have a more fluid hanger in this case. (Let me translate this for you, since you won't understand. Players won't feel like killing themselves every time you make a stupid change.)

-Add personal achievements so players have a way to honestly farm Gold. It doesn't have to be insane amounts, but certainly better than 10-20 gold per game spread across 6 players.

-For the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY AND DECENT -- ADD A POOP SYMBOL TO ALL WEAPONS THAT ARE UNDER THE NEW UPGRADE SYSTEM, so we have a way of distinguishing them and can manage our hangers. ******* I am actually scared to roll more 10 key chests because it will s**t-storm my garage/hanger.

-oh, and make it easier to bulk sell components for silver. ****!

tepo338 months ago

What happen with the test server this weekend.
I saw that there was something wrong with it.
Is not going to be open until next week?

R0ck_0n8 months ago

AngryBots, To your point about players spending and investing, that is the players' CHOICE. Balancing ANY game should not factor heavily in how much players invest as it is YOUR own decision to invest your money and time. You want the CURRENT best shit and willing to pay for it? GO right ahead no one is stopping you but there is no binding agreement that it will always stay the best.

Here's a small example. What about people who invested gold and silver in getting MKII Lancelots last time during the Ancilot era? This old bot is just a "meh" brawler now. He has almost ZERO chance against a specter which now infests almost every game from master league onwards. What are you going to say to those players that invested those days? Where's the outrage?

I definitely can agree with you on the pixonic MONEY part. They made this huge change probably because most people don't even bother getting new things they bring out. WHY? Well, because the current meta bots/weapons are just too good.

Whether or not the motivation is about money or balancing ( i believe it's money ), I welcome this. It brings weaker bots/wpns up and overpowered bots/wpns down which cannot go wrong in any balancing situation.

AngryBots8 months ago

R0ck_0n, Hey Buddy, I laughed when I saw your comments. I knew someone would say just like you. Yes, you can love this new thing, may be it will bring more balancing for you. I can feel you hate these bots/weapons. But spectre/haechi/shocktrains is NOT THE KEY I SAID. No matter of you spend money or time, you always need to upgrade your bots or weapons, it's the truth in game. May be next N updates (if this game still exists), Pixnoic says: Oh, let's go live a new system or platform to nerf those damn out of date bots & weapons, and their main purpose is the MONEY. Unfortunatly, you hanger includes those "out of date" bots and weapons, and these equipements has high level in game. You need to spend many silver and times to upgrade these things. I really want to know your reaction on that time.
In fact, the key point is NOT the new platform impacts PAY Players, I just want to says:
Pixonic's main purpose is the MONEY, NOT is the BALANCING. Why they developed haechi/spectre/shocktrains? For BALANCING? NO. Just one answer, for MONEY. Now they want to go live this new thing for what? For MODULE, the next BIG updates in game. In next N updates, you will see the MODULE, and you will know why they go live
damage resistance on that time.

Milán Kingma8 months ago

Can there come a forest map or something like that please?

R0ck_0n8 months ago

DEATHPointforUSvk, This is probably the only thing i do not like about the spreadsheet. it's by far the worst component bot. it's ability is good and interesting but with what's available out there aiming at you, it does more harm than good half the time.

R0ck_0n8 months ago

AngryBots, No players like this feature?! you mean ALL of you META players with your hangars FILLED ONLY with orkans/shocktrains/specters/haechi do not like this feature.. don't make me laugh

I for one LOVE this new balancing platform. Those players below expert league doesn't know but those from expert 1 and above knows wtf is going on. Time to change this ridiculous meta. its long overdue.

AngryBots8 months ago

Hey Pixonic, may be you guys wants to bring more balancing, may be you guys find a new way to making money, may be you guys think this new feature (damage resistances) are so-exciting, BUT, IN FACT, NO PLAYER LIKE IT!! Because YOU GUYS SHAKE the FOUNDATION of THIS GAME!
Almost all mainstream weapons and robots has been weaken by adding this new attribute. Spectre, Haechi, Orkan, Taran and all close combat weapons are weaken! Too many players spent REAL MONEY to BUY and UPGRADE those equipment!!! REAL MONEY!! TIME!! Are those things worthless???
So, NO PLAYERS LIKE THE FEATURE!!! If this stupid feature go live, no player will spend real money in future! And I think your company should be REFUND!!!

