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War Robots 4.2 Update Notes: Workshop Rebuilt

by WR_Tofsla - 28.08.2018

In a nutshell

  • Workshop 2.0. Build what you want, how you want
  • New weapons: Halo, Corona, and Glory. Sneak behind & lock them down
  • New clan ranking system: clan ranks and additional clan tasks

NOTE: some changes won't be available immediately after release. We'll let you know once everything is online

Workshop 2.0

All components for silver. That's it

Note: You will receive Black Market Keys for all Workshop Points you had remaining on September 3rd. 5 WSP = 1 Key

New Workshop completely replaces the old one. It lets you produce components for almost every known robot and weapon — using Silver and nothing else.

Say, you want an Inquisitor. You are so close to building it, but still a couple hundred of components short.

Your actions? Enter the Workshop and order a couple packs of Inquisitor components. Next day, collect freshly-made pieces — poof! — you've got yourself an Inquisitor.

Technically, the new Workshop makes everything you see obtainable with Silver, the most basic War Robots currency. You pick an item, spend some grey coins and collect what you ordered later. It is that simple.

You can read more on the new Workshop and how it works here

New Weapons: Halo, Corona, Glory

Lock-down guns for die-hard brawlers

If enemy constantly outmaneuvers you, it might be hard to follow them with fire. That is where Halo, Corona and Glory enter the ring: they deal less damage than Gust, Storm and Thunder, but they lock fast robots down and make their mobility a non-factor.

Halo, Corona and Glory shoot continuously and let you immobilize several targets at once. They shine at close distances and among large groups of enemies. Sneak behind, immobilize the whole bunch of robots with a couple of shots — and congrats, you just secured not one but several kills for your teammates!

By the way, Halo, Corona and Glory are last in the Lock-down pack. What’s coming up next? You’ll see soon.

Read more on design behind the new weapons in this article

Clan Ranks

Win, increase your clan's rank — and get more daily tasks as your clan grows

We are preparing the new clan rank system for the full roll-out on September 3rd. The old clan system will be unavailable until then. Updated: We also turned off the option to buy gold for clanmates for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The new clan rating system replaces the old ranking based on activity points. From now on, clan rank takes into account not just how much you play, but also how well you play. Every match you complete affects your clan's rating. When you get league points, your clan receives a slight bump as well. When you lose them, clan rating goes down slightly too.

You get (and lose) more points if you're in a higher league. Also, your contribution to clan's rating is multiplied if you fought in the same match with clan mates. That means, for your clan to grow faster you might want to get to the higher league and/or squad together with your comrades.

The higher your clan's rank is, the more clan tasks (more on them in 4.0 update notes) become available to you. New clans receive one bonus task per day, then get to 3 as they grow, then to 5... Finally, once your clan reaches S-rank, all its members get 7 clan tasks every day.

Yes, that's right: these tasks are refreshed daily. So if you finished 5 today, you'll get another 5 tomorrow. And of course, more tasks means more rewards for completing them!

Battle Rewards contents

Out: Shredder, Hover, Pulsar, Shocktrain components


  • Halo components (Bronze+)
  • Glory components (Silver+)
  • Pursuer components (Gold+)
  • Corona components (Champion)

Boosters also added to certain Battle Reward tiers:

  • Gold: +100% Honor points (30m) x5
  • Diamond: +40% Silver (30m) x5
  • Expert: +200% Keys (60m) x5
  • Master: +10% HP (24h) x5
  • Champion: -10% Ability cooldowns (120h) x1
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