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War Robots 4.2 Update Notes: Workshop Rebuilt

by WR_Tofsla - 28.08.2018

In a nutshell

  • Workshop 2.0. Build what you want, how you want
  • New weapons: Halo, Corona, and Glory. Sneak behind & lock them down
  • New clan ranking system: clan ranks and additional clan tasks

NOTE: some changes won't be available immediately after release. We'll let you know once everything is online

Workshop 2.0

All components for silver. That's it

Note: You will receive Black Market Keys for all Workshop Points you had remaining on September 3rd. 5 WSP = 1 Key

New Workshop completely replaces the old one. It lets you produce components for almost every known robot and weapon — using Silver and nothing else.

Say, you want an Inquisitor. You are so close to building it, but still a couple hundred of components short.

Your actions? Enter the Workshop and order a couple packs of Inquisitor components. Next day, collect freshly-made pieces — poof! — you've got yourself an Inquisitor.

Technically, the new Workshop makes everything you see obtainable with Silver, the most basic War Robots currency. You pick an item, spend some grey coins and collect what you ordered later. It is that simple.

You can read more on the new Workshop and how it works here

New Weapons: Halo, Corona, Glory

Lock-down guns for die-hard brawlers

If enemy constantly outmaneuvers you, it might be hard to follow them with fire. That is where Halo, Corona and Glory enter the ring: they deal less damage than Gust, Storm and Thunder, but they lock fast robots down and make their mobility a non-factor.

Halo, Corona and Glory shoot continuously and let you immobilize several targets at once. They shine at close distances and among large groups of enemies. Sneak behind, immobilize the whole bunch of robots with a couple of shots — and congrats, you just secured not one but several kills for your teammates!

By the way, Halo, Corona and Glory are last in the Lock-down pack. What’s coming up next? You’ll see soon.

Read more on design behind the new weapons in this article

Clan Ranks

Win, increase your clan's rank — and get more daily tasks as your clan grows

We are preparing the new clan rank system for the full roll-out on September 3rd. The old clan system will be unavailable until then. Updated: We also turned off the option to buy gold for clanmates for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The new clan rating system replaces the old ranking based on activity points. From now on, clan rank takes into account not just how much you play, but also how well you play. Every match you complete affects your clan's rating. When you get league points, your clan receives a slight bump as well. When you lose them, clan rating goes down slightly too.

You get (and lose) more points if you're in a higher league. Also, your contribution to clan's rating is multiplied if you fought in the same match with clan mates. That means, for your clan to grow faster you might want to get to the higher league and/or squad together with your comrades.

The higher your clan's rank is, the more clan tasks (more on them in 4.0 update notes) become available to you. New clans receive one bonus task per day, then get to 3 as they grow, then to 5... Finally, once your clan reaches S-rank, all its members get 7 clan tasks every day.

Yes, that's right: these tasks are refreshed daily. So if you finished 5 today, you'll get another 5 tomorrow. And of course, more tasks means more rewards for completing them!

Battle Rewards contents

Out: Shredder, Hover, Pulsar, Shocktrain components


  • Halo components (Bronze+)
  • Glory components (Silver+)
  • Pursuer components (Gold+)
  • Corona components (Champion)

Boosters also added to certain Battle Reward tiers:

  • Gold: +100% Honor points (30m) x5
  • Diamond: +40% Silver (30m) x5
  • Expert: +200% Keys (60m) x5
  • Master: +10% HP (24h) x5
  • Champion: -10% Ability cooldowns (120h) x1


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Tumdurgal8 months ago

"The new clan rating system replaces the old ranking based on activity points. From now on, clan rank takes into account not just how much you play, but also how well you play. Every match you complete affects your clan's rating. When you get league points, your clan receives a slight bump as well. When you lose them, clan rating goes down slightly too."

The match maker forces players into a 50% win/loss ratio, good luck ranking up in the clan system. This is possibly the stupidest thing Pixonic have ever created - with the exception of the Specter, Lag Guns and Nerf Bots.

Tumdurgal8 months ago

"Your actions? Enter the Workshop and order a couple packs of Inquisitor components. Next day, collect freshly-made pieces — poof! — you've got yourself an Inquisitor."

That should now read "next week" - that's how badly the Workshop got nerfed. Items changing from 20 hours to 5 - 6 days.

Tumdurgal8 months ago

Within a month of its introduction, it gets nerfed badly.