DEATHPointforUSvk8 months ago

Why is hover so weak??? It s one of the most useless new bot which is currently in the game
His ability makes him vulnerable in many cases and you gave him almost no protection only haechi has lower resistance but haechi has still energy shield and ability which do not leave you vulnerable and old bots aren't as powerful as it was promised in article there was announced that golem will have now "better survival rate against inquisitor" but the fact is that resistance stats are same but inq has better explosive res which makes him stronger even after this "rebalance" I do not say that isn't it step forward but it's clearly visible that you do not want to give old bots much advantage very good comparison is mender and raijin both bots are basically the same but mender has every res at high

Oscar Funez8 months ago

DEATHPointforUSvk, Partially good. In reply. Kinetic should say the same for physical shields. Just add rocket resistance for the bot. And energy. Well thats under consideration. I say that physical shields need a decently correct buff. Or they can reduce rocket speed so it is back to how it was. Eve though it was a bug

Charlie8 months ago

Personally, I think Pixonic is achieving a delicate (though not perfect) balance between corporate profit and customer satisfaction. Workshop 2.0 is such a brilliant move! Again, the idea of damage resistance would surely place some old silver bots back on the battle scene and pull the game further in the direction of a fairer and more balanced player experience.

The economy changes hurt, but I really hope the damage resistance would make up for it in a way. The old silver bots should defintely become much more resistant and be able to upgrade much faster than the component bots, so their lack of ability or speed can be compensated.

I used to get really really frustrated over shocktrains and "whale tankers" and I thought tanking down was the only way to get even with this "stupid game". Now that love-hate relationship has really come to a stop. I'm so looking forward to the upcoming changes and can't wait to be pleastantly surprised, AGAIN!

Way to go, Pixonic!

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

ghostgoat746, Hey I just got a Falcon too! Pixonic usually doesn’t respond to people on The way you fraised it was kinda weird but if you mean effect in a bad way I would say no, if you mean effect in a good way then I would probably say yes (maybe rocket resistance if we’re lucky). Oh yeah, Falcon does rock!

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

DEATHPointforUSvk, Exactly! It's horribly unfun to play the British robots because of weak shields. In Gold League the RDB Griffins insta-kill you from mid range and in Diamond League and up Spectres destroy you equally as fast but at close range. It could all be fixed with shield buffs, I can't remember the last time I played good old Gareth without being killed immediately. And this is coming from someone who never complains about War Robots.

Garunix9998 months ago

You know what would be a better idea than the weapon penetration? Actually buffing and nerfing each weapon depending on how good or bad it is. The robot resistances are fine, but they need a lot more balancing, because on the test server, there was no difference whatsoever except with only 2 bots: the bulwark and weyland

The. Kraken8 months ago

This is the worse idea you could of had.please do a survey on this before going thru with it

Problemchild19048 months ago

HEATHEN CAT, YOUR Comment pretty much sums it up. By all means let's make it more confusing to balance it. By putting in more abilities to each robot to confuse it even more and not be able to balance it. Or find a balance cuz there's so many Avenues of massive and I mean massive written data. Have you ever seen the files in these phones. I'm sure a lot of these guys haven't well let me tell you my other phone is rooted. And with SD Maid. You can look at your files and it's crazy. Thousands of pages. These guys should just do a search on how much a gigabyte is or a megabyte. do a Google search on that and just get an idea of what or how much content is. Make a mountain out of a what's has become a medium sized Hill of problems and bugs and it seems to be growing with every update.