Well, fuck you very much.

sergio8 months ago

Hi, Pixonic,
here is for you 3 suggestions:
1. Old economy mk1 new economy mk2
2. Make 2 upgrades at the time.
3. When buy premium include old economy in premium.
Otherways this game will be forgoten. Don't expect people to pay bilions of money for gold as it working other way around people feed up with expensive and long waiting.
please open your ears and eyes don't let your greediness take over or you will be left with nothing.

thank you

Ordinance8 months ago

Now we don't know who's playing & who's not in our clan thanks for that dick heads.
Yes now you are giving component's away everywhere, you'd think this would be something to be happy about but it's total bullshit here's why.
A new spectra with 4 shocktrain to take all from lvl 1 to lvl 12 mk2 will take 1 year 8 month's &we are talking over 1000 million silver.
I'm pointing this out because I got my first spectra & 3rd shocktrain I was excited about finely giving it to the clans that drop 2 or 3 bots with s-train.
But it's going to take so long to level up what's the fcken point of getting any new weapons or bots .
Make no mistake pix has done this deliberately to make that sort of silver without a premium account good luck, gold has all but dried up to make you duy gold to speed up your upgrades,but gold is not worth shit now,if I pay gold to upgrade my lvl 9 s-train to lvl 10 costs 13000k in gold wtf.

HEATHEN CAT8 months ago

You removed the only means by which clan leadership can determine if members are active or not. WTF!!! I'm not at all concerned about my clan's ranking. That is as ridiculous as those utterly meaningless "league" rankings for individual players. I could not care less about extra daily tasks or anymore f**king boosters. I only want active members and now I cannot tell whether they are or not. So to hell with it, I emptied my clan and I am now a clan of one.

I'm not a fan at all of the Random mode button either. Paraphrasing PIXONIC, "We created new game modes that we force you to play whether you like them or not. If you do not comply and fully participate in the game mode that we pick for you we will remove your match rewards and force you to wait many minutes to hours for a match to start. F**k you, player. Your enjoyment means nothing to us."

Matthew Rogers8 months ago

Hi Pixonic, can you publish more detail about the new Clan Ranking System please. I don’t understand what the ‘Rank Point Bonus’ is. Also is there a penalty incurred if a pilot drops a League place?
Thanks in advance

Tumdurgal8 months ago

In a nutshell:

Workshop 2.0 - get shit faster, but never really have the ability to level it up or use it. By the time you finish one item, level it up to a usable level, some other shit will have been released.

Clan Ranks: Anyone playing in Clans below Champions needs their head examined. Squad play is dead for the most part.

Battle rewards: Get 50% or less than the max of the component item being rewarded. Well, fuck you very much.

Boosters: Get your fix here, oh, and they're available to buy. Premium 2.0 made it into the game long before Workshop 2.0.

Palamedes9 months ago

how about the WSP that you paid for, but were still in production?

A beautiful rajin9 months ago

BigXIICowboy, Ya know I would agree with you, if it wasn't for the fact that workshotlp 2.0 makes it easier to get certain components (then the special deals, that's what I'm comparing it to). The mean reason I'm saying this is because I managed to finish an avenger (where I managed to get 6,000 of which from a chest) where otherwise I would probably still be waiting for it through the special deals. It deos what it advertised, the components you want for silver Now do I agree with how it was completely executed, no. Because it takes freaking FOREVER to get them upgraded. And silver rewards is still far to low.

Jonathan Kent9 months ago

Um i think its awsome and more fun now after 5 years and like 100 updats later

MD.Aktaruzzaman9 months ago

update takes longer,i cannot take my robots to lv10,going to stuck with one robot forever,i want previous system,i don't want workshop 2....

backtothefront9 months ago

TronixRex, I'd say I like Griffins the most. They're what I have leveled up. They work pretty well for me. That and my Natasha. Guess I'm kinda old fashioned.

How about you?

BigXIICowboy9 months ago

Oh I have seen workshop 2.0. What I just said in my 1st post it true.

BigXIICowboy9 months ago

Workshop 2.0 is just another slap in the face to the players!

#1: Robots cost more and take longer.
#2: Weapons cost more and take longer.
#3: As a result of the above, silver has been devalued (again)!
#4: Guess what? Gold buys less then it did before!

This is robbery, plan and simple!

backtothefront9 months ago

General Ryandam, A message to General OffTheMark, we don't hate the game. We hate the BS that's involved with it.

Honestly if we hated it, we wouldnt comment on it at all. Just DELETE. And it was released yesterday. You are simply late to the party and maybe think the party must revolve around you?

Pay attention.

backtothefront9 months ago

Dagowood1904, Ha! Scratching our heads man! I mean seriously, he calls everyone out, says great job Pixonic and then says, 'but I havent seen it yet'.


General Ryandam9 months ago

A message to all you haters: I’ve got a question for you. If you hate the game so much, why are you on the game’s website’s comments section? If there are 54 hate comments on this section that was released TODAY, you all must really be avid game fans to come back here so frequently that there are 54 comments the day of the post. Hmm?