Problemchild19048 months ago

backtothefront, There's the l p queue right. Well I think they've got one that hasn't been announced ,maybe only know to them.For those who speak there mind & have fire in there blood. And by instinct lash out to anyone who does them wrong or speaks with forked tounge etc. I would call it ,The bad review queue, if someone is directly responsible. I know I have a mouth on me and I've sent some emails that were let's just say heated. And the strange thing about it is I got over 6,000 wins and I'm stuck in the gold league. Don't own a a lance. Or should I say I don't have a lease on one. Run mainly Leo's for the Ancile because of the hydras and the Zenits . Also I went from Griffins to Leo. Because I stay on the outside because of all these new crazy weapons and the Zeus Carnage's but anyways , if we don't win I'm usually the last guy out there to get slaughtered . How dose a guy get 14 kills and not get over a million in damage. That was last week got Rampage and God like twice in one battle. With the Gareth and Kumiho at the valley. I noticed on the test server i get double the silver Payback with the same amount of damage that I do on the live server I just noticed that yesterday actually documented some of it. But yeah I think someone's throwing a little monkey wrench into the gearbox or spread a little bit of oil on the corners of the racetrack so to speak. Because I'm not a bad player you know I'm not perfect but there's guys with s*** 200 wins that are in Diamond and that tells you they haven't been playing that long. Maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong but , it's just it's a f***** up situation. I don't know. what's crazy is all the changes every couple weeks when they upgrade. The workshop is cool. What makes it not cool is the economy and it cost a lot of silver for some of those component queues. If that's what you want to call them . Depends on what robot or weapon your building. But again that doesn't matter because you got to level it up and it takes forever and look at my situation with a silver payout. I got to do like 8 battles to get a million in silver. And I was watching some videos of the YouTubers from like a year ago. And at the end when they go to look at their damage and the other players it's like double the silver of what it is now. But mine's been Nerfed it looks like or hexed. On the controls sometimes I'll be going forward or to the side or we are backing up and all of a sudden it stops. Well I looked at this when I got it going again and the joystick will snapback to the center and be stuck there and I got to start speed bag in it with my thumb and then it'll start going after a couple seconds three or four. Taking fire alot of times. I also had it lock in driving mode you could call it whichever way if I was going at an angle or forward and it it just takes off walking on its own stuck in gear. I've had it to where I've been going forward and I had to turn around and go backwards because I needed to go that way and then turn around and shoot it and then go backwards you know or to the side and had it going in reverse where I've had to back into a wall so I could continue fighting. But also it stops firing. Or the side Dash shooting to the left and then Dash back behind the corner wall. You know, the corner of a building dash out fire push the button sideways Dash back in well I've done this side Dash to locked up with no Rockets shooting and by the time I do get Mobility back & firing, either im toast or halfway or three-quarters of the way there in Kumiho. And theirs targeting. What happens I'll have the target locked onto the enemy firing away enemies just about neutralize and all of a sudden I haven't even moved the crosshairs and it moves to another enemy nearby with just a sliver left of health of the one I was firing at and then you got to cycle through all the other team to get back to the guy you were about to kill . Like the one player said about the the hover. Just a sliver away from killing it and all the sudden it switches to another Target or having to cycle through all the other robots around to get the one that you want or it to stay locked way over to the right when you're shooting over to the left by 90 degrees. Anyways there's nothing we could do about it. I'm a very good support robot operator. Let me tell you Leo with level 12 molot level 12 laser and a level 11 Tempest and he's only level 10. Put down some some fire from a distance. And then there's Natasha level 12 lasers level 11 Tempest with a level 9 Ancile. Works pretty good. And I do got a Leo with an Ancile & level 12 magnums. And the Carnage with the Tempest and a Dragoon works all right. But I'm in lower leagues. This company has done a lot of good as in hanger X a lot of things with the forked tongue promises and the sheisty things that have happened like the boosters unannounced. It just that outweighs the good the economy's crazy. If anything's ever going to change everybody needs to quit talking s*** me included I mean I'm way guilty of it. But like I said that's in my nature so I have to bite my tongue. I was reading on Facebook that supposedly this company was bought by the KGB. And those guys are some serious individuals. I'm in the states. I don't know if you are. My countrymen complain about the prisons over here. Even though even though the ones here are like amusement parks compared to other countries. But anyways this is a long-winded reply but that's what I believe what's happening with my s*** because how could a guy be stuck in the gold league for this long you know it's just makes no sense and I don't hide out out on the battlefield I do corner shoot at times when I got three guys with lasers trying to get me. And they have ran me down many of times because I'm driving some slow-moving robots. They need to get rid of all those F-cling barriers on the battlefields. Anyway I'm gone , Have a good one.