Dagowood19049 months ago

backtothefront, I think he’s the company make us look good guy. Or could he REALLY be that F—KING STUPID. How about these New Spider bots & the other one on the test server. And the one that jumps ,looks just like the way the one in Battle of Titans jumps. To me it looks Stupid

Nightfury9 months ago

ugh. this forum is a mess. im out

StolidSuperior89 months ago

Is this getting released to Steam any time soon? Like in the next 24 hours, hopefully? Looks great on Android!

HEATHEN CAT9 months ago

"Hot garbage, get your hot garbage here!!" That is essentially what ya'll have done to a once very enjoyable game that had potential to grow into an eSport. Now it is just so much shit on a stick that you keep wafting around as though that will make it smell better. Hell, I now spend more time playing a cheap knock off of WR called Robot Warfare. At least while I am playing that game I'm not being hit by magic wands or chased by insanely overpowered robots.

backtothefront9 months ago

Rylan Horseman, How's your throat man? Back of it a little sore? Did Pixo at least buy you a drink and pat you on the top if your head?

You haven't even seen the update and yet your servicing Pixonic for a job well done and calling everyone cry babies.

backtothefront9 months ago

TronixRex, This exactly. If they would just stop trying to over-complicate things for the same if making money, they'd make more money.

TronixRex9 months ago

Pixonic, scrap the workshop 2.0 and keep the old one and make all the weapons and robots that require components require Workshop points. It's that easy and best of all, everyone will be happy.

Rylan Horseman9 months ago

Lots of people complaining about their wsp they had going away and haven’t received their keys but don’t realize that it’s not going to be instant duh. Don’t be cry babies. We were all warned about the workshop 2.0 coming out so if you were dumb enough to buy a bunch of wsp before you updated it’s your own fault hahaha I personally think I will love the workshop 2.0 and features that come with update 4.2. Thank you pixonic for a good update ! ( even though I haven’t seen it because I am on iOS lol )

JazzyApe1179 months ago

I didnt even receive my keys should I get them

Killa9 months ago

This game is just all about waiting! Wait for upgrades wait for components wait for deals wait for tasks... And if you dont want to wait good luck because the only way is to spend hundreds of gold. Seriously it takes 1 year and a half to max out Spectre Orkans.

Soulja449 months ago

Yeah I didn't get my converted wsp to keys either..they oh me 1700+

backtothefront9 months ago

Nightfury, It was a no win situation. To say that we all saw it coming for a long time shows that you weren't really looking at the situation and the limitations it entailed. Of course everything sounds like a gift for Pixonic, but it never is...

On one hand you could spend the WSP on weapons and bots. But what if you already had all of what you could get from there? Secondly, on the spending your WSP on things available to them train of thought...since 4.0 or so, Pixonic secretly riddled everything you bought or won with more upgrade cost and time. So you would have been buying headaches.

Next issue. The Black Market Keys. Have you seriously taken a look at the SHIT that you get out of those chests Nightfury, or are you another one of these guys that hasn't picked up on the fact that that the whole thing is rigged? You get 80% crap out of those chests. Some silver in infinitesimal amounts, components in the same infinitesimal amounts and maybe a weapon you don't want or need. And again, remember the first part...the upgrade costs and times that were backdoored even into that 'shit' as well.

There really have been no good options.

So, I'd say that a lot of us saw what I am saying to you now, coming. Why didnt you see it too??

But at least you're happy getting some shitty BMK's. I sure hope you didn't spend Real Money on premium to build up more silver, because that's what you spent (40,000 for every 85 WSP), and they are now taking it away at a rate of 1 for 5.

Please let us all know how well you do with the rigged chest roulette. I'm betting it ain't gonna be 'that' good. But you've got the wool over your eyes so you dont realize you are giving away much more than you're going to get in return.

This stuff is so easy to see. Don't be gullible.

Nightfury9 months ago

Stuart King, well they did say they were going to do this a long time ago... should have spent them when you could. Also, you will get a bunch of keys as compensation, with 100$ worth of workshop points you should get enough keys to open a couple 1000 chests.

Stuart King9 months ago

Very disappointed in the loss of the crafted chips. I spent nearly 100$ on au to get more chips to buy a new robot. Now all that is gone. What do I get for my hard earned money? Can I get a refund? What can I buy with au? I could have gotten a few new weapons at least. What a waste of money and time and I was looking forward to as it turns out nothing. Bah!

Nightfury9 months ago

I Am Pacifist, i haven't had any problems, its been a little laggy but not more than the usual. its prob your device or something like that. I found that deleting the test server helped significantly, don't know if multiple game files on the same device makes it laggy or something like that

backtothefront9 months ago

Victor Rodriguez, Exactly. They should keep the keys and shove em up their rectums sideways.

I'd rather have the silver back that I used to farm my 74k WSP.