A beautiful rajin8 months ago

Did anyone else notice how the bulwark, falcon, and weyland (all of which are component bots) are the only bots to have high resistance on all levels, I smell something fishy

ghostgoat7468 months ago

hi i just got a falcon thanks to workshop 2.0 and i'm wondering if this will effect my falcon or not. need to know. #falcon-rocks

ghostgoat7468 months ago

hi i just got a falcon thanks to workshop 2.0 and i'm wondering if this will effect my falcon or not. need to know. #falcon-rocks

DEATHPointforUSvk8 months ago

What about shields i think that shields should have their own resistences same AS bots for example physical ones should reduce dmg of rockets just a bit because now its useless to have shielded bot if your have some kind of Shield than both resistence of Shield and bot must be added into consideration

Physical shields should have medium rocket resistence low energy resistence and high kinetic resistence
Energy shields should have medium rocket resistence and low kinetic resistence
Aegis Shield should have All resistences at high because of limited use of those shields

What do you think about guys??

R0ck_0n8 months ago

VERY smart pixonic.. you don't want to upset those cheap dirty f@gg0ts that bought and only rely on specter/haechi/shocktrain to win them games by nerfing them directly. Instead, you went a big round and introduce this new damage resistance thingy.

This balance overhaul is something only those filthy meta players gonna cry about. Good.

Nathan Fikes8 months ago

HaHA, i just took a peek at the sheet and looked at bulwark, falcon, and weyland. I'm moving toward bulwark, it has high resistance to everything just the tank i needed! I won't be needing lancelot no more. This will make gameplay nice and easy for those who are not pay to win against those who pay 100 on getting the nicest items. I personally don't pay to win, its not in my moral. Thanks for making this game challenging and interesting to play!

Nathan Fikes8 months ago

This is like a huge rebalance, i would like to see more old stuff than spectre flying everywhere. I've been camping in gold to feel at home because higher leagues just contain shocktrain, orkan, glory, and descend/dash robots. It would be nice to see some dudes in diamond with original robots in action.

TERM1NATOR 50008 months ago

You know about 50% of the pilots who complain about the game are just trying to fit in with the crowd.

backtothefront8 months ago

Problemchild1904, If you are referring to your bot just stopping dead even though you haven't changed your thumb position, or your bot continuing to walk even though you've stopped walking or even tried to reverse direction...then I am having the issues.

I've also had my weapons stop firing, thinking I've run out, only to look and see that I have half a clip left.

I've been suspecting something fishy, of the Pixonic variety.

HEATHEN CAT8 months ago

Oh gods yes, by all means f*** the game up even more by making bots have hardware abilities that will further throw game balance all out of whack. Just what is needed, even more f***tardedness to go with the previous versions. Thanks for nothing.

(~RDC) Pilot Mg-19 months ago

This sounds awesome! I can't wait for it to be in the game!!! kirhigael

Mr. Trollbot7299 months ago

did any notice that they typed Sundar instead of Sunday?

Problemchild19049 months ago

I have been patiently dealing with sticky controls on my LG android platform for over 6 months. Last week I got a new Device Samsung also android . After reinstalling W.R. to this device I still have the control problems although not as bad it seems to be getting worse. The device manager detect possible malware one application and it's War robots on one occasion. Is there any way you could get back to me on this maybe I could send you the file of the app for something and you guys could look at it please get back to me thank you.

Problemchild19049 months ago

⚒Texas✯Rage⚒™, How do you know that both of these new modes would be good for the game ? ( NO ONE INCLUDING YOU AS OF NOW HAS TESTED ANY OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED CONTENT )

⚒Texas✯Rage⚒™9 months ago

Damage Resistance and Resistance Penetration would be a great game Balancer and I would LOVE to see this in the game!

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