Friggin black market keys.

Victor Rodriguez9 months ago

75k+ Workshop Points poof. 1 key for every 5 points lol 15k keys?

backtothefront9 months ago

I Am Pacifist, Revamping of cluttered inventory???

Sounds good on surface, but I will warn ALL who are reading this to make sure you KNOW what you have. You are going to be fleeced of winnings, without a doubt. How many of you know just what you have in your bot and weapons inventory.

A pilot who goes by the name of Heathen Cat was talking about not receiving bots he'd won in another forum. Pixonic did NOT do right by him. To think only he has had this issue would be highly dubious.

Watch your inventory.

backtothefront9 months ago

I Am Pacifist, Mine hasn't crashed, but it has the sound cuts out terribly. I play with headphones, (headphones not necessarily important but enhance the sounds direction) and rely on sounds and where they're coming from to react etc. Not hearing battle sounds sucks.

I'll say it again Pixonic...if you weren't so Godamned shady, I'd probably spend real money on this game. But you are shady...beyond belief...and this game has too many issues.

Not to mention that my sons Amazon acct was hacked for about $250. And no he didn't make the purchases...his Kindle was completely smashed when these charges took place. Either loaders, or you PIXONIC, did it.

I hope this game goes down the tubes and you all lose your shirts.

I Am Pacifist9 months ago

I think that the revamping of the cluttered inventory and the shocktrain nerf are supposed to come in this update. Am I right? Let me know if anyone know about these two changes whether these changes are executed in this update or in the next one.

I Am Pacifist9 months ago

Damn you Pixoshit your update 4.2 sucks, I lost 45 rating points in a row due to crashing just after I dare to start match after match even I know the result (what a fool I am?). I merely reach to the countdown screen and then suddenly game crashes and results in my demotion. I want the solution asap or else I will leave your already decayed game. I cannot take it anymore. If anyone suffers the problem like me and luckily founded the solution then I please tell me at all cost.

Nightfury9 months ago

backtothefront, yeah, i saw that no one got keys. cmon pix that is kinda blatant fraud right there.

backtothefront9 months ago

The other apparent thing that you bottomless creeps (Pixonic) did is remove the indication of how many components we already had for each item, only leaving the progress bar...which we all know is a skewed measurement.

People, don't fall for this shit. Seriously.

backtothefront9 months ago

Nightfury, None of it is worth it. But go ahead, give Pixonic a nice greasy reach around and suck up everything they tell you like thin gruel.

backtothefront9 months ago

Alright Pixonic, it finally happened. You yanked my 74,000 WSP. All gone. But nowhere to be seen anywhere are the 14,800 Black Market Keys, as useless they may be, that I should have based upon your 1 for 5 key to WSP ass rape ratio.

Of note as well...Dude with the big head in the video said if we were maxed in the previous workshop, we'd be maxed in this new one as well. So why then, am I not maxed? I'm at 25 with 26 a good way off. What the fuck did I farm the previous workshop for if you were just going to take everything and not deliver what the fuck you said you were going to do?

Just give me the silver that I put into the previous workshop and shove WS 2 up your ass.

If I were anywhere near Cyprus, you'd have a problem.

Nightfury9 months ago

workshop 2.0 is out, BUY THE 400 PACK FIRST 100 ISNT WORTH IT

Nightfury9 months ago

backtothefront, did you see the guy asking for pix to give him weapons cause he doesnt have a credit card yet XD

Никита Волк9 months ago

Спасибо за игру War Robots! Главное чтобы не лагало! Еще раз спасибо!
Patform: Android

Alessandro Cerqueira9 months ago

Tá muito chato upar ,e minha humilde liga só tá dando cara Mk2 eu teria vergonha ,pretendo subir mais e mais ,id BNUKS5 weyland

mell9 months ago

i really like the new up date i cant wait until i get new bots and weapons. (war robots) ID: DWKOPH

Mike Hill9 months ago

The new update seems great but doesn't address the biggest problem in the game THE ECONOMY CHANGE. It is hands down the worst thing to happen in the game in the last few years. We have multiple hangars to fill and under this new ECONEMY 1 bot build could take over a year. This makes most of not care about new weapons and gear because of the quite absurd time and silver required to upgrade. I'd rather upgrade the gear I have faster and for less silver. PLEASE address this issue as soon as possible.

НИКОЛАЕВИЧ9 months ago

Круто ! Можно теперь быстро все собрать

captain.infinity9 months ago

Hi thanks for new update and I really need the new weapons please send them to me please. My id is WDOOD5.

Boa9 months ago

Exellent update!!!👍👍

Michael Evans9 months ago

No new workshop appeared after I applied the uodate

TronixRex9 months ago

Please, when is the release date for patch 4.2!?!? I MUST KNOW.

